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FFXI Volume Ambuscade Guide: Strategies and Critical Item Acquisition

This article will explore the strategies and critical item acquisition for the July 2023 Volume 2 and Volume 1 Ambuscade event in Final Fantasy XI. This month's encounter features the blue skate against a fungar, a familiar foe that last appeared two years ago in July 2021. Depending on your gear and combat prowess, this run has two approaches. Before we dive into the strategies, let's discuss the importance of acquiring key items and how to obtain them efficiently.

FFXI Volume Ambuscade Guide: Strategies and Critical Item Acquisition


Volume 2 Key Item Acquisition

To participate in the Ambuscade, you will require one plantoid kill for your initial run of the day. However, if you plan to engage in multiple runs within the same day, you will need three plantoid kills. For the first run, plantoid kills that don't yield experience can be found throughout Vanadiel. However, for subsequent runs where experience-yielding plantoids are needed, I recommend utilizing Waypoint Warp to Eureka Weld Civic number three. Directly south of this location, you'll find numerous experience-yielding plantoids that will expedite FFXI Gil and key item acquisition.


Volume 2 Ambuscade Run Strategies

The run begins with only the fungar Yardza Gundu present on the battlefield. Regardless of the strategy you choose, it is crucial to deal as much damage as possible to Yardza from the start. Utilize combat buffs and trusts that complement your job to maximize your damage output. If you manage to defeat Yardza within a minute and thirty seconds, congratulations! You have completed one of the fastest Ambuscade skate runs.


Volume 2 Strategy 1: Swift Execution

However, if Yardza remains unconquered beyond a minute and thirty seconds, he will summon a dark elemental. Immediately shift your focus to the dark elemental and eliminate it swiftly. Skills such as light skillchains and magic bursts can prove highly beneficial in dispatching the elemental promptly. Failure to defeat the dark elemental quickly will result in the appearance of skull caps, fungars accompanied by random party members. Leave the skull caps alive temporarily and concentrate on eliminating the dark elemental. Once the dark elemental falls, swiftly eliminate the skull caps due to their random hate nature, which can disrupt your back line.


Volume 2 Strategy 2: Lesser Geared Players

For players with lesser gear, it is worth noting that when the dark elemental is slain, a light elemental spawns in its place. However, refrain from vanquishing the light elemental, as its presence weakens Yardza's defense. Instead, shift your attention back to Yardza after dealing with the dark elemental and the skull caps. Proceed to deal as much damage as possible, similar to the start of the run. Most decently geared jobs should be able to finish off Yardza within the next minute or so after dealing with the dark elemental and skull caps.


Volume 1 Key Item Acquisition

To begin your first run of the day, you will need to obtain one Yakuto kill of any level. However, if you plan to engage in multiple runs within the same day, you will require three Yakuto kills from experience-yielding Agoodo. Finding experience-yielding Agoodo can be challenging, but I recommend using the book warp to head to Meriphataud Mountains in the past. Near the book, you can find several spawns that provide experience-yielding kills. For non-experience-yielding kills, you can use the homepoint warp to Giddeus for a quick kill.


Volume 1 Ambuscade Run Strategies

The run involves facing several Yagudo enemies, with additional foes added depending on the difficulty level.


Normal Difficulty and Below:

On normal difficulties and below, the Yagudo group consists of a Conjurer (Summoner) who will summon Garuda, a Stormbringer (Black Mage), a Lyricist (Bard), and a Swordsman (Samurai). The recommended kill order for these mobs is Stormbringer, Lyricist, Swordsman, and finally Garuda. Only after defeating these enemies should you focus on the Conjurer. Each mob possesses their respective job's special abilities, so it is important to plan your party's strategy accordingly.


Sleeping the mobs with a Bard and silencing them can be effective, but it requires a good amount of magic accuracy. Note that using the Red Mage sub job, I was unable to silence or sleep any of the mobs on normal difficulty.


Garuda, once summoned, should be dispatched as quickly as possible. On higher difficulties, it is advisable to cast Baraera to mitigate her attacks.


After defeating Garuda, proceed to deal as much damage as quickly as possible to the main Conjurer boss. However, be aware that after a short period, the Conjurer will summon Garuda again. Shift your focus to defeat Garuda before continuing the fight with the Conjurer.


The Conjurer, in general, is not very dangerous, except when they use "Howl" followed by the ability Kamitachi. This combo can deal significant damage (upwards of 2500) and cause knockback. On normal difficulty, both my trust and I were able to survive this combo. However, on higher difficulties, it is recommended to dispel after Howl to prevent deaths.



In conclusion, this month's Ambuscade skate should typically take one to five minutes, depending on your gear and proficiency. The examples provided in this guide illustrate the varying outcomes based on gear and approach. For instance, the first example features a ninja utilizing only Sylvia as a trust and still managing to complete the run in about a minute. The second example showcases a lesser-geared player without swapping, relying solely on Ambuscade gear and weapons. This run aims to demonstrate the differences and challenges players with lower gear face. We hope this guide proves helpful in your Ambuscade endeavors. 

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