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Path of Exile 3.22 League Start Guides for New Players

Path of Exile has earned quite a reputation in the gaming community. For many, it's viewed as a dauntingly complex game, a mammoth to comprehend and an even more significant challenge to master. Some would even advise casual gamers simply looking for monster-slaying adventures to opt for less cerebral alternatives like Diablo 4. But here's the truth: While understanding every nook and cranny of Path of Exile would require a significant investment of time, this level of mastery is unnecessary to enjoy and complete the game.

Path of Exile 3.22 League Start Guides for New Players


Today, we aim to debunk this myth of complexity and shed light on the game from a more casual perspective. For those considering their first foray into Path of Exile, we present four vital steps to equip you for your PoE 3.22 journey.


PoE 3.22 Release Date

The upcoming 3.22 expansion for Path of Exile is tentatively set to launch on August 18th (PDT), with the final confirmation of the date to be announced at ExileCon in a few weeks. 


Employ a Loot Filter

As you traverse the game world, you'll find the ground littered with a myriad of items. Sorting through this clutter can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. The solution? A loot filter.

Go to and download three filters with different strictness levels. Use the least strict filter while playing through the campaign and white maps - the early stages when your character is less geared and likely to benefit from picking up lower value items. As your build becomes stronger and you start exploring yellow and red maps, switch to the stricter filter. Finally, when you're taking on the final bosses, use the very strict filter.


Choose a Suitable Build

Path of Exile offers an impressive array of viable builds, far more than most ARPGs. For beginners, however, we suggest opting for a tanky caster build. The rationale? As a newcomer, it's hard to identify what's dangerous in the game, so a tanky build can absorb a lot of punishment, preventing unnecessary deaths.


Casters are excellent choices for beginners due to their reliance on gem levels for damage, which naturally increases as you gain experience. Websites such as YouTube or LOLTANK.COM offer detailed build guides that you can follow initially, and once you've completed your first playthrough, you can experiment with your own build.


Develop a Farming Strategy

As you complete maps, you'll earn Atlas passive points, which can be allocated to enhance different game mechanics, thus helping you accrue more Poe currency. To simplify this process for beginners, we have a recommended Atlas passive tree that doesn't specialize too heavily in any particular mechanic, thereby providing a well-rounded and balanced farming experience.


However, as you progress and discover mechanics you enjoy, feel free to re-spec your Atlas tree to focus more on those elements.


Learn to Buy Gear

Crafting items from scratch can be expensive, especially for newcomers unfamiliar with the most efficient methods. Therefore, we suggest purchasing gear from the Path of Exile website using your accumulated raw currency.


Completing your Atlas smoothly is crucial for beginners. After your first playthrough, you can start crafting your own gear and experience more of Path of Exile.


Support Your Journey with Stash Tabs

After completing your Atlas and looking to create your next character, it's time to invest in some stash tabs. For $55 (if not on sale), you can purchase a Currency Tab, Map Tab, Divination Tab, Fragment Tab, and a bundle of six Premium Stash Tabs from the Path of Exile store. These tabs significantly increase your storage capabilities, allowing you to retain much more loot.



Path of Exile does not have to be the intimidating behemoth many believe it to be. Any casual gamer can delve into this richly detailed game with these tips and truly enjoy their journey.

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