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Path of Exile League Starter Stormbind Indigon Hierophant Build

Welcome, Exiles, to the update of my Stormbind building adventure. Stormbind, while initially clunky and awkward for me, has grown on me with each playthrough. Its unique mechanics offer a satisfying experience, especially with the addition of certain modifiers. In this article, We will explore the potential of Stormbind as a League starter, its strengths, and what it takes to unleash its full power.



Playstyle Tips

  • Stormbind requires a two-step process: placing runes and then charging them with Rune Blast.
  • Utilize the Indigon helmet to ramp up the Mana cost and instantly charge runes for massive damage.
  • Practice and get used to the playstyle to fully enjoy the build's potential.
  • For maximum effectiveness, focus on single-target boss fights and invitation farming Currency.



  • Strong single-target damage against bosses.
  • High potential for clearing invitations and decimating bosses.
  • Unique playstyle for those seeking a challenging experience.
  • Not commonly played, making it an exciting and niche choice.
  • The build can be powerful once you acquire the Indigon helmet.



  • Awkward playstyle that requires some time to get used to.
  • The build may lack clear speed compared to other popular builds.
  • The gearing might be expensive for optimal performance.
  • Relies heavily on the Indigon helmet for its full potential.


PoB Link

Skill Mechanics and Scaling

Stormbind is a unique channeling skill that places runes on the ground. These runes can be charged up with a secondary skill, Rune Blast, which explodes the runes in a powerful area of effect blast.

To make Stormbind a successful build, focus on the following scaling mechanics:

  • Cast Speed: Higher cast speed allows for faster placement and charging of runes.
  • Area of Effect: Increased area of effect enhances the size of rune explosions.
  • Mana Costs: Endogon can ramp up the Mana cost, allowing for quicker rune charges.


Three Key Factors for Stormbind's Success

To unlock Stormbind's full potential, three crucial factors come into play: cast speed, area of effect, and a method to deal with Rune Blast charging cost.


Cast Speed - Hierophant Buff

With the recent changes to Hierophant, it now offers a decent buff to cast speed, thanks to the Arcane Surge node change. Additionally, the passive skill tree provides various cast speed nodes, depending on how you build your character.


Area of Effect - Higher Offense

To boost Stormbind's area of effect, the Hierophant's Higher Offense node grants 100% increased area of effect. By opting for illuminated devotion and potentially Sky Force, you can further enhance the AOE of Stormbind. Moreover, the alternate quality of Stormbind adds an additional 30% AOE, ensuring your circles overlap effectively.


Mana Costs - Indigon's Role

To manage Stormbind's Mana costs efficiently, the Indigon helmet provides a solution. By ramping up your Mana cost with Indigon, you can charge the runes faster, resulting in more damage and AOE per charge. The Indigon strategy transforms Stormbind from a decent build to an S-tier bossing and invitation farming character.


Skill Gems

- Main Link for Rune Blast

Stormbind (6-Link) - Faster Casting Support - Infused Channelling Support - Arcane Surge Support - Lightning Penetration Support - Critical Strike Support

Note: The main link focuses on maximizing the damage output of Rune Blast.


- Utility Link

Stormbind - Arcane Cloak - Increased Area of Effect Support - Hypothermia Support

Note: This utility link is for maximizing area coverage and cold damage.



Look for jewels with increased life, cast speed, critical strike chance/multiplier, and area damage.


Ascendancy and Passive Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Heirophant (Conviction of Power, Ritual of Awakening, Divine Guidance, Illuminated Devotion)

Passive Skill Tree: Allocate points for increased cast speed, area of effect, critical strike chance/multiplier, and life. Adapt the tree to suit your gear and preferences.



Slot Recommended Gear
Weapon Wand or Scepter with Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Increased Cold/Lightning Damage
Shield Shield with High Life and Resistances
Helmet Indigon Helmet (for scaling Mana costs and boosting damage)
Body Armor High Life Body Armor with Resistances or Damage Mods
Gloves Gloves with High Life, Resistances, and Damage Bonuses
Boots Boots with High Life, Resistances, and Damage Bonuses
Belt Belt with High Life, Resistances, and Damage Bonuses
Amulet Amulet with High Life, Resistances, and Damage Bonuses
Rings Rings with High Life, Resistances, and Damage Bonuses


League Starter Potential

Though Stormbind may seem like a strong League starter, it comes with some caveats. The playstyle can be awkward, and it might not be ideal for players who do not enjoy its unique mechanics. However, with proper investment and practice, Stormbind has the potential to be a solid League starter, especially if you aim to farm invitations and take down bosses efficiently.


Mana Buff and Future Prospects

The key to Stormbind's success lies in potential Mana buffs. As of now, Indigon remains a niche item, and Stormbind benefits from the Mana scaling it offers. However, if future patches introduce significant Mana buffs, Stormbind's popularity could increase, making it an even more formidable choice for League starters.


An SSF Showcase

To demonstrate Stormbind's effectiveness without Indigon, I've created an SSF character. Though the gear is basic, it highlights Stormbind's potential even without optimal items. The character showcases the journey from the very beginning to the successful defeat of Exarch and Eater bosses, proving that Stormbind can handle endgame content with modest gear.



Stormbind is a unique and potentially powerful skill in Path of Exile. While it may require some getting used to, its combination of cast speed, area of effect, and Mana management can lead to an exceptional character. Whether it becomes your ideal League starter will depend on your affinity for its playstyle. But, without a doubt, Stormbind has the capability to shine as a fearsome bossing and invitation farming Poe Currency character when equipped with the mighty Indigon. As we await the upcoming league and patch notes, Stormbind's future remains a compelling and exciting prospect for many Exiles.

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