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New World Sandworm Raid Beginner-Friendly Strategies: Basic Gear and Different Phases

Welcome to the ultimate beginner's guide for the Sand Worm raid in New World! This guide is designed to help less coordinated groups, especially those attempting the raid for the first time. While we might touch on min-maxing and speed-running techniques, the primary focus will be on general advice and how the raid mechanics work. Let's dive into the basics of gearing and understanding the different phases of the raid.



New World Sandworm Raid Beginner-Friendly Strategies: Basic Gear and Different Phases



The Sand Worm raid can be completed with a gear score of 600, but having 625 gear score weapons is recommended for the additional stats and damage output.

  • Armour: Everyone in the raid, including tanks, should use light armour. Full Beskarot armour is recommended, and crafting physically weighted armour is a good option since acid damage is not reduced by armour.
  • Gems: Gem choices vary depending on the fight strategy. In a beginner raid, it is advisable for melee-range players to use full Jasper gems and for those outside of melee range to use Kind Padding.
  • Amulet: Strike protection and health are important for survivability.
  • Ring: Choose damage perks that suit your playstyle. Bloodletting is useful for many weapons.
  • Earrings: Beloved is generally recommended, and Refreshing Toast can be helpful for certain players.
  • Weapons: Utilize B-Spain and Vicious or equivalent for your weapon. Pristine Diamond gems are typically used for weapons, but make sure to have a good mix of different gems across the raid since they are only 50% effective.


Damage Comparison Percent Increase in Damage
  • 600 Gear Score: Light attack - 1248, Crit - 1560
  • 605 Gear Score: Light attack - 1257, Crit - 1572
  • 610 Gear Score: Light attack - 1277, Crit - 1596
  • 615 Gear Score: Light attack - 1291, Crit - 1614
  • 620 Gear Score: Light attack - 1291, Crit - 1614
  • 625 Gear Score: Light attack - 1303, Crit - 1629
  • 600 to 605: 0.72% increase
  • 605 to 610: 0.79% increase
  • 610 to 615: 1.09% increase (highest increase)
  • 615 to 620: 0.93% increase
  • 620 to 625: 0.93% increase



Most players should avoid investing heavily in Constitution, as the raid becomes more challenging the longer it takes. Exceptions include healers, tanks, and ranged DPS players on pads who may need some Constitution to deal with mechanics consistently.


Roles in the Raid

  • Tank: One main tank and one off-tank are typical roles. The main tank holds the boss's aggro, and the off-tank controls and brings the adds (Two-handers) to the melee group for efficient cleave damage.
  • Healer: There should be one main healer focused on keeping the main tank alive and an off-healer who functions more like a DPS but can provide healing support when needed.
  • Ranged DPS: Four players are responsible for the pads, stepping on them to activate colours and provide a stamina break buff to the raid.
  • Melee DPS: Multiple melee DPS players are essential for dealing damage to the boss and picking up the sword during specific phases.

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Phases of the Raid

Phase 0  Pre-Phase and Color Mechanic
  • Clear all ads except the Two-hander and familiarize yourself with the pad colours mechanic for later phases.
  • Ranged players step on the pads to activate colours, providing the stamina break buff. Melee DPS players pick up the sword dropped by the Two-hander for buffs.
Phase 1  Throw More Dots
  • Boss stays in place and can be attacked. Watch out for boss attacks like double head swipe, acid spew, and acid bolts. Destroy acid balls launched by Sandy.
  • Please pay attention to Worm Sign Gens (Mages) and control them to avoid interruptions and damage to the raid.
Phase 2  Scorpion Twins
  • Sandy becomes immune and spawns two large sulfuric scorpions that must be kept apart to avoid an Empower buff.
  • Range players jump down to deal with scorpions, while other players avoid stairs to prevent blocking pathways with acid pools.
Phase 3  Transition to Top Floor
  • Pad players go back to their pads, and other players move up to the top floor, following the main tank's positioning.
Phase 4  Stamina Break Phase
  • Focus on breaking Sandy's stamina to prevent spitting attacks. Revive downed players and clear acid pools.
  • Melee DPS players prioritize clearing Scorpions and then bomb mining during Phase 5.
Phase 5 Bombs Phase
  • After breaking Sandy's stamina for the second time, he'll start launching bombs that must be mined to avoid detonation.
  • Players should prioritize bomb clearing, and melee DPS players typically handle the mining.


Remember, successful completion of the Sand Worm raid requires effective teamwork, communication, and understanding of the mechanics. Watch out for the upcoming guides for specific roles and weapon setups to maximize your chances of success. 

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