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PoE Royal Burgonet Crafting Guide: Craft Righteous Fire Helmet Build

If you've ever played a Righteous Fire build in Path of Exile, you know that one of the most crucial components of the build is the helmet. It's an upgrade that many players seek, as it provides excellent DPS and is relatively affordable, ranging from 18 to 25 Exalted Orbs, or possibly up to 30 Exalted Orbs, depending on the specific affixes. However, crafting a helmet like this can be challenging, and many players are unsure how to go about it. In this comprehensive guide, I will show you my method for properly crafting a powerful Righteous Fire helmet, catering to both the expensive and cheaper variants.

PoE Royal Burgonet Crafting Guide: Craft Righteous Fire Helmet Build


When looking for examples of the desired helmet Righteous Fire Helmet Build, you can visit the website "Poe.Ninja" and navigate to the builds section. You'll find various examples of the helmet we aim to craft there. One such example is the Swire build, which can be expensive and require around 200 to 300 Divine Orbs to create. Another mirrored build exhibits similar characteristics and might cost around 200 Divine Orbs, give or take.


Understanding the Different Variants

Before we delve into the crafting process, let's discuss the two main variants of the Righteous Fire helmet. The expensive version will cost around 200 to 300 Exalted Orbs to craft and may take several hours. On the other hand, the cheaper version will only set you back around 10 to 15 Exalted Orbs, with the finished helmet potentially being worth around 20 to 25 Exalted Orbs. Decide which variant suits your Poe Currency budget and crafting goals.


Obtaining the Base

For the cheaper version, look for an Intelligence-based helmet. For the expensive version, acquire a Royal Burgonet with item level 82 minimum, no corrupted, mirrored, or fractured mods, and no influence mods. The expensive variant requires high investment and crafting materials.


Crafting the Cheaper Version

  • Start with an Intelligence-based helmet.
  • Use Essences of Horror until you hit either Concentrated Effect or Burning Damage.
  • If you have three prefixes, use the Bestiary crafting bench to remove a bad modifier.
  • Use Remove Suffixes and Add Prefixes craft to have a chance at rolling Burning Damage.
  • If it doesn't give Burning Damage, repeat Step 4 until you succeed.
  • Craft the +1 to AoE using the crafting bench.


Crafting the Expensive Version

  • Begin with a Royal Burgonet with the desired conditions.
  • Use Essences of Horror until you get a desired prefix, such as cold or lightning resistance.
  • If the helmet doesn't have any influence mods, use Craft Life to get one.
  • Use Exalted Orbs until you hit an influence mod (just one is enough).
  • Use Orb of Dominance to level up the Burning Damage mod to your desired level (start at level 16 or 18).
  • If the helmet has a bad prefix, use Wild Bristle Matron to lock the suffixes and then use Exalted Orbs to get Concentrated Effect.
  • Use Haku's Craft to add "Suffixes cannot be changed" and then use the new Harvest crafting options to get the +2 Raise Zombie/Skeleton mod.
  • If you fail to get +2 Raise Zombie/Skeleton, remove the "Suffixes cannot be changed" craft and repeat the Exalted Orb and Harvest crafting process.


Crafting the Perfect Helmet

After reaching a satisfactory point with your expensive helmet, you'll need to be meticulous to craft the ideal mods. Aim for Tire 1 Concentrated Effect by using "Suffixed Cannot Be Changed" with Horrifying Enchantment. If successful, you can craft maximum life on the item. If not, use Exalted Orbs and "Remove Suffixes, Add Prefixes" until you have Tire 1 Concentrated Effect.

To add another valuable mod, such as Raise Zombie and Skeleton Maximum Minions, unveil a helmet with "Haku Veiled Mod" through Betrayal. This will provide the desired mod to your helmet.



Crafting a powerful Righteous Fire helmet can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially for the expensive variant. If you're crafting for yourself and don't need the high-end mods, start with an Intelligence-based helmet. However, if you want to craft helmets for Currency profit, go for the Royal Burgonet base and follow the more intricate crafting process. Remember, patience and currency are essential when attempting these crafts. Good luck with your Righteous Fire build!

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