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Path of Exile 3.22 New Item Kitava's Hunger Defensive Package Build Guides

When the unique item, Kitava's Hunger, was revealed for Patch 3.22, many players were initially dismissive due to its limitation of forgoing Life mods on equipped items. However, some items with life-related bonuses that are not classified as Life mods can be used effectively with Kitava's Hunger. This article explores these potential synergies and presents a defensive package that can greatly enhance your character's survivability.

Path of Exile 3.22 New Item Kitava


The Unique Challenge of Kitava's Hunger

Kitava's Hunger is a unique item that requires careful consideration when building around it. Equipping any item with a Life mod will render Kitava's Hunger useless, which limits your gear options significantly. However, certain items can be utilized alongside this unique staff to create a powerful defensive package.


Synergistic Items

  • Mage Blood: Although Mage Blood increases your character's life with its strength bonus, it is not classified as a Life mod. This makes it a suitable choice to pair with Kitava's Hunger, especially considering the life it provides, freeing up space to stack armor and energy shield.
  • Ego's Aurora: This exceptional shield has defensive mods such as Energy Shield and resistances but lacks any Life-related mods, making it an ideal companion for Kitava's Hunger. Stack armor and energy shield on other items to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Replica Soul Tether: This more affordable alternative to Mage Blood provides Extra Maximum Energy Shield based on your Maximum Life. While it may seem like a Life mod, it is, in fact, an attribute mod, allowing it to work seamlessly with Kitava's Hunger.


Incompatible Items

  • Mawxosidal's Machination: Equipping this item grants the Eternal Youth Keystone, which is considered a Life mod. Unfortunately, this means it cannot be used in conjunction with Kitava's Hunger.
  • Burden of Truth: This item increases life recovery from flasks, which falls under the Life mod category, rendering it incompatible with Kitava's Hunger.


Gear Setup

  • Kitava's Hunger: In your chest slot.
  • Replica Soul Tether: In your belt slot until you can afford Mage Blood.
  • Ego's Aurora: As your primary shield.
  • Glorious Vanity: To gain Corrupted Soul when using Mage Blood.
  • Rare Items: Craft pure armor bases or hybrid armor-energy shield bases with dense fossils to eliminate life rolls.


Skill and Passive Tree

Use Determination to significantly increase your armor pool.

Consider using Grace and Iron Reflexes based on your passive tree and preferences.


Life Recovery

Leech is an excellent option for life recovery.

Divine Shield and the Energy Shield Recovery from Glorious Vanity help regenerate energy shield efficiently.

In-combat life recovery might be necessary, so explore different options based on your chosen skill.



Path of Exile Kitava's Hunger presents a unique challenge, but with the right items and a carefully crafted defensive package, you can create a powerful and flexible build. Utilizing synergistic items such as Mage Blood, Ego's Aurora, and Replica Soul Tether allows you to maintain a large hybrid life and energy shield pool. While this defensive strategy may require some trial and error, it provides an intriguing alternative to conventional builds.

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