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Diablo 4 Season 1 Infinite Mist Necromancer Build

Welcome to our special build guide for Diablo 4. Today, LOLTANK Editor be focusing on the Necromancer class, specifically the Infinite Mist Necromancer build combined with the latest Malignant Heart. This build has proven to be incredibly strong in the current patch for season one, capable of dealing over 60-70% of the team's total damage when paired with party members that can pull enemies together.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Infinite Mist Necromancer Build



The Infinite Mist Necromancer build starts with the use of Waze Rip to generate additional corpses. Instead of using core spells, we're summoning additional corpses with Healed Flash. The main damaging spells are Blood Mist and Corpse Explosion. Blood Mist provides additional corpses and triggers more corpses with its legendary effect. Corpse Explosion is your primary source of damage, which becomes damage over time with blood damage.


The build also includes the use of Corpse Fighter for cooldown reduction and additional damage, and the skill Corpse Danger for pulling enemies together and making them vulnerable. All points are allocated to shadow spells, enhancing the power of Corpse Explosion and all shadow damage.


The capstone for this build is Shadow Polite, which significantly boosts your damage output.


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Gear and Legendary Effects

The gear for this build includes a variety of legendary items and a special gem socketed with Magnificent Heart. The accessories chosen by our Necromancer partner focus on defensive aspects and effects, such as damage reduction and additional shadow damage.


The Brutal Hat is a key item, providing an AoE Decrepify aura for 20 seconds, auto-casting the spell and providing additional benefits and damage. The Wrath for Heart is another crucial piece, offering additional damage when not having minions and not using any Essence.


Other notable gear includes a one-handed weapon that increases critical chance when casting Corpse Tendril, unique boots for additional shadow damage, and unique gloves that summon skeleton follies around enemies for additional damage.


Skill Rotation

The skill rotation for this build involves casting Decrepify and normal attacking to create more corpses while casting Corpse Explosion. Group enemies together with Corpse Tendril, then use Blood Mist to trigger all the corpses for tremendous damage. If needed, cast Bone Armor for additional damage due to the Melamine Card, which allows you to use your current resource for more damage.



This Necromancer build is incredibly powerful, capable of dealing massive damage and scaling into higher levels effectively. If you're playing a Necromancer in Diablo 4, this is definitely a build to try out.

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