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PoE 3.22 New Speaker of the Dead Keystone Guides

Path of Exile's upcoming 3.22 league excites us about the potential for new league mechanics. However, we'll get something similar to Heist or Sanctum-esque League, which may not be our cup of tea. But fear not! There's a significant consolation prize in the form of a brand new Keystone called Speaker of the Dead. In this guide, we'll delve into the potential of this Keystone, how it affects magic finding, and what strategies players can employ to optimize their gameplay.



PoE 3.22 New Speaker of the Dead Keystone Guides


What is Speaker of the Dead?

Speaker of the Dead is the new Keystone introduced in the 3.22 league. Tormented Spirits in your Maps can possess players for 20 seconds, granting powerful buffs to the player while also increasing the drops. However, the spirits can no longer possess monsters, only players. This opens up exciting possibilities for players who focus on magic find builds.


Understanding the Buffs and Challenges

When possessed, players receive buffs like increased cast speed, attack speed, movement speed, and damage, in addition to significantly increased item quantity and rarity. The exact numbers for these buffs are yet to be confirmed, but they appear substantial.

Players can touch up to 50 nearby monsters for each tormented spirit they possess. The nearby range can be increased with the area of effect modifiers, adding an interesting dimension to build strategies. However, the spirits' behaviour might require players to seek them out, potentially posing challenges actively.


Interactions with Existing Mechanics

The Speaker of the Dead Keystone may interact with other mechanics like fairgrace tricorn, which allows players to be touched by tormented spirits, providing various buffs. There is also a notable in the Atlas passive tree that increases the quantity of items dropped by possessed monsters.


The Verdict

The new Keystone offers exciting gameplay potential for magic find builds, requiring players to make strategic decisions and potentially change their playstyle. While there are some downsides, like spirits' behavior and the inability to possess monsters, it still looks promising for enhancing the magic finding experience in the game.



The Speaker of the Dead Keystone presents a thrilling opportunity for Path of Exile players to explore new magic find strategies in the upcoming 3.22 league. Embracing the tormented spirits and their powerful buffs could elevate the level of play and challenge players to think differently. Although there are some limitations, the Keystone offers a fresh and engaging experience for those seeking to optimize their drops and dive deeper into the world of Path of Exile.

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