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Poe 3.22 Inquisitor Hexblast Heist Farming Currency League Starter Build

This Path of Exile build guide will explore an Inquisitor Hexblast Leech Starter build. This build is designed to efficiently farm currency for your desired end-game build, making it an ideal choice for players who want to progress smoothly through the early stages of a league. While the primary focus is on heists, this build can handle other content, making it versatile enough to adapt to various scenarios.


Purpose of the Build

The Inquisitor Hexblast Leech Starter build serves as a stepping stone to accumulate wealth for your primary end-game build, such as an Armor Stacker. Since some builds are challenging to league start due to gear requirements, this build allows you to farm currency efficiently until you're ready to transition to your desired playstyle. While it's not optimized for Uber bosses, it excels at heists and early map content.


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Gear and Progression

Day One Goals: Rush to Act 6 to access Rogue Harbor and acquire Rogue Markers.

Grind the Twilight Strand for Rogue Markers and progress the campaign as needed.

Purchase contracts from Niles in Rogue Harbor as soon as possible and buy new contracts when you level up to refresh his stock.


Contract Prioritization

Focus on contracts with random reward chests as they tend to yield more raw Chaos Orbs.

Demolition, Engineering, and Perception contracts are preferred.



Invest your excess Rogue Markers in blueprints such as Repository or Tunnels.

Only reveal blueprints if you have enough Rogue Markers, but buying new blueprints is often cheaper.


Heist Gameplay

Prioritize opening random reward chests for raw Chaos Orbs.

Early heists can yield significant Chaos Orbs and are an excellent source of raw Poe currency.

Utilize the Chaos Recipe to generate additional currency from Rings and Amulets, which are abundant in heists.


Transitioning to End-game

Once you've accumulated enough currency and Rogue Markers, consider buying blueprints to run for higher profits.

Convert excess Chaos Orbs into Divine Orbs since Divine Orbs are commonly used for trading.



The Inquisitor Hexblast Leech Starter build is a powerful strategy for accumulating currency at the beginning of a league. Its focus on heists and contract farming allows for efficient raw Chaos Orb generation, making it a reliable way to gather wealth for your ultimate end-game build. While unsuitable for challenging end-game bosses, it serves its purpose well, enabling you to comfortably transition to your preferred playstyle and enjoy the league to its fullest.

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