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Diablo 4 Season 1 Speed Clearing Starter Tier List Builds for Each Class

Welcome to the Diablo 4 Season 1 Speed Clearing Guide! In this article, LOLTANK Timothy will be diving into the best starter builds for each class that excel at speed clearing, helping you farm efficiently as you begin your journey in Season 1. We'll consider the ease of putting the builds together, their speed leveling capabilities, speed farming potential, and overall performance in World Tier 4 and Nightmare dungeons. While some builds might not reach maximum DPS for pushing high tiers, these recommendations will focus on clearing quickly and efficiently.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Speed Clearing Starter Tier List Builds for Each Class


Rogue (S Tier)

Rogue, on the other hand, is incredibly versatile and shines in Season One. They have survivability options through Dodge mechanics, making them very agile and efficient in dealing with challenges. The class also boasts improved build diversity and exciting new options like Penetrating Shot and Barrage.

Build Skills Tier Description
Twisting Blades S Tier Despite past nerfs, this build remains one of the best for speed clearing. It boasts high mobility and insane damage output, making it an excellent choice for quick clears.
Rapid Fire C Tier This build's survivability and DPS have taken a hit, making it an average choice for speed clearing.
Barrage A Tier With good mobility and solid damage, Barrage excels at both single-target and AoE damage, making it a strong choice for speed clearing.
Flurry B Tier Flurry's performance depends on your gear. With decent damage and mobility, it's still worth considering as a viable option for speed clearing.
Death Trap A Tier A powerful build that synergizes well with Twisting Blades, offering great AOE damage and survivability, making it ideal for speed clearing.


Sorcerer (C Tier)

At the bottom of the list, we have the Sorcerer. This class suffered from a significant nerf in Patch 1.1, making survivability a big challenge. While they can still deal decent damage with builds like Firewall and Ice Shards, the malignant powers available for Sorcerer in Season One aren't particularly exciting or impactful. They remain squishy, and the new powers might not address their core issues effectively.

Build Skills Tier Description
Arc Lash B Tier A straightforward and easily accessible build with decent damage for early speed clearing.
Blizzard C Tier Despite some buffs, this build falls short for speed clearing due to its burn effect, making it less effective for fast clears.
Firewall C Tier A mediocre build for speed clearing due to its lack of burst damage, better suited for survivability.
Ice Shards B Tier Still a strong choice for speed clearing, but the recent critical damage nerfs have impacted its effectiveness.
Chain Lightning B Tier Offers decent AOE damage, but not particularly special for speed clearing.


Barbarian (B Tier)

Barbarian is right above Sorcerer, and while it still faces some challenges, it has better survivability options than Sorcerer. They have access to survival malignant hearts, which can make them quite tanky. However, the Seasonal Powers for Barbarian might not be as exciting or build-enabling as some other classes, keeping them in the B tier.

Build Skills Tier Description
Thorns Barb B Tier Decent survivability with Thorns damage, but not outstanding for speed clearing.
Double Swing D Tier Not a recommended build for speed clearing, as it lacks AOE and single-target damage.
Hammer of the Ancients A Tier A solid choice for speed clearing with good AOE and single-target damage.
Upheaval B Tier Improved after the recent patch but still not as efficient as other builds for speed clearing.
Whirlwind A Tier A strong contender for speed clearing, offering good mobility and quick AOE clears.


Necromancer (B Tier+)

Necromancer is one step above Barbarian in the tier list. While they may lack speed in leveling, their end-game build diversity and strong options like Bone Spear, Blood Surge, and Undead Lord make them formidable. The new malignant hearts open up interesting possibilities, and the Raffle Ultimate provides unique build opportunities for both minion and non-minion builds.

Build Skills Tier Description
Sever C Tier An average option for speed clearing with decent AOE potential.
Bloodlance D Tier One of the weaker builds for speed clearing, as it lacks burst damage and AOE potential.
Shadow Infinite Blight A Tier A surprisingly strong build with excellent survivability, making it a top choice for speed clearing.
Bone Spear S Tier Despite the recent nerfs, Bone Spear remains very powerful for speed clearing due to its high damage output.
Summoner C Tier A weaker option for speed clearing, as it lacks AOE and damage compared to other builds.


Druid (A Tier)

Druid and Rogue take the top spots in Season One. Druids have various viable builds, including Bulwark and Subterranean, and the new malignant hearts offer exciting possibilities. They have excellent survivability options and a vast build variety, making them a strong pick for the season.

Build Skills Tier Description
Tornado Druid A Tier Offers good AOE damage, but can be slower due to tornadoes' travel time.
Pulverize Druid B Tier Provides decent AOE clears, but not as efficient as higher-tier builds.
Triple Slide B Tier A solid option with double hit potential, but slightly less effective than other A-tier builds.
Lightning Storm Druid A Tier Surprisingly strong for speed clearing with excellent AOE damage potential.
Shred Druid A Tier A highly powerful build with good mobility and AOE damage for speed clearing.



In Season One of Diablo 4, speed clearing is crucial for efficient farming. While different classes offer various builds, Rogue and Druid stand out as the top contenders for speed clearing with their powerful and efficient builds. Remember that speed clearing focuses on quick AOE clears and survivability, so choose the build that best suits your playstyle and desired efficiency. 

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