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FFXIV Magic DPS Guide: Unique Challenges and Joys | Art of Explosive

Welcome to the magical world of Final Fantasy XIV, where wearing a massive hat is a sign of being a skilled and time-consuming magic DPS. In this guide, we'll explore the unique challenges and joys of playing a Magic DPS job. As a Magic DPS, your role is crucial in any party, bringing powerful ranged attacks and utility to the battlefield. So, let's dive into the world of magic, explosions, and the art of making your enemies go "boom"!


FFXIV Magic DPS Guide: Unique Challenges and Joys | Art of Explosive


Magic DPS: The Balanced Middle Ground

While the melee DPS are up close and personal, and the ranged DPS crack jokes from afar, you, the Magic DPS, hold the middle ground. Your magic abilities allow you to attack enemies from anywhere in the arena, giving you versatility and strategic advantages.

The Casting Conundrum

One significant difference between Magic DPS and other roles is the cast bar. Most of your powerful skills require you to stand still during their casting time. If you move or dodge too early, your spell will fizzle, and everyone will see your unfortunate mishap. Fear not, for you have tools to enhance your mobility. Learn the delicate dance of casting and moving simultaneously to maintain your damage output while avoiding dangerous attacks.


The Magic of Sliding

A little-known secret to improving mobility during casting is the slime maneuver. When your cast bar reaches about four-fifths complete, you no longer need to stay completely still. You can make small adjustments to your position without interrupting the spell. This technique applies to all jobs with a cast bar, not just Magic DPS. So, slide, slice, and watch your DPS soar!


Exploring the Magic Siblings

Magic DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV bring explosive power to the battlefield with their impressive spellcasting abilities. Let's take a closer look at the three main magic DPS jobs: Black Mage, Summoner, and Red Mage.

Job Description
Black Mage The Black Mage excels at dealing massive damage through powerful spells. It is a perfect choice for players who enjoy seeing big numbers and enjoy dealing satisfying bursts of damage. However, playing this job requires precise positioning and careful mana management. Avoiding harmful areas (AOEs) is crucial, as taking damage not only harms you but also adds pressure to your healers.
Summoner Summoners are a unique class capable of summoning powerful avatars to aid them in battle. This job has undergone several reworks, and it may continue to evolve over time. Summoners can summon avatars with diverse abilities, such as slowing enemies or providing healing for the party. Their versatility makes them valuable assets in various encounters.
Red Mage Red Mages are renowned for their stylish moves and balanced gameplay. They possess both melee and ranged capabilities, relying on a rotation that involves switching between white and black mana. One of the Red Mage's significant advantages is the ability to cast instant spells after completing a hardcast, enabling them to maintain mobility while dealing substantial damage.


The Blue Mage Enigma

While technically classified as a magical range DPS, the Blue Mage takes an unconventional path. Blue Mage is an exceptional case among magic DPS jobs. It is a limited job, restricted from participating in most level-synced and high-end content. Nevertheless, the Blue Mage boasts a unique ability: learning spells from enemies and bosses. Though challenging, mastering the Blue Mage offers a diverse array of abilities to conquer foes. As a limited job, it cannot participate in all content and has a unique mechanic of learning skills from various enemies and bosses.


General Tips for Magic DPS Players:

  • Master Your Cast Bar: Most magic DPS spells require cast time, so learn to manage your cast bar efficiently. A handy tip is that you can move slightly after about four-fifths of the cast time has passed, allowing you some mobility without interrupting the spell.
  • Balance DPS and Utility: Magic DPS jobs often offer utility, such as resurrection spells or support abilities. Use these tools wisely to assist your team while dealing damage.
  • Adapt to the Situation: Each magic DPS job has its unique playstyle and strengths. Adapt your rotation and strategies based on the encounter and party composition.



As a Magic DPS in Final Fantasy XIV, you hold a vital role in any party. Embrace the power of explosions, learn to dance with your cast bar, and choose one of the magical siblings to conquer the realm of Eorzea. Magic DPS might be challenging, but with dedication and practice, you'll become a true sorcerer, making your enemies go "boom" while wearing your massive hat with pride. Good luck and happy spellcasting!

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