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Path of Exile 2: Important Changes and New Features

In this guide, we will delve into the changes and new features that are coming to Path of Exile 2 (PoE2). Please note that the information discussed here is based on previous announcements and footage from ExileCon 2019, so some aspects may have changed. Let's explore what's in store for PoE2 and discuss our expectations.

Path of Exile 2: Important Changes and New Features


Understanding PoE2

Firstly, it's important to clarify that PoE2 is not a completely separate game but an expansion to the existing game. It will share one client with two separate campaigns, allowing players to choose between them. This means that all your existing purchases and MTX will carry over, eliminating the need to buy new stash tabs or restart from scratch. The goal of PoE2 is to maintain the depth of the original game while improving accessibility and user-friendliness.


One of the most significant changes in Path of Exile 2 is the overhaul of core systems. The skill gem system, a fundamental aspect of character customization, will undergo a drastic transformation. In the new iteration, gem sockets will no longer be present on equipment. Instead, they will be integrated directly into active skill gems. This modification not only streamlines the gameplay but also provides greater flexibility in crafting unique character builds.


Streamlining the Experience

To make the game more approachable, it would be beneficial for new players if the passive skill tree included a set of recommended builds and leveling paths. This would prevent newcomers from falling into suboptimal builds and help them understand the skill tree better. Although this hasn't been confirmed, it would be a welcome addition to enhance the game's accessibility.


Gem System Changes

In PoE2, the gem system is undergoing significant modifications. Gem sockets and links will no longer be present on gear. Instead, gems will have predetermined links and sockets, and players will use Jewelers to adjust the number of links. This change simplifies the leveling experience, as players won't get stuck with underlinked gear early on. Additionally, players will be able to transfer experience to gems with better sockets, preventing the need to re-level gems for improved links.


Quality and Corruptions

Gem quality will still impact linking, similar to the current system. Improving the quality of your gear, including gems, will likely enhance their linking potential. It is uncertain whether the colors of sockets will remain consistent, but it's reasonable to assume that the number of sockets will remain fixed when purchasing from vendors. White sockets and Abyss sockets will still exist, with the latter being separate from skill sockets, making them highly desirable for builds.


Campaign Changes and New Acts

PoE2 introduces a new campaign with seven acts. While these acts may not necessarily be shorter than the existing ten acts, the developers have stated that progressing through them will require less time overall. The game will guide players to new zones based on the map's layout, ensuring a smoother navigation experience. However, randomization in leveling layouts might pose challenges for experienced players accustomed to memorizing layouts.


Increased Difficulty and Bandit Rewards

Expect higher difficulty when facing act bosses in PoE2. These bosses will have more complex mechanics, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. The developers also mentioned rebalancing the Bandit Rewards system, aiming to provide more interesting choices. Although they are uncertain if these changes will be campaign-specific, the desire for better rewards is evident.


Ascendancy Changes and New Sentinels

In PoE2, ascendancies will be gated behind the respective campaigns. To access new ascendancies, players must complete the new campaign with the desired class. The existing ascendancies will remain accessible through the original ten acts. The new expansion introduces 19 new ascendancies and promises significant changes to the existing ones. The revamps could potentially alter the playstyles and strategies associated with each ascendancy.


Themed Ascendancies and Skill Gems

PoE2 aims to make ascendancies more focused on specific themes, potentially leading players towards certain builds. The Survivalist ascendancy for the Ranger class exemplifies this approach, offering flexibility across multiple builds. Skill gems associated with the new weapon types, Spears and Crossbows, will further expand build possibilities. Spears come with their own implicit abilities and introduce skills like Whirling Slash and Storm Spear. Crossbows offer skills such as Power Shot and Siege Cascade.


Miscellaneous Additions

PoE2 brings various miscellaneous additions and improvements. The game intends to work on hybrid attack/spell builds, although no promises have been made. Each area will feature a mini-boss with unique mechanics, potentially providing valuable rewards. Gender-swapping MTX for classes will be available for purchase, allowing players to customize their characters further. Finally, bosses will display a large HP bar at the top of the screen, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.



Path of Exile 2 promises exciting changes and additions to the beloved ARPG franchise. While some features mentioned earlier might have evolved or been refined since ExileCon 2019, these insights provide a glimpse into what players can expect. PoE2 aims to maintain the complexity and depth of its predecessor while enhancing accessibility and introducing new possibilities for character builds and gameplay mechanics. Prepare to embark on a thrilling new journey in the world of Wraeclast!

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