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ESO Best PVP Class: Tier List & Ranking | Necrom Chapter

Welcome to the ESO PvP Class Tier Guide for the Necrom Chapter! As the PvP landscape evolves with new Arcanist classes, we're here to break down the current standings. Get ready to discover which classes reign supreme in solo play, offering insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This guide will satisfy players who pursue the dominance of PVP single-player games. Let's explore the PVP world in depth!


ESO Best PVP Class: Tier List & Ranking | Necrom Chapter



  • Overview: The Nightblade has seen some quality-of-life improvements and buffs in the latest update.
  • Changes: Increased duration of Deathstroke debuff for better-killing potential.
  • Tier Placement: Magicka Nightblade lands in A-tier due to its challenging gameplay and single-target burst. Stamina and Magicka variants are in the same tier due to similar performance.



  • Overview: Necromancer received a major buff, focusing on the spammable Flame Skull.
  • Changes: Flame Skull's third tick damage increased.
  • Tier Placement: Magicka Necromancer is considered a trash tier due to its inconsistency and lack of burst. Stamina Necromancer is in the C-tier for more survivability and burst potential.



  • Overview: Sorcerer received minor changes, including a reworked Dark Exchange.
  • Changes: Dark Exchange provides minor berserk and minor force during the resource restoration.
  • Tier Placement: Magicka Sorcerer is in C-tier due to its squishiness and reliance on specific sets. The class lacks burst potential for 1vx scenarios.



  • Overview: Stamina Sorcerer shrines with high damage potential and improved skill synergies.
  • Changes: Minor force and minor berserk boost damage potential.
  • Tier Placement: Stamina Sorcerer is in A-tier for skilled players, offering exceptional damage output. It requires practice to reach its full potential.



  • Overview: Dragonknight remains powerful with minor changes to abilities and passives.
  • Changes: Minor adjustments to Dark Talons, Burning Embers, and Passives.
  • Tier Placement: Both magicka and stamina Dragonknights remain dominant, ranking in S-tier due to their versatility, strong burst, and survivability.



  • Overview: Templars received buffs to survivability and protection abilities.
  • Changes: Major protection on gap closer and improved healing from Runes.
  • Tier Placement: Magicka Templar is in S-tier for its well-rounded capabilities, combining damage, healing, and survivability. Stamina Templar's tier is debated, with potential in either A or B-tier.



  • Overview: Warden received a significant nerf to Arctic Blast's CC.
  • Changes: Arctic Blast now has a delayed CC effect, affecting burst potential.
  • Tier Placement: Magicka Warden remains strong in A-tier, offering utility and pressure. Stamina Warden's unique AOE burst potential keeps it in the A-tier as well.



  • Overview: The Arcanist is a new and fun class with limitations in 1vx situations.
  • Changes: The class offers great utility, healing, and survivability.
  • Tier Placement: Both magicka and stamina Arcanists are considered trash tier for 1vx scenarios due to lack of burst damage and inconsistency.


Note: These tiers are reflective of the solo 1vx perspective, and your mileage may vary based on skill, playstyle, and preference. 



As of 2023, the PvP landscape has shifted with the new Arcanist classes. While certain classes dominate, each class has its strengths and weaknesses for solo PvP play in Cyrodiil. PvP is a dynamic environment, so keep experimenting and adapting to maximize your success. Remember that player skill and familiarity with class mechanics play a significant role in success.

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