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Diablo 4 Season 1 Leveling Guide: Best Dungeons for Fast Start Levels 1-50

In Diablo 4, finding the most efficient ways to level up and farm legendary items is essential. With the recent patch changes, some farming methods have been nerfed. However, there are still some great options to consider. This guide explores the best XP, Diablo 4 Gold and legendary farming locations after the patch.



Diablo 4 Season 1 Leveling Guide: Best Dungeons for Fast Start Levels 1-50


Choosing the Right Class: Druid vs. Others

With certain classes being nerfed, choosing the right one for your farming adventures is crucial. The Druid remains a strong choice, along with other classes except for the Sorcerer, which may not be as effective now. Additionally, the Rogue might face some squishy moments, so keep that in mind when making your decision.


Lost Archives (Levels 1-12)

The Lost Archives dungeon is an excellent spot for levelling up between levels 1 and 12. What makes this dungeon so great is the abundance of enemies you'll encounter. It's also conveniently located near Kiova Shots, allowing for quick access. By clearing this dungeon efficiently, you can reach level 12 with ease. Remember to use XP-boosting Elixir if you have them, or group up with others for increased efficiency.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Leveling Guide: Best Dungeons for Fast Start Levels 1-50


- Dungeon Information

  • Location: Fractured Peaks, Desolate Highlands
  • Monsters: Fallen, Ghosts
  • Boss: Spiritcaller of Frost


- Prepare for the Challenge

Lost Archives can be challenging, especially for classes that struggle to handle large groups of mobs or deal with movement-impairing debuffs. To succeed in this dungeon, remain patient and take your time, as it features a relatively large layout.


- Watch Out for Explosive Enemies

Be cautious of monsters that explode upon contact, dealing area-of-effect damage. Always be ready to dodge out of their AoE to avoid taking unnecessary damage.


- Confront the Spirit caller of Frost

The boss of Lost Archives is known as the Spiritcaller of Frost. As the name suggests, it attacks with ice projectiles that can slow you down and summons dangerous mobs. While the Spiritcaller might not be an overwhelming threat, its high HP can present a challenge.


- First Completion Rewards

Upon completing Lost Archives for the first time, you will be rewarded with +30 Renown and obtain the Codex of Power: ‍Defensive Aspect of the Protector. These rewards are valuable for your character's progression, making the dungeon even more worthwhile.


Objectives Description
Slay the Demonic Vanguard Defeat 2 Demonic Vanguard enemies in the dungeon.
Return the Mechanical Box to the Pedestal Look for the Mechanical Box and place it back on the Pedestal at the specified location.
Activate the Necromancer's Coffin Find and activate the Necromancer's Coffin within the dungeon.
Defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost Confront and defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost to complete the dungeon.


Cobel's Mine (Level 12-17)

As you outgrow Lost Archives, it's time to move on to the next dungeon - Cobel's Mine. This location is suitable for levels 12 to 17. The enemies here will grant you a substantial amount of XP, and there are even events that can help you stack up additional points. After clearing the dungeon and defeating the boss, exit and re-enter the dungeon using the emote wheel method. This allows you to reset the dungeon instantly and continue farming efficiently.



- Dungeon Information

  • Location: Scosglen, Northshore
  • Monsters: Bandits, Ghosts
  • Boss: Resurrected Malice


- First Objective: Slay Killian Rex

Locate Killian Rex as quickly as possible to obtain the Ancient Miner's Key, which will grant you access to the next section of the dungeon. Act swiftly, and you'll be rewarded with a seamless transition.


- Second Objective: Return the Ancients Statue

After dealing with Killian Rex, search for the Ancient Statue and return it to its pedestal. While this objective may require some exploration, the time you saved from completing the first objective swiftly should minimize any delays. During your search, don't hesitate to eliminate surrounding monsters, preventing them from swarming you and potentially dropping legendary gear.


- Confront the Resurrected Malice: The Boss

The Caribel's Mine boss, Resurrected Malice, poses a formidable challenge. This boss summons projectiles that can make you vulnerable by lowering your defense. Additionally, it can unleash a devastating AoE attack that damages and pushes you away. Pay close attention to the two types of projectiles the boss sends out and react accordingly based on their trajectories.


- First Completion Rewards

Completing Caribel's Mine for the first time will reward you with +30 Renown and the Codex of Power: ‍Resource Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster. These rewards will enhance your character's capabilities and make your efforts worthwhile.


Sarat's Lair (Level 17-50)

Sarat's Lair becomes an excellent option for farming XP from levels 17 to 50 as you progress to higher levels. This dungeon offers even more, XP than Blind Burrows, making it a top choice for normal dungeon runs. The sheer number of enemies you'll encounter in Sarat's Lair makes it highly efficient for levelling up. Unfortunately, Sarat's Lair is unavailable as a Nightmare dungeon, so you'll need to transition to other options once you reach level 50.



- Dungeon Information

  • Location: Scosglen, The Downs
  • Monsters: Spiders
  • Boss: Serat


- First Objective: Destroy the Silken Spires

Your initial task in Sarat's Lair is to locate the Silken Spires and break them. These structures emit poisonous AoEs, but fortunately, their attacks are not highly accurate, making them relatively easy to dodge. However, be prepared for an elite monster that will be summoned after the Silken Spire reaches a specific HP threshold. Deal with this foe efficiently to progress.


- Navigating the Dungeon

As the layout of Sarat's Lair can be confusing, refer to your map regularly to maintain your sense of direction and avoid getting lost in the winding corridors.


- Confronting the Boss: Serat

The boss of Sarat's Lair is aptly named Serat, a spider similar to the Broodguard boss found in the Defiled Catacombs of Fractured Peaks. Throughout the fight, Serat will summon Spider Hosts periodically, which can prove challenging, as these hosts also summon additional spiders upon their demise.


- Boss Mechanics: Webs and Poison AoEs

During the battle with Serat, keep a close eye on two critical factors: the webs and the poison AoEs. The webs have a rooting effect that can lead to Spider Hosts swarming you or the poison AoEs inflicting significant damage. If you possess an ability that can render you unstoppable, use it judiciously to avoid the webs as much as possible and mitigate the potential threat they pose.


- First Completion Rewards

Successfully completing Sarat's Lair for the first time grants you +30 Renown and the Codex of Power: ‍Snowveiled Defensive Aspect. These rewards will enhance your character's defenses and make your future endeavors more manageable.


Farming Nightmare Dungeons (Level 50+)

Once you reach level 50, Nightmare Dungeons become the primary source of XP and legendary items. These dungeons offer a higher chance of obtaining legendaries; with recent updates, drop rates have improved. Consider farming these dungeons to boost your character's power and find valuable loot.


Important Note on Cinder Farming

The previous Cinder Farm exploit, involving the Shaman's ability to revive fallen enemies repeatedly, has been patched and is no longer viable. However, the Center is currently experiencing a bug, so it's best to explore alternative methods for obtaining it until it's fixed.



With these farming locations and strategies, you can efficiently level up your character and acquire legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4. Choose a class that suits your playstyle and use XP-boosting potions or group play to maximize your gains. Additionally, watch future updates or patches that may impact the game's balance. 

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