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Path of Exile Essences Guide: How to Make Extra Currency

If you're looking to make some extra PoE currency in Path of Exile, there's a market that many players overlook: Essences. Essences are versatile crafting items that are used at all stages of the game and can be run on any tier map. In this guide, we'll explore how you can take advantage of the Essence market to make a profit, especially if you have some time left before the league ends.

Path of Exile Essences Guide: How to Make Extra Currency


What is the Poe Essences?

Essences in Path of Exile are currency items that play a crucial role in equipment crafting. They have the ability to upgrade normal rarity equipment to rare, guaranteeing the addition of one affix. Additionally, certain essences can be used to reforge the affixes of rare equipment, allowing for further customization.


The name of an essence is composed of three parts: a prefix indicating the essence's tier, the word 'Essence', and a suffix indicating the essence's type. For example, the essence named "Whispering Essence of Woe" has the prefix 'Whispering', the suffix 'of Woe', and it belongs to the tier 1 and Woe type. The essence's type determines the guaranteed modifiers it can apply to equipment, while the tier determines the strength of those modifiers.


Essences provide a valuable resource for crafting and enhancing equipment in Path of Exile, allowing players to add powerful affixes and modify existing ones. By understanding the different types and tiers of essences, players can strategically utilize them to create powerful gear for their characters.


Running Essences on White Maps

To maximize your profit with Essences, it's recommended to run them on purely white maps, unless your character has extremely high DPS. By running white maps, you can quickly clear them and focus solely on collecting Essences. The tier of the map doesn't affect the number of Essences you'll encounter; it's the Atlas passive tree that matters.


Essence Memory Strategy

One efficient way to farm Essences is by utilizing Essence Memories, specifically the Iron Heart memories. These memories follow different rules and are not affected by the Atlas passive tree. By chaining maps such as Waste Pool, Canyon, Crystal Ore, Shipyard, Ramparts, Arachnid Nest, and Underground Sea, you can consistently gather Essences.


Running Essence Memories

When running Essence Memories, focus on capturing the imprisoned monsters that hold four Essences each. Corruption of the Essences is recommended, as it adds an extra layer of potential profit. Remember, you don't need to complete the map or kill the boss; the goal is to collect Essences efficiently.


Converting Essences for Profit

Once you have gathered a significant number of Essences, it's time to convert them for profit. Certain Essences, such as Envy, Anger, Hatred, and many others, have high demand and can fetch a good price. Converting the lower-tier Essences into more valuable ones can significantly increase your profit margin.


Timing Your Sales

To optimize your profit, it's important to consider the market's timing. Prices for Essences can vary throughout the day, with higher demand and prices during peak hours. Selling your Essences during these peak times, particularly at night when different markets are active, can yield better returns.


Selling Individual Essences

While some players use third-party tools like TFT (TradeMacro) to sell their Essences in bulk, it's often more profitable to list and sell them individually on the official trade site. This allows you to adjust the prices based on market conditions and maximize your earnings. Remember to make your Essence tab public, set fair prices, and refresh your listings periodically.


How to Use PoE Essence?

Essence crafting in Path of Exile offers players a unique way to upgrade and modify their equipment. All essences can be used to upgrade a normal rarity item to rare, similar to using an Orb of Alchemy, and they guarantee the addition of one affix. This allows players to enhance the item's power and versatility.


Furthermore, essences of tier 5 (Screaming) and higher have an additional crafting function. They can be used to reforge the affixes of rare equipment, similar to using a Chaos Orb. However, it's important to note that when using an essence in this way, it will not only apply a guaranteed affix but also override and ignore any existing meta-crafting modifiers on the item.


It's crucial to exercise caution when using essences on items with meta-crafting mods such as Prefixes Cannot Be Changed or Cannot roll Caster Modifiers. Despite the similarity in wording to Chaos Orbs, essences will disregard these meta-crafting mods and overwrite existing prefixes and suffixes, regardless of any restrictions set by those mods.


Players should be mindful of the potential consequences when utilizing essences for crafting, especially when dealing with items that have specific meta-crafting modifiers. Understanding the mechanics and limitations of essence crafting can help players make informed decisions to enhance their equipment effectively.



By focusing on running Essences on white maps, utilizing Essence Memories, converting Essences for profit, and timing your sales effectively, you can make extra currency in Path of Exile. Don't overlook the potential of Essences as a reliable market for generating income. Experiment with different strategies and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions to maximize your profits. 

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