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Diablo 4 Guide: Best Legendary and Unique Farming Methods

In this Diablo 4, we will explore some important information regarding the best farming methods for legendaries and unique items in the game. We'll debunk a content creator's claim about the best unique farming spot and provide you with alternative methods that are more efficient and productive. Let's dive right in!

Diablo 4 Guide: Best Legendary and Unique Farming Methods


Farming Cinders in Hell Tides

One effective solo farming method involves utilizing two different shamans in Hell Tides. Both the larger and smaller Fallen enemies can be revived by the shamans. As a Barbarian, you can withstand a significant amount of damage and heal yourself, making it one of the best ways to farm Cinders quickly. Accumulate a stack of Cinder and then exchange them at one of the mystery chests for a good number of legendaries. This method saves time and is highly recommended before Blizzard potentially patches it.


- Collecting Cinders

During Helltide events, your objective is to collect Cinders by killing enemies. Treat this event as if you're playing in hardcore mode because dying will cause you to lose up to half of the Cinders you have on your character. To play it safe, focus on finding areas with high mob density and eliminate large packs of enemies. If you don't want to risk dying, avoid engaging Elites and stick to killing regular enemies. However, if you feel powerful enough, you can also participate in events and fight bosses, but be aware of the potential dangers.


- Farming Strategies

To efficiently farm Cinders, prioritize areas with high mob density. This may not be as exciting as fighting Elites and participating in events, but it is the fastest way to accumulate Cinders. However, if you are confident in your abilities and can handle the challenges, feel free to engage in events and defeat bosses. Keep in mind that certain events and world bosses can pose a higher risk of death, so decide whether the rewards outweigh the potential danger.


- Opening Tortured Chests

The Cinders you collect during Helltide events are used to open Tortured Chests scattered throughout the event area. However, it's crucial to know which chests to prioritize. The only chest you should open is the Chest of Mysteries, which requires 175 Cinders. Avoid opening any other chests as they are not worthwhile and will waste your Cinders. You'll find the Chest of Mysteries without any items sitting on top of it. It's worth mentioning that these chests can move around the map, and you won't see them on the map until you are close to their spawn location.


- Rewards from Chest of Mysteries

The Chest of Mysteries offers substantial rewards when opened. It often contains elixirs, a variety of legendaries, and sometimes even ancestral items. Elixirs provide useful bonuses, such as increased critical strike chance or increased damage. Opening the Chest of Mysteries is the key to obtaining the best gear and maximizing your chances of finding powerful items. On average, players tend to find about two to four Chests of Mysteries per Helltide event.


- Enchanting Equipment

During Helltide events, you have the opportunity to obtain Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses, which are valuable resources for enchanting equipment. However, enchanting legendary items can be extremely expensive. It's generally recommended to avoid enchanting legendary items unless you have an excess of resources. Instead, focus on enchanting rare items since they can sometimes offer better stats. Keep an eye out for Forgotten Souls, which can be found during Helltide events and through chests obtained with Cinders.


- World Tier and Cinders

It's important to note that Cinders and other event-specific resources are tied to the World Tier you are currently playing on. Cinders collected on a specific World Tier cannot be transferred to a higher World Tier. Therefore, if you farm Cinders on a lower World Tier and then switch to a higher one, your Cinders will reset. Additionally, any leftover Cinders after the Helltide event ends will be removed from your inventory. So make sure to use up all your Cinders before the event concludes.


- Kicks Arth World Boss

During Helltide events, you may encounter the Kicks Arth world boss. However, defeating this boss is not recommended as it doesn't drop valuable items and poses a high risk of death. It's better to avoid engaging with Kicks Arth and focus on farming Cinders and opening the Chest of Mysteries instead.


Mercy's Reach Dungeon

Contrary to popular belief, Mercy's Reach dungeon is not the best unique farming spot in the game. Although there are some elites in this dungeon, it is quite extensive and time-consuming to navigate through. The drops mainly consist of rares, which is not ideal for acquiring unique items or legendaries. We suggest exploring nightmare dungeons instead, where you can level up your sigils, earn experience, and encounter legendaries.

  • Locating Mercy's Reach: The dungeon is located in a specific area on the map. Consult the map to find the entrance to Mercy's Reach. Note that the specific location may vary depending on the game's world design.
  • Dungeon Overview: Mercy's Reach offers a fast-paced experience, allowing you to reach the end objectives quickly. The dungeon is designed in a linear fashion, with two main Elite packs to defeat.
  • Elite Pack Locations: As you progress through the dungeon, you will encounter two major Elite packs. One is located at a specific spot, indicated on the map, and the other is positioned further ahead. These Elite packs are larger, consisting of five or six powerful enemies.
  • Speeding through the Dungeon: To farm efficiently, your goal is to reach the end of the dungeon as quickly as possible. Run through the dungeon, bypassing regular enemies and focusing on the Elite packs. It usually takes around a minute to reach the first Elite pack.
  • Defeating Elite Packs: Engage and defeat the Elite packs along the way. These encounters may be challenging, so make sure you're adequately prepared with suitable gear and skills for your character.
  • Exploiting a Bug: There is a bug that allows you to reset the dungeon without logging off or being in a group. 
  • Here's how it works: First, open a Nightmare Key dungeon, enter it, but don't complete it. Then, proceed to run the normal Mercy's Reach dungeon. When you're ready to reset the dungeon, leave the normal dungeon, and it should automatically reset if you previously entered the Nightmare Key dungeon. This bug saves time and allows you to maintain a 5% experience bonus.
  • Gear Drops: Mercy's Reach is known for its abundant gear drops. Upon reaching the end of the dungeon, you'll encounter a significant number of Elite packs, resulting in a generous amount of loot. Take your time to pick up any valuable items that drop.


Call of the Ancients Side Quest Dungeon

To try something different, locate the quest called Call of the Ancients. You can find this quest at the Refuge Waypoint after completing three other quests. While this method may not be available to everyone, especially those who have completed the quest, it is worth considering for new characters or during the upcoming season. This dungeon yields a significant number of legendaries and unique items, as demonstrated in the accompanying video.


Resetting Dungeon Runs

Another efficient farming technique involves resetting dungeon runs. Start by entering the dungeon and defeating the elites, which are plentiful in this dungeon. Exit the dungeon, return to the character selection menu, and start the game again. You will spawn back at the same spot, allowing you to rinse and repeat the process. This method is especially beneficial on Tier 4, where ancestral items and unique drops occur more frequently.


Teleporting in World Boss Events

During world boss events, such as the Wandering Death encounter, a useful trick involves defeating the boss, teleporting to town, and then returning to the boss location through the portal. This respawns the boss, allowing you to defeat it again. While the primary reason for doing this is to acquire additional loot and Diablo 4 gold from the boss's treasure box, it can also serve as an opportunity to test your damage output.



By following these alternative farming methods, you can optimize your legendary and unique item acquisition in Diablo 4. Experiment with different techniques and find the approach that suits your playstyle and goals. Remember to adapt your farming strategies as the game evolves, and keep an eye out for future updates and changes. Happy farming!

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