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PoE Timeless Jewels Guide: Effective strategies to identify and utilize hidden properties

Timeless Jewels in Path of Exile are enigmatic items that possess incredible power. Their effects are not explicitly stated on the items themselves, making it challenging for players to understand their potential. In this guide, we will delve into the mechanics of Timeless Jewels and discuss effective strategies to identify and utilize their hidden properties. By mastering the art of Timeless Jewels, you can greatly enhance your character's power and delve deeper into the realms of Wraeclast.



PoE Timeless Jewels Guide: Effective strategies to identify and utilize hidden properties


Understanding the Potential

To illustrate the value of Timeless Jewels, let's examine three specific unique jewels. One of these jewels is highly sought after, even commanding multiple mirror shards in value, while the other two are still valuable, but priced in multiple Poe Divines. Determining which is which solely based on the items themselves is nearly impossible. However, we'll focus on a lethal Pride Jewel, which offers exceptional benefits.


Unleashing the Power of Lethal Pride

A lethal Pride Jewel with an asking price of 16,491 chaos orbs possesses several remarkable effects. It fundamentally alters all notables in the passive tree, depending on the associated conqueror name. However, the specific conqueror name is not crucial in this context. What truly matters are the notable passives influenced by this jewel.

Here are some notable passives that gain a 5% chance to deal double damage:

  • Multi-Shot
  • Heartseeker
  • King of the Hill
  • Fervor
  • Intuition
  • Weapon Artistry

By investing just three passive points and utilizing a dual socket, you gain a staggering 30% chance to deal double damage. Although the dual socket incurs a non-trivial cost, the power boost it offers makes it well worth the investment. Consequently, having multi-shot, heartseeker, king of the hill, and fervor on a critical strike-based bow attack character becomes highly advantageous. Furthermore, the passive tree adjustments required to accommodate this lethal Pride Jewel are minimal, ensuring a minimal tax on your character's development.


Methods for Discovering Timeless Jewels

Finding powerful Timeless Jewels for your character can be approached in two primary ways. The first method involves studying expensive Timeless Jewels listed by other players. Analyzing these listings and determining their optimal placement on the passive tree can provide valuable insights. However, exercise caution, as not all high-priced Timeless Jewels may offer substantial benefits. The Forbidden Trove trade Discord often provides explanations for why certain Timeless Jewels are valuable. While it's important to verify the claims made, this resource can be helpful in your research.


Alternatively, if you want to search for Timeless Jewels early in a league or after significant passive tree changes, the Path of Building tool's built-in Timeless Jewel finder is invaluable. By specifying the desired jewel type, such as lethal Pride with an acrobatics dual socket, and adding specific notable modifiers like double damage, you can generate a list of notable Timeless Jewels. This allows you to narrow down your search and find the most suitable options for your build. Once you have identified the desired jewel, you can search for it on the trade market or set up a live search to snag the best deal.


Discovering Timeless Jewels with Path of Building

Path of Building's new Timeless Jewel finder is an excellent addition that simplifies the search for optimal jewels. To access this feature, ensure that your passive skill tree is set up as desired for your character, considering any nodes you plan to allocate in the future. With your character and build configurations in place, click on the "Find Timeless Jewel" button in Path of Building.


Using the Timeless Jewel Finder

Once you've entered the Timeless Jewel finder, the first step is to select the type of jewel you're looking for. For example, if you want a lethal Pride Jewel, choose it from the drop-down menu. Next, you have the option to select a specific Keystone if you desire. However, if you want to explore all available options, select "Any" Keystone. This ensures a broader range of jewels to choose from.


Considering Dual Sockets and Filter Nodes

It's crucial to determine the dual socket you plan to allocate the jewel to. Path of Building provides a helpful tooltip that indicates which dual socket corresponds to your selection. Additionally, remember to allocate any nodes you haven't equipped yet but plan to in the future. This step is important for the tool to recognize the potential buffs from the Timeless Jewel.


Fine-Tuning Your Search

Path of Building offers various options to customize your search and prioritize specific affixes. Start by using the "Node Weighting" system. The "Primary Node Weight" assigns a value to each affix, with a higher weighting indicating greater importance. You can tweak these weightings based on your preferences, ensuring that the search results prioritize your desired affixes.


Implementing Minimum Node Weight

To further refine your search, utilize the "Minimum Node Weight" option. By specifying a minimum value, you ensure that the generated jewels meet your requirements for essential affixes. This feature enables you to narrow down the results to jewels that include the specified affixes at the minimum threshold you set.


Exploring Search Results

Once you have configured your search parameters, click on "Search" to generate a list of Timeless Jewels that match your criteria. Path of Building presents the jewels with their combined weights, indicating how well they align with your preferences. The higher the combined weight, the more suitable the jewel is for your build.


Setting Up Live Searches

If you find a desirable Timeless Jewel in the search results, you can set up a live search to monitor the trade market for listings of that specific jewel. Copy the trade URL provided and paste it into the Path of Exile trade website. This allows you to receive notifications when someone lists the jewel, enabling you to seize the opportunity to acquire it at a favorable price.


Iterating the Search

If the initial search doesn't yield satisfactory results, you can repeat the process by modifying your search parameters. Adjust the affix weightings, add or remove desired affixes, and search again. This iterative approach allows you to find the perfect Timeless Jewel that optimizes your character's power and fits your build requirements.


Recognizing Valuable Timeless Jewels

When it comes to Timeless Jewels, a substantial portion of their value stems from their potential to be exceptional Uber Timeless Jewels. Recognizing these highly sought-after jewels is vital to maximizing your returns. Similar to opening Stack Decks, where a small percentage of cards hold the majority of their value, lethal Prides follow the same pattern. Although the chances of finding a specific jewel like the 16,491 chaos orb one may be slim, the potential payoff is significant. Making the effort to verify their value is essential. By familiarizing yourself with the most coveted Timeless Jewels each league, you can ensure that you, as the player, reap the benefits rather than falling victim to opportunistic traders.



Timeless Jewels in Path of Exile offer unparalleled potential for character enhancement, but their hidden properties can make them difficult to comprehend. By carefully analyzing expensive Timeless Jewels listed by other players and utilizing the Path of Building tool's Timeless Jewel finder, you can discover potent jewels for your build. Recognizing valuable Timeless Jewels and capitalizing on their worth can significantly impact your character's power and your overall success in the game. Stay vigilant, continue researching, and make informed decisions to unlock the true potential of Timeless Jewels in your Path of Exile journey.

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