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How to Make Jobs Easier, and Benefits & Considerations for Solo in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, some jobs are considered easy to learn and play, while others are seen as more challenging. Playing an MMORPG like FFXIV solo can offer a unique experience, as it allows you to navigate the game at your own pace and focus on single-player content. This guide explores the factors that contribute to a job being easy to learn, play, and ultimately master, and explores the positives and negatives of playing alone based on personal experiences.


How to Make Jobs Easier, and Benefits & Considerations for Solo in FFXIV


How to Make Jobs Easy To Learn and Play?


Click the Shiny Button Effect

Certain jobs, such as Summoner, have a rotation that involves pressing buttons that are either flashing or clearly indicated as correct choices. This simplicity makes it easier to understand which actions to take at any given moment. Warrior also exhibits this effect with its "Big Shiny" buttons during rotation.


Flexible Rotations

Jobs with flexible rotations often have basic combos that act as fillers while waiting for more optimal actions to become available. These jobs do not heavily rely on strict resource management or timing. Examples include Paladin and Dark Knight, which offer freedom in executing their rotations without sacrificing significant damage output.


Limited Off-Global Cooldowns (oGCDs)

Jobs with fewer oGCD abilities, such as Warrior and Reaper, can be easier to handle since players have fewer actions to manage during combat. These jobs typically prioritize fewer abilities per minute, allowing for a more relaxed playstyle.


Minimal Focus on Damage Buffs

Jobs that do not heavily rely on aligning personal or raid-wide damage buffs can be easier to learn. While optimizing damage output may require attention to buff alignment, the absence of complex buff management simplifies the learning process. Warrior is a prime example of a job with a lack of damage buffs to worry about.


Intuitive Rotations

Jobs with intuitive rotations make it easier to grasp their playstyle quickly. Players can easily understand what actions the job wants to perform, and the optimal rotation closely aligns with the intuitive approach. Warrior, Summoner, and Reaper are notable examples of jobs with intuitive rotations.


Obvious or Trivial Burst Rotations

Some jobs have burst rotations that are straightforward to execute, either naturally filling out most of the raid buff window or easily fitting within a specific timeframe. Examples include Warrior's Primal Rent, Summoner's Bahamut summon, and Reaper's entrance into Shroud. These burst rotations simplify the job's mechanics and make it easier to perform well in raid scenarios.


Ignoring Optimization

While not recommended for optimal performance, some jobs allow players to ignore optimization and randomly press buttons. While this approach trivializes the job's difficulty, it is not recommended for players seeking mastery.


Benefits of Playing FFXIV Alone

  • Freedom and Flexibility: Playing solo grants you the freedom to pursue your own objectives without the obligations that come with being in a group. You can engage in various activities and switch between them at your leisure. This flexibility allows you to explore the game's content and take breaks when needed, enhancing your overall enjoyment.
  • Abundance of Solo Content: FFXIV offers a significant amount of content that can be enjoyed solo. This includes engaging in relic weapon quests, participating in hunts, exploring deep dungeons, engaging in PvP, and completing side quests. The game caters to solo players by providing challenging and rewarding experiences even without a group. Accomplishing these tasks alone can be akin to playing a full-fledged single-player game.


Considerations for Solo Play

  • Limitations in Group-Dependent Content: While FFXIV offers numerous solo activities, there are certain group-dependent contents that may require you to team up with others. Savage raids, Extreme Trials, and Ultimate fights often necessitate a stable group to overcome their challenges. Attempting these difficult encounters with random players can lead to frustration and inconsistent progress. Joining a dedicated group or free company that focuses on these contents can facilitate smoother progression.
  • Limited Social Interaction: Playing solo means you may miss out on the vibrant and supportive community that FFXIV is known for. While this may not be a concern for everyone, the absence of social interactions and the sense of camaraderie can sometimes lead to a feeling of loneliness. Additionally, being part of a free company offers benefits such as experience boosts, increased rewards, and other perks, which may enhance your overall gameplay.



Determining which FFXIV jobs are easy to learn, play, and master is subjective and can vary among players. Factors such as the "click the shiny button" effect, flexible rotations, limited oGCDs, minimal focus on damage buffs, intuitive rotations, obvious or trivial burst rotations, and the choice to ignore optimization can contribute to a job's perceived ease. 

Deciding whether to play FFXIV solo depends on your personal preferences and goals. If you prioritize freedom, flexibility, and the ability to explore content at your own pace, solo play can be highly enjoyable. However, keep in mind the limitations of certain group-oriented content and the potential lack of social interactions.

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