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PoE 3.22 Excellent Pyroclast Mine League Starter Saboteur Build

In this Path of Exile Builds guide, we'll be exploring the Pyroclast Mine Saboteur build, an excellent league starter that offers impressive damage, survivability, and flexibility in handling various map modifiers. The Pyroclast Mine skill, when combined with Saboteur ascendancy, allows players to tackle challenging content with ease. This guide will walk you through the build's mechanics, gear recommendations, and showcase its performance in an unidentified red map.



PoE 3.22 Excellent Pyroclast Mine League Starter Saboteur Build


Build Overview

The Pyroclast Mine Saboteur is a mine-based build that focuses on throwing mines equipped with the Pyroclast skill. When detonated, these mines release fiery projectiles that deal substantial damage to enemies, particularly bosses. The build's main strengths include the ability to handle any map modifier, bypassing reflect damage, and running no regeneration maps without relying on a Mana flask. Additionally, the build offers high damage output and manageable defensive layers, making it a strong choice for league starters.


Main Skill Pyroclast Mine

Pyroclast Mine is a skill in Path of Exile that involves throwing a mine onto the ground. When detonated, it unleashes a barrage of fiery mortar projectiles, dealing fire damage to enemies at their impact points. The skill becomes even more potent as you consecutively detonate more mines, resulting in a higher number of projectiles being fired. Additionally, the mines create an aura that grants extra fire damage to attacks made against enemies within its range.

Property Description
Type Mine, Spell, Projectile, Fire, AoE, Aura, Nova
Level 1-20
Cost 4-6 Mana
Reservation 4-6 Mana
Cast Time 0.18 sec
Critical Strike Chance 5.50%
Added Damage Effectiveness 80%
AoE Radius 30
Requires Level 28
Damage Deals (26-240) to (39-361) Fire Damage
Mine Duration Lasts 5 seconds
Detonation Time Base Mine Detonation Time is 0.35 seconds
Additional Projectiles Fires 2 additional Projectiles
Detonation Sequence Fires an additional Projectile for every 4 prior Mines in Detonation Sequence
Aura Effect Each Mine Adds (1-12) to (2-18) Fire Damage to Hits against Enemies near it, up to a maximum of (64-601) to (96-901)


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Skill Mechanics

  • Pyroclast Mine: This is the primary skill used in the build. When mines detonate, they release multiple fiery projectiles that shotgun bosses effectively, dealing massive damage in a short period.
  • Astral Projector Ring (Optional): While not mandatory, the Astral Projector ring greatly enhances the skill's performance. It automatically aims mines underneath enemies, making targeting more efficient.


Defensive Layers

  • Evasion and Blind: The build benefits from decent evasion, and the Saboteur ascendancy provides a blind mechanic, reducing the enemy's chance to hit.
  • Damage Reduction: Saboteur ascendancy offers 15% damage reduction on enemies, which, combined with other sources, brings the total damage reduction to around 25%.
  • Mind Over Matter (MoM): The build uses Eldritch Battery to sustain skills without worrying about Mana regeneration. Although this causes life regen loss, it can be compensated by using life flasks strategically.
  • Elemental Reflect: The build can handle elemental reflect maps with ease due to the unique mechanic of mines, as reflected damage is not attributed to the player.


Gear Recommendations

  • Martial Legion Boots: These boots provide +3 levels to Aura Gems, effectively granting a pseudo 5-link damage boost to Pyroclast Mine.
  • Astral Projector Ring (Optional): As mentioned earlier, this ring enhances targeting efficiency, making it a worthwhile addition if available.
  • Sockets and Links: The build functions well with low socket pressure, allowing players to focus on other gear priorities. This means you can get away with fewer sockets and links, making gearing more accessible.



The guide provides a showcase of the build running an unidentified red map, demonstrating its strength in handling various modifiers and boss fights. The player efficiently throws mines, uses the detonation sequence during boss encounters, and showcases the build's impressive damage output, even with relatively modest gear.



The Pyroclast Mine Saboteur build is an excellent choice for a league starter in Path of Exile. It offers high damage, survivability, and the ability to handle various map modifiers with ease. While the Astral Projector ring enhances performance, the build can function well without it, making it accessible to players with varying gear options. Whether you're a seasoned player or a new Exile, this build is worth considering for your next league start adventure. 

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