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PoE 3.22 The Return Projectiles Support Pathfinder League Start Build

In this Path of Exile Build, we'll be discussing a powerful and innovative build that utilizes the Return Projectiles Support gem. This support gem enables projectiles to return to the player, creating unique interactions with skills like Ethereal Knives (EK) and Blade Blast. By using this combination, we can achieve high damage potential and overlap for effective clearing and bossing.

PoE 3.22 The Return Projectiles Support Pathfinder League Start Build


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The Return Projectile Support

The Return Projectile Support is a game-changing support gem that allows projectiles to return to the player after traveling a certain distance. It was inspired by popular skills like Nemesis and Vention Cascade, which had similar effects. The addition of this support gem opens up exciting possibilities for unique and powerful builds.


Ethereal Knives and Blade Blast Synergy

Ethereal Knives is a skill that leaves lingering blades on the ground after projectiles are fired. The more projectile scaling we have, the more lingering blades will be left on the ground. With Return Projectile Support, these projectiles come back to us, effectively placing the lingering blades at our feet.


The Build Concept

By combining Ethereal Knives with the Return Projectile Support gem, we can create a build that synergizes with Blade Blast. Blade Blast detonates all lingering blades on the ground in sequence, dealing significant damage. With enough projectile scaling and investment, this build allows for a 100% overlap, making it excellent for clearing and dealing with tougher enemies.


Gameplay and Advantages

The build showcases an interesting playstyle. By using Ethereal Knives and Blade Blast, we can unleash a barrage of projectiles on enemies, and then dodge and evade boss attacks while waiting for the return projectiles to deal damage. This style can be effective for bossing and general map clearing.


Gear and Gem Setup

The build can be tailored to fit different budgets, making it a viable choice for league starts and SSF (Solo Self-Found) play. The guide provides gear options and explains how to achieve good results without expensive items. Key items include Obliteration wands for clearing and some affordable rare gear for overall stat boosts.


Passive Tree and Ascendancy

The passive tree focuses on projectile scaling and maximizing damage potential. Since the build doesn't require cluster jewels, it is relatively SSF-friendly. The guide suggests a recommended tree for starters, but players can adapt it based on their preferences and available gear.


Gem Links

The gem links focus on enhancing Ethereal Knives' projectile count and Blade Blast's damage output. Important gems include Greater Multiple Projectiles, Anomalous Ethereal Knives, Unleash, and Blade Blast in a 6-link setup. The guide also explores other useful gems, such as Despair and Arcanist Brand, for additional utility and defense.


Flask Setup

The flask setup includes utility flasks commonly used by Pathfinders, the ascendancy chosen for this build. Flask choices may vary depending on individual playstyles, but the guide provides a solid foundation for players to build upon.



The Ethereal Knives and Blade Blast Return Projectile Build offers an exciting and effective playstyle that combines the power of lingering projectiles with detonation skills. Its flexibility and adaptability make it suitable for league starts and SSF gameplay. Players interested in a fresh and innovative approach to Path of Exile should consider giving this build a try. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, this build could prove to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience in Wraeclast.

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