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Old School RuneScape Highly profitable Gold-making methods Guides

Welcome to another installment of our series on unusual and highly profitable Gold-making methods in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Thanks to your support and ideas, we've been able to stack up a considerable amount of Runecape GP. In this guide, we'll explore some more unique methods that will help you grow your RuneScape bank even further.

Old School RuneScape Highly profitable Gold-making methods Guides


Duke Succulus and the Unique Drop Table

During the Desert Treasure 2 Quest, you encounter Duke Succulus, a sleepy boss along with three other bosses. These bosses have a unique drop table mechanic that we've never seen before. Instead of immediately receiving rare drops, you need to hit the drop table multiple times. This guarantees you'll eventually get the desired item, such as the Vestige (Ring Piece) from Duke Succulus. Although it may take time, it ensures bad luck prevention and a steady way to obtain rare items.


Gold-Making with Cox Raid Layouts

Chambers of Xeric (Cox) is a popular PvM activity, and players are always seeking the best raid layouts for improved times and loot chances. You can scout different raid layouts, and some players are willing to pay for the most desirable ones. The 4 Combat Room and 1 Puzzle Room layout (4c1p) and the 3 Combat Room and 2 Puzzle Room layout (3c2p) are particularly sought after. With patience and efficient scouting, you can make substantial GP by selling these layouts to other players.


The Stonemason and Caldergram Shop

The Stonemason and Caldergram Shop offers three unique items not found elsewhere in the game: Marble Blocks, Gold Leaves, and Magic Stones. While the initial investment is significant, flipping these items on the Grand Exchange can lead to decent profits. However, keep in mind the Grand Exchange tax when pricing the items for sale.


Baloga's Blessings and Xamarack Wines

Obtained from the Tithe Farming minigame, Baloga's Blessings allow you to harvest Xamarack Grapes instead of regular grapes from the Vinery in Hosidius. These grapes can be turned into Xamarack Wines for profit. While the GP per hour isn't extraordinary, it's a decent method for those looking to gain some Farming and Cooking XP along with making Gold.


Arctic Pine Log Gathering

Head to Weiss, where you can find Arctic Pine logs spawning on the ground. These logs are usually obtained by chopping Arctic Pine trees on the island of Neitiznot. However, you can pick up the spawning logs in Weiss and sell them on the Grand Exchange for a decent profit.



These unusual Gold-making methods offer exciting alternatives to conventional Gold-making strategies in OSRS. Whether you're looking for a unique boss drop mechanic, flipping rare items, or gathering special resources, these methods can help you grow your bank and progress in the game. Always keep an eye out for unusual opportunities to make the most of your time in Gielinor. Good luck and happy adventuring!

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