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Diablo 4 Season 1 Tackling Tier 100 Dungeons and Uber Lilith Melee Rogue Build

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for mastering Diablo 4 as a melee Rogue. This guide delves into the intricacies of handling Tier 100 dungeons and defeating Uber Lilith with our specially crafted build. While it may take some time and preparation, we're confident that with the right gear, skills, and tactics, you'll be able to conquer the most challenging encounters in the upcoming Season 1.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Tackling Tier 100 Dungeons and Uber Lilith Melee Rogue Build


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Preparing for Tier 100 Dungeons

Before venturing into Tier 100 dungeons, ensuring that your gear is optimized for survival and damage is crucial. After weeks of farming Diablo 4 Gold and refining our build, we've fine-tuned the gear and assembled the perfect roles and aspects. While we may not be able to tackle every dungeon with any modifiers, we've made significant progress. Our approach focuses on dealing with high DPS quickly while maintaining excellent crowd control and avoiding damage.


The Tactical Build Concept

Our build revolves around being swift and precise in combat. You have a limited time frame to deal damage, apply poison effects, and evade enemy attacks. Since even a single hit can be fatal in Tier 100 dungeons, it's crucial to master the hit-and-run tactic. Within this build, we utilize Twisted Blades, Poison Imbuement, Death Trap, and Poison Trap to maximize damage output and control enemies. Concealment plays a vital role in initiating fights, especially against Elite packs, preventing them from activating dangerous modifiers.


Optimal Dungeon Strategies

In Tier 100 dungeons, understanding the dynamics of spawn rooms is crucial. While some rooms are easier to handle, it's generally recommended to keep moving, utilizing explosive barrels and damaging totems strategically. Dealing with waves of mobs can be challenging due to our longer cooldowns, but careful positioning and timing will be your allies in these situations.


Tweaking the Build for Uber Lilith

While we haven't extensively tested the build against Uber Lilith, we've made some slight adjustments to improve its effectiveness. By holding back on DPS initially and ramping it up once stagger resistance is high enough, we've managed to optimize the build. Changes to three gear pieces, a few aspects, Paragon points, and skill allocations enable us to face Uber Lilith with confidence. However, further testing is needed to ensure its reliability.


Uber Lilith Build Link


Mastering the Fight Against Uber Lilith

Now, let's dive into the fight against Uber Lilith, where your Rogue's power truly shines. Building up the stagger bar is crucial in the initial phase, so focus on stacking stagger while using poison traps to prepare for the onslaught. Once the stagger bar reaches a certain point, activate Poison Imbuement to unleash immense damage. Shadow Step helps with positioning, and consistent attacks combined with lucky hit procs will quickly fill the stagger bar.


As the fight progresses, continue staggering Lilith to prevent her from summoning blood boils. Keep a close eye on mechanics and avoid the stage blood wave, which remains a significant threat. In the final phase, build up the stagger bar once more before delivering the finishing blow. With proper execution, Uber Lilith will fall, granting you the well-deserved mount reward.


Expanding Into Nightmare Dungeons

Thanks to the recent buff to Nightmare dungeons, this build becomes a force to be reckoned with. The staggering damage output and CC capabilities make it an ideal choice for taking on challenging dungeon encounters. Adapt the build to suit your playstyle and experiment with different tactics to conquer the Nightmare dungeons.


Optimizing Gear

To achieve the perfect balance between damage reduction and offensive capabilities, the gear selection is crucial. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Helm: Focus on obtaining the all stats roll, which contributes to overall strength and balance. You may also consider the Grand 20% damage reduction aspect, depending on personal preference.
  • Chest Piece: The Shared Misery chest piece is recommended for its overall effectiveness. However, for encounters where survivability is a concern, alternative options like the Leviathan Plate can be considered.
  • Gloves: Frostbitten ASP Aspect gloves remain a reliable choice due to their freeze effect.
  • Pants: Aim for armor percent rolls on your pants to enhance damage reduction. A mix of damage reduction from close enemies, distant enemies, and poisoned enemies is ideal.
  • Boots: Penitent Greaves are a valuable choice, offering staggering effects that aid in controlling enemies.
  • Weapons: Utilize the Umbrous Aspect on the helm and Imbuement Aspect on the two-hand weapon. Consider the unique crossbow from a Mini World Boss for enhanced damage output.
  • Accessories: Opt for rings with stats like crit hit, crit damage, lucky hit, and vulnerable damage. Bursting Venoms and Retribution are recommended legendary powers for these slots.
  • Skill Weapons: Equip a dagger or an emerald socketed Ashara's Dagger for increased attack speed.


Adjusting Gear for Uber Lilith

To optimize your build specifically for the Uber Lilith encounter, make the following gear adjustments:

  • Helm: Replace with the Mangler's Aspect to maximize damage output.
  • Chest Piece: Transition to the Full Offensive aspect for increased offensive potential.
  • Amulet: Focus on offensive stats like attack speed, imbuement skill damage, and energy cost reduction.
  • Weapons: Maintain Twisting Blades on one weapon and switch to Ashara's Dagger on the other.


These modifications will enhance your chances of success against Uber Lilith while maintaining the core build's effectiveness.


Fine-Tuning Skills

The skill choices play a vital role in your Rogue's performance. Here are the key skills and adjustments for the Uber Lilith encounter:

  • Swap Concealment for Shadow Step to improve staggering capabilities.
  • Replace Exposure with Close Quarters Combat for additional damage output.
  • Consider allocating more points to Deadly Venom, crit rate, and crit damage to optimize your DPS.


Paragon Point Optimization

Tailoring your Paragon points is essential for maximizing your Rogue's potential. Here's the recommended setup:

  • Closer: Allocate points to increase your damage potential.
  • Tricks of the Trade: Prioritize points in this category to enhance your survivability.
  • Deadly Ambush: Invest in control points for increased damage output.
  • Turf: Focus on Cunning Stratagem for efficient resource management.
  • Efficacy: Balance points between Cheap Shot and Eldritch Bounty, depending on the encounter.

By fine-tuning your Paragon points, you can optimize your Rogue's performance and adapt to different challenges.



By following our melee Rogue build guide, you'll be well-prepared to tackle Tier 100 dungeons and confront Uber Lilith in Diablo 4's upcoming Season 1. Remember to fine-tune your gear, master the hit-and-run tactics, and adapt your build for different encounters. As always, practice and experimentation are key to refining your skills. Good luck, and may your journey through Sanctuary be filled with triumph and legendary loot!

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