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7 Highlights Coming Soon in Fury Incarnate | WOW Patch 10.1.7

Hello, adventurers! Patch 10.1.5 has just landed on live servers, bringing a wealth of exciting new content for you to dive into. But there's no time for rest as Blizzard announces patch 10.1.7, codenamed Fury Incarnate, already available for testing on the PTR. This upcoming update promises to be a game-changer with seven major features that will undoubtedly leave you on the edge of your seat. Let's dive into the highlights of what you can expect in the next big patch!


7 Highlights Coming Soon in Fury Incarnate | WOW Patch 10.1.7


New Open World Events: The Dream Surges

One of the most significant additions to patch 10.1.7 is the Dream Surges, a new type of open-world event impacting one of the four Original Dragon Isle zones. Players can vote on two different buffs, influencing the zone-wide experience. The prevailing buff will provide various benefits, including damage increases, movement speed buffs, and reputation bonuses. Additionally, Dream Surges will lead to exciting events known as Waking Dream Portals, featuring large group objectives and enticing rewards like item level 415 gear tokens.


New Gear Catch-Up System

For those seeking to gear up their lower-geared characters or alts quickly, patch 10.1.7 introduces an impressive gear catch-up system. Completing weekly quests, such as collecting Dream Surge Coalescence, will allow you to obtain item level 415 gear tokens, which can then be exchanged for gear of your choice. Rare monsters in the Dream Surge Zone will also drop these tokens, making it a gear-farming bonanza.


New Ping Feature

Communication in World of Warcraft just got a lot easier with the introduction of the new ping system. Players can now send quick pings to their party or raid, emphasizing intentions during group content, from tactics in raids to marking specific locations in the open world. This feature offers a more efficient way to communicate without the need for voice chat, enhancing gameplay experiences for players across all types of content.


2 New Heritage Armor Sets

Patch 10.1.7 brings the much-awaited Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage armour sets. These unique armour sets will further enrich the game's lore and add new depth to character customization. The data-mined previews of these sets already have players eagerly anticipating their release.


New Storylines & Quests

Prepare for an engaging and immersive journey as patch 10.1.7 unveils new story quests and multiple quest lines. The Val Dragon storyline continues, while a special storyline for the Draenei unveils new lore and insights into the future of their people. Additionally, new quest lines for the Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage armour sets promise exciting and unspoiled adventures.


New Customization Options: Red Draenei

The character customization options get even better in patch 10.1.7 with the addition of Man'ari Eredar skin colours for Draenei players. Now you can finally become a red Draenei and create a unique look with new hair and eye colours. The Forsaken and Night Elves will also receive additional customization options, adding more diversity to the game's character design.


Megadungeon Split Into 2 Wings and Heroic Mode

The Dawn of the Infinite mega dungeon will now be split into two wings, making it easier for players to experience the entire dungeon even on an easier difficulty. This change ensures that players can explore the content at their own pace and enjoy the story progression without being overwhelmed by the length of the dungeon.


Holiday Updates and Rewards

Holiday events get some love in patch 10.1.7, with new rewards added for Brewfest, Day of the Dead, Hallows End, and Pirates' Day. Players can expect to find unique Dragon riding customization options and special armours for each event, with the possibility of more holiday updates on the horizon.



The anticipation for patch 10.1.7 Fury Incarnate is at an all-time high, thanks to its impressive array of new features. From the Dream Surges and gear catch-up system to the new ping feature and exciting storylines, there's something for every adventurer to look forward to. Keep an eye out for the patch's release, and until then, happy hunting in Azeroth! Remember to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and content. Good luck, and have fun!

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