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PoE 3.22 Omens Guide: Valuable Unique Items with Omen of Fortune

In the upcoming Path of Exile patch 3.22, a new mechanic called Omens will be introduced as a reward for fully finishing a tournament. These Omens will enable players to modify items and create unique items through the use of "Trash to Treasure" mechanics. In this guide, we'll delve into the potential profit opportunities and explore some unique items to consider.

PoE 3.22 Omens Guide: Valuable Unique Items with Omen of Fortune


Omen of Fortune

One of the showcased Omens is the Omen of Fortune, which, when used with a Trash to Treasure prophecy, guarantees that the resulting item will be a unique item if possible. This mechanic is similar to the historical Trash to Treasure method, but the Omen of Fortune brings back this exciting feature in a new way.


Profitable Jewel Chance

Jewels are the prime candidates for using Omens due to their chanceable nature. If the Omens are reasonably affordable and not heavily weighted, certain Jewels can become very profitable. For example, Viridian Jewels like Lioneye's Fall, Natural Instinct, and Stormfire can yield great results. Similarly, Crimson Jewels like Immutable Phial and Bloodbond are also worth considering. These Jewels have high potential value, making them attractive targets for the Omen of Fortune.


Interesting Unique Items

Certain unique items could become exceptionally valuable if obtained through the Omen of Fortune. 

Here are some interesting cases to consider:

  • Marohi Erqi: As a tier-zero unique, a 15% physical modifier on a Marohi Erqi through the Omen of Fortune could result in a highly valuable weapon, potentially worth a significant amount.
  • Brass Dome: The only Gladiator Plate in the game, Brass Dome can be a profitable option if the Omen of Fortune is not heavily weighted. Plus, a high roll on Brass Dome could make it worth even more.
  • Aegis Aurora: While Aegis Aurora is not super rare, it might become a viable option if the Omen of Fortune is affordable and heavily weighted items are minimized.
  • Rostam: As the only Leather Hood, Rostam might gain value if the Omen of Fortune allows for a good chance at valuable outcomes.
  • Super Uniques: Items like Mageblood, Squire, and Headhunter could be affected by the Omen of Fortune. Their prices might fluctuate depending on how GGG has weighted the Omen.
  • Ancient Orbs: The introduction of Omens might impact Poe Currency Ancient Orbs' prices, as they are usually priced around Mageblood, Squire, and Headhunter, but their potential to be used elsewhere could change their value.


In conclusion, the Omen of Fortune adds an exciting twist to Path of Exile's item crafting mechanics. While some items might not be worth the gamble, others could yield significant profit potential, especially with the chance of rolling valuable mods. Keep an eye on the prices and popularity of certain items, as they might change based on the Omen's impact. Remember to experiment and take advantage of this new mechanic to explore various unique item combinations and profit opportunities.

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