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Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Malignant Hearts For Each Class

In Diablo 4, Malignant Hearts play a significant role in shaping your character's power and abilities. With the release of Season One, players have been experimenting with various Malignant Hearts and have discovered some unexpected surprises. This guide will highlight the most powerful Malignant Hearts for each class, as well as some Universal Malignant Hearts that are essential for any diablo 4 build.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Malignant Hearts For Each Class


Class-Specific Malignant Hearts


- Necromancer - Sacrilegious Heart

The Sacrilegious Heart allows for constant procs of corpse tendrils, re-summoning minions, and triggering corpse explosions automatically. While the damage might be reduced, the constant procs and infinite chain casts of corpse tendrils make it a powerful AOE and crowd-control option. Combine this with the meta aspect, Grasping Veins, and you'll have a constant boost of crit chance and crit damage.


- Druid - Inner Extra Force Heart

The Inner Extra Force Heart grants the Druid the ability to pull enemies into one location, making it easier to clear packs of enemies. This AOE mechanic greatly improves mob clearing potential and makes it a valuable choice for any Druid build.


- Sorcerer - Tal Rasha's Heart

Tal Rasha's Heart grants damage bonuses for each unique element the Sorcerer uses. It effectively provides a +30% damage boost permanently, making it a reliable and effective pick for all Sorcerer builds.


- Rogue - Trickery & Vile Apothecary

Trickery is a brutal defense heart that taunts enemies and groups up melee enemies, making it an excellent choice for both offensive and defensive purposes. Vile Apothecary has a chance to trigger all imbuement effects at half their potency, boosting imbuement builds to the top tier for the Rogue class.


- Barbarian - Focused Rage

The Barbarian's Malignant Hearts may need some buffs as they are not as impactful as other classes' choices. Focused Rage, currently, provides increased critical strike chance after spending Fury quickly, making it more useful for specific Barbarian builds.


Universal Malignant Hearts


- The Barber

The Barber is an incredibly powerful raffle heart that allows any build to dominate if it can deal damage quickly. The heart absorbs damage and then releases it onto surrounding enemies, scaling the damage to outrageous levels. Many top players are currently using this heart, and it's expected to remain popular as players progress to higher Nightmare tier dungeons.


- Revenge

Revenge is a brutal heart, not a raffle, that offers incredible defensive capabilities. It suppresses up to 20% of incoming damage and then amplifies and explodes the suppressed damage in a massive fire burst to nearby enemies. It's one of the best defensive choices in the game and is likely to gain even more popularity in higher-tier dungeons.


- Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate works well with certain high-crit chance builds, such as the Bone Spear Necromancer. It grants a massive amount of crit strike damage, effectively mitigating the crit damage nerf from version 1.1 of the game. While it's not suitable for all builds, it can be extremely strong for those with high crit chance.



In Diablo 4 Season One, Malignant Hearts play a crucial role in determining your character's power and abilities. Each class has unique choices that suit different playstyles, and some Universal Malignant Hearts offer powerful benefits for any build. Experiment with different Malignant Hearts to find the ones that best complement your preferred playstyle and build. Keep in mind that the game is continuously evolving, so certain Malignant Hearts may receive adjustments or buffs over time. 

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