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PoE POG Strategy: Making Currency with Crafting utilizing Expedition Mechanic

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on Profit Crafting in Path of Exile's Expedition League. This strategy revolves around utilizing the Expedition mechanic to craft valuable gear using Rog, also known as The Rock. This guide will take you through the entire process, from getting started to maximizing your profits. While this strategy is immensely lucrative during the beginning of the league, keep in mind that it may not be as effective for end-game gear. So, if you're ready to dive into the world of profit crafting, let's get started!

PoE POG Strategy: Making Currency with Crafting utilizing Expedition Mechanic



Before we delve into the gameplay, it's essential to highlight some disclaimers. This strategy is primarily designed for players seeking to accumulate Poe currency during the league's early stages. The gear produced by Rog might not be suitable for end-game or ultra-lucrative mapping. Additionally, profit crafting involves significant time spent in your hideout, making it less suitable for those who prefer active gameplay. Also, this strategy requires a good understanding of crafting basics, as you will be working with various modifiers.


Gameplay Loop for Rog

The first step in this strategy is to run Order of the Chalice log books obtained from Expedition encounters and maps. These log books are essential for acquiring currency that Rog uses for crafting. To optimize your results, focus on Targeting bosses and high-value mods while avoiding undesirable mods that can negatively impact your gear.


Getting Started with Logbook Running

There are two ways to obtain log books: farming them naturally in maps and Expeditions or purchasing them from other players. It's recommended to invest some currency to buy log books for a more efficient start. To optimize the log book's outcome, aim for 70+ quantity to get more artifacts and currency.


Crafting Process and Priority

Now, let's explore the crafting part of the strategy, which is the most exciting and rewarding aspect. First, identify the priority of different gear bases for profit crafting:


Tier Gear Bases Description
S Rings, Helmets, Gloves Highly profitable due to versatility and high demand.
A Shields, Belts, Boots Lucrative, but might require specific mods for maximum value.
B Bows, Claws Can be profitable with the right mods.
C One-handed weapons, Two-handed weapons, Least prioritized bases for profit crafting.


Crafting Priority Mods for Rings and Amulets

For rings, aim for prefixes like minus Mana cost to non-channeling skills, life, and resistance, while amulets with "plus one level of skill gems" can be highly desirable.


Crafting Priority Mods for Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Belts, Shields

For these armor types, prioritize life, resistances, and movement speed.


Crafting Demonstration

To illustrate the process, let's try crafting a few items. First, we attempt crafting on an amethyst ring. Unfortunately, the result is not desirable, and we decide to move on.

Next, we try our luck on a pair of gloves with a life roll. This crafting attempt is successful, and we manage to create a valuable item with spell suppression and good evasion rolls.



Profit craftingusing the Rog strategy is a highly lucrative way to amass currency during the early stages of the Expedition League. By understanding the crafting priorities, crafting process, and being patient, you can create valuable gear that sells for high prices in the trade market. Remember that this strategy requires time and dedication in your hideout, so choose it if you enjoy crafting and maximizing your profits.

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