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Poe 3.22 Flamewood Support Gem Guide: Choosing the Right Approach

In the upcoming Path of Exile league, Trial of the Ancestors, a new support gem called Flamewood Support will be introduced. This gem offers a unique mechanic that enhances totems, making them trigger projectile mortars when enemies hit them. The synergy with certain totems, such as Decoy Totem or the new Chieftain ascendancy skills, makes this support gem particularly exciting for totem-focused builds. In this guide, we will delve into the details of Flamewood Support and explore its potential strengths and limitations.

Poe 3.22 Flamewood Support Gem Guide: Choosing the Right Approach


Flamewood Support Mechanics

According to the reveal at, Flamewood Support imbues supported totems with the ability to trigger projectile mortars when hit by enemies. While we don't have the exact gem stats yet, we know that this support gem is specific to totems and introduces a reactive damage element to the build. Instead of proactively dealing damage to monsters, the totems will only unleash the mortars in response to enemies hitting them.


Potential Synergy and Limitations

The Flamewood Support's mechanic has both intriguing synergy and potential limitations.


Synergy with Taunt Mechanisms

Totems that can taunt enemies, like Decoy Totem or certain new Chieftain ascendancy skills, create a strong synergy with the Flamewood Support. Taunting totems draw enemy attention, leading to more hits on the totem and triggering additional mortars. This combination can significantly boost the build's damage output.


Problematic for Single Target Encounters

On the other hand, the reactive nature of the damage can be problematic in single-target encounters, such as map bosses and tanky rares like Essence monsters. If there are no other monsters nearby to hit the totem, the damage output may be limited. Slow-attacking enemies can exacerbate this issue, as they won't trigger the mortars frequently.


Choosing the Right Approach

To optimize the build, players need to consider several factors:

  • Ignite Scaling: If the Flamewood Support gem has an ignite component, it may reduce the reliance on monsters hitting the totem constantly. The damage over time from Ignite can be sufficient during the ignite window, even with fewer triggers.
  • Spell Totem Combination: Another approach is to use Flamewood Support with Spell Totem and stack support gems to affect both the main ability and the flamewood mortar damage. This double-dipping on support gems can be akin to how cold damage over time builds use multiple five-links in their six-link body armor setup, maximizing damage potential.
  • Chieftain vs. Hierophant: Deciding between Chieftain and Hierophant ascendancies is essential. While Chieftain can offer tankiness, Hierophant may provide more damage, especially if totems can taunt without being Chieftains.
  • Hardcore Considerations: Hardcore players may prefer Chieftain for its elemental max resistance and totem longevity, providing better survivability.



The Flamewood Support gem brings exciting possibilities for totem-focused builds in Path of Exile's Trial of the Ancestors league. Its synergy with certain totems can lead to impressive damage output. However, players should carefully consider the limitations of reactive damage in single-target encounters.


Ultimately, the right approach will depend on the patch notes and personal preferences. Experimenting with different setups, combining support gems, and choosing the most suitable ascendancy will be crucial for creating a powerful totem build with the Flamewood Support gem.

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