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Poe 3.22 League Start Kitava's Thirst Spellblade Champion Build

The Spellblade is a favorite character archetype, embodying the fantasy of dashing into a group of enemies, slashing them with a sword, and unleashing powerful magical blasts before dashing away. This build guide focuses on creating a Spellblade Champion in Path of Exile, utilizing the unique items Kitava's Thirst and The Surging Thoughts to trigger multiple socketed spells simultaneously. The goal is to create a character capable of decent mapping, defeating the Maven, handling T16 maps, and providing an enjoyable gameplay experience.



Poe 3.22 League Start Kitava


Core Mechanics

The core engine of this build revolves around two unique items - Kitava's Thirst and The Surging Thoughts. Kitava's Thirst is a helmet that triggers socketed spells with a 50% chance when spending at least 100 Mana on an upfront cost or triggering a skill. These triggered spells automatically target enemies. The Surging Thoughts is a sword that allows you to trigger 20 Storm Cascade spells with every attack. Storm Cascade deals lightning damage in sequential bursts along a line away from the character.


To make The Surging Thoughts a spellblade weapon, it is socketed with the Archmage support gem, which adds a Mana cost to Storm Cascade. Additionally, another support gem, Hex Touch, multiplies the Mana cost, allowing you to apply a defensive or offensive curse with each Storm Cascade hit. By stacking enough unreserved Mana, each attack will trigger Storm Cascade and satisfy Kitava's Thirst's Mana requirement, thereby triggering other socketed spells as well.


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Key Components

  • Core Unique Items: Kitava's Thirst and The Surging Thoughts.
  • Attack Skill: Frenzy - generates Frenzy Charges, which increase attack speed and grant a global damage multiplier.
  • Triggered Spells: Val Arc and Lightning Conduit - providing reliable clear and single-target damage. These spells can inflict shock, which significantly increases damage dealt to enemies.


Skill Gem Setup

  • Frenzy (Main Attack Skill)
  • Val Arc (Clear Skill)
  • Lightning Conduit (Single-target Skill)
  • Val Smite (Optional for additional flat lightning damage aura)


Defensive Mechanisms

  • Hybrid Life/ES/Mana Approach: A portion of non-chaos damage is taken from Energy Shield and Mana, utilizing the Belt "Burden of Truth."
  • Mind Over Matter: A portion of damage taken from Life is further split and taken from Mana, reducing damage to Life.
  • Fortitude and Conqueror (Champion Ascendancy): Provides various defensive bonuses, reducing damage taken from hits and gaining increased defenses when taunting enemies.
  • Arctic Armor: Reduces physical and fire damage taken while stationary, also causing enemies to deal less damage while in the chilling area created by the skill.
  • Sap and Chill Effects: Inflict sap on enemies with lightning damage and apply chill effects to slow them down, reducing their attack speed.


Movement Skills

  • Frostblink: To quickly close the gap to enemies.
  • Flicker Strike: For a more nimble and responsive feel, allows quick movement through maps or repositioning in combat.
  • Lightning Warp (Optional): Can be used instead of Flicker Strike for a lightning-themed movement skill.


Final Thoughts

This Spellblade Champion build offers a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience, allowing players to unleash devastating magical blasts in combination with melee attacks. The core mechanics revolving around Kitava's Thirst and The Surging Thoughts provide flexibility for different elemental variants. By focusing on lightning damage in this guide, players can deal significant damage and enjoy various defensive mechanisms to sustain survivability. The build is recommended for players who are comfortable with multi-button builds and enjoy the fantasy of the Spellblade archetype.

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