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PoE 3.22 Chieftain Rework Guide: Unraveling the Tawhoa's Chosen Ability

In the latest trailer for Path of Exile, players were treated to a glimpse of the Chieftain rework, sparking excitement and curiosity among the community. One aspect that caught the attention of many was the Tawhoa's Chosen ability granted by the Forest Strength notable. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this ability and its interaction with Fist of War Supports, shedding light on its potential impact on the Chieftain's performance.

PoE 3.22 Chieftain Rework Guide: Unraveling the Tawhoa


The Tawhoa's Chosen Ability

The Tawhoa's Chosen ability is a unique feature of the Chieftain rework. When activated, it summons a Mirage Chieftain to aid the player. This Mirage Chieftain performs an attack similar to the one the player is using and can repeat the attack multiple times with a short cooldown. This creates an interesting dynamic in combat, offering additional firepower and support to Chieftain builds.


The Curious Case of Fist of War

The real question arises when considering the interaction between the Tawhoa's Chosen ability and the Fist of War support gem. Fist of War is known for boosting the damage of skills specifically used by the player, but it doesn't affect the damage of other entities that these skills may spawn or support. This raised concerns among players as they wondered whether the Mirage Chieftain's attack would benefit from Fist of War's damage boost.


Trailer Analysis

Upon close examination of the trailer, it becomes evident that the Mirage Chieftain's attack is, indeed, boosted by the Fist of War support. However, there is no visible Fist of War animation above the Mirage, leading to speculation about how the support gem affects the ability. The absence of the animation leaves room for interpretation, but it seems plausible that Fist of War might still boost the damage without displaying the typical animation, which would be a departure from its established mechanics.


Possible Explanations

There are several theories to explain this phenomenon. One possibility is that the Mirage Chieftain's ability is somehow on cooldown for the player while still being available for the Mirage itself. However, this seems unlikely, as it could create confusion and inconsistency in gameplay. Another theory is that the animation was not coded specifically for the Mirage Chieftain, leading developers to choose the animation from General's Cry, which already features slams and strike skills.


Community Reactions

Many players have expressed their desire for Fist of War to have a direct impact on the Mirage Chieftain's attack. They argue that it could make the Chieftain more formidable and exciting to play. Some propose the idea of varying cooldowns based on the type of ability used, allowing for more flexibility and strategic decision-making.



While the trailer offered valuable insights into the Tawhoa's Chosen ability, there are still uncertainties regarding its interaction with Fist of War. The absence of the Fist of War animation above the Mirage Chieftain leaves players pondering its true effect on the skill. As the Chieftain rework approaches, the community eagerly awaits further information and clarification from the developers. Whether the interaction changes or not, one thing is certain - the Chieftain's rework promises to bring exciting new dynamics to the gameplay and provide players with fresh opportunities to explore powerful builds.

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