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PoE 3.21 Blade Vortex Mac Occultist Impressive Defences Build

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the Blade Vortex Mac Occultist build in Path of Exile! This build resulting in a highly effective and powerful character. With a staggering DPS of 108 million and 116 million DPS with Max Rampage kills, this build excels in both clear potential and movement speed. Get ready to experience the explosive power and lightning-fast map clear of the Mac Occultist!



PoE 3.21 Blade Vortex Mac Occultist Impressive Defences Build


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Passive Tree

The passive tree for this build is straightforward, focusing on reaching the passive Jewel sockets and investing in Aura nodes. Additionally, allocating nodes near the Militant Faith area will benefit Jewel placement. The goal is to aim for a blood Notch and an immutable Force setup, aiming for a blood Notch with at least 45% corrupted blood to achieve corruption immunity and instant recovery on hit. Higher standard block recovery values are preferred for the immutable force mod, with a perfect roll being optimal.


Large Cluster Jewels

For the large cluster jewels, we recommend using a physical postural with mods like chaos resistance, Force multiplier, Ironbreaker, and Master the Fundamentals. The goal is to enhance your defenses and maximize the strength of your Heralds.


Medium Cluster Jewels

In the medium cluster jewels, prioritize strength and all attributes mods to satisfy the build's strength requirements. Additionally, look for mods like empowered Envoy, purposeful harbinger, and chaos resistance for added benefits.


Small Cluster Jewels

The small cluster jewels should focus on two-three passive reservation mods with increased Effect. Consider attributes, chaos resistance, and maximum life to round out your resistances and provide extra survivability.


Watcher's Eye

An essential component of this build is the Watcher's Eye. Look for mods like strike multiplier with Precision and crit strike penetration with Zealotry and Penetration with Hatred. The penetration mods are crucial, while the strike multiplier can be interchangeable depending on your Watcher's Eye.


Militant Faith and Jewels

Include a Militant Faith with increased area damage and non-curse Aura effect, granting Inner Conviction on the tree. Additionally, allocate other jewels to maximize your build's potential.



  • Body Armor (6-link): Awakened Animate Guardian, along with Heralds (specifics not mentioned).
  • First Weapon: Vaal Blade Vortex, Awakening Power Support (level 5), and Hypothermia Support (Divergent).
  • Second Weapon: Inspiration Support, Power Charge On Critical Support, and Unleash Support.
  • Helmet: Enlighten Support (level 4), Herald of Ice, Hatred, and War Banner.
  • Gloves: Shield Charge, Molten Shell, Cast when Damage Taken Support, and Righteous Fire (Divergent).
  • Boots: Precision (level 1), Bonechill Support, Unbound Ailments Support, and Fortify Support.
  • Amulet: Charisma (20% reservation of efficiency of skills) and quality of all skill gems.
  • Belt: Mage Bane (increased spell critical strike chance).



  • Weapon: Sushi's Free-to-Mirror 12-link Blade Vortex wand.
  • Shield: Squire Elegant Round Shield with at least 100% chance to avoid being shocked.
  • Helmet: Heat Shiver with reservation multiplier and potentially other beneficial corruptions.
  • Body Armor: Grasping Nail with increased global defenses and specific attributes for socketed gems.
  • Gloves: Hydroscale Gauntlets with regen, max life, cold conversion, and potentially armor-based.
  • Amulet: Ashes of the Stars with Charisma and 20% reservation of efficiency of skills.
  • Rings: Calandra's Touch and a well-crafted ring with max power charge, increased spell damage, and elemental weakness.
  • Belt: Mage Bane with increased spell critical strike chance.
  • Flask Setup: Granite Flask, Quicksilver Flask, Sulfur Flask, and Silver Flask with various modifiers.



Congratulations on discovering the ultimate Blade Vortex Mac Occultist build guide! This build offers unparalleled DPS and exceptional clear speed, allowing you to swiftly conquer maps. By following the recommended passive tree, cluster jewels, skills, and gear choices, you'll be well on your way to unleashing devastating power and enjoying the incredible speed of this build. Feel free to mirror Sushi's wand and contact the author for a free-to-mirror ring to maximize your character's potential. Happy hunting and enjoy the thrill of obliterating enemies with the Mac Occultist!

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