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ESO Stamina Arcanist Powerful PVP Builds: Destroy Enemies From A Distance in Necrom

Welcome, fellow gamers! In this guide, we will explore a powerful PvP build for the Stamina Arcanist in The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom. The Stamina Arcanist is a versatile class that excels in dealing with the damage and controlling the battlefield with crowd control abilities. Unlike the previous Arcanist Strength and Tanks Build, This build focuses on maximizing the Arcanist's potential to destroy enemies from a distance while incorporating defensive skills to ensure survival in intense PvP encounters.



ESO Stamina Arcanist Powerful PVP Builds: Destroy Enemies From A Distance in Necrom


Build Basics

The core of this build revolves around the Arcanist's unique ability to build and consume Cruxes, similar to how the Dragonite Molten Whip works. By generating or consuming Cruxes, you trigger important passives, such as Faded Fortune, which increases critical damage and healing by 12%. Unlike other PvP builds, this build avoids using the lengthy channelling ability, Fake Harbor and instead emphasizes other skills for effectiveness.


Pros & Cons:

  • + High damage output: The build capitalizes on the Arcanist's powerful damage abilities, allowing you to deal significant damage to your opponents.
  • + Crowd control capabilities: The Arcanist excels at controlling the battlefield, thanks to its crowd control skills that can immobilize and debuff enemies.
  • + Versatility: The build offers versatility, allowing you to adapt to different PvP situations and playstyles.
  • + Effective against groups: The build's AoE (Area of Effect) abilities make it particularly effective against groups of enemies, allowing you to devastate multiple opponents at once.
  • + Sustainable: The build incorporates sustain skills to ensure you have enough resources to continue the fight.
  • - Vulnerable to interrupts: The build relies on channelled abilities, which can be interrupted by opponents, potentially hindering your damage output.
  • - Skill aiming required: Some abilities, like the beam skill, require precise aiming, making it challenging to hit targets that are moving or behind the cover.
  • - Limited defensive options: While the build includes defensive skills, the Arcanist's survivability relies heavily on dealing damage and controlling the battlefield rather than having high defense.


Skills - Dual Wield Bar

  • Rune of Colorless Pool: This skill is one of the best single-target stuns in the game. It has a 15-meter range, lasts for four seconds, and cannot be dodged. It also procs minor brittle and minor vulnerability, adding more status effects to your arsenal.
  • Elusiveness: As a Stage 3 vampire, using Elusiveness provides better mobility than the in-class ability Apocryphal Gate. Elusiveness grants 300 weapons and spells damage when coming out of invisibility, making it an excellent choice for everyday play.
  • Recruitment of Trade: This skill lasts for 30 seconds and grants major brutality and major sorcery, increasing your damage output. It can also generate Cruxes if you have none and offers resource sustain and bonus damage to abilities.
  • Flurry: Your primary spam damage ability that deals AoE damage, heals you, immobilizes enemies, and debuffs them with a damage increase effect. It also acts as an execute against enemies with less than 50% health.
  • Rending Slashes: This ability provides a powerful damage-over-time effect and should be maintained on your target at all times.
  • Ultimate - Tide King's Gaze: This ultimate ability deals high damage to a single target over eight seconds within a five-meter radius. Use the Rune of Colorless Pool to stun your target and lock them in place for maximum effectiveness.


Skills - Ice Staff Bar

  • Elemental Susceptibility: This ability procs three status effects (burning, chilled, and concussed) and applies major breach, reducing the target's armour. It is an essential skill for this elemental status effect heavy build.
  • Crux Weaver's Armor: This skill grants an armour buff, generates Cruxes passively, and procs minor breaches to further reduce the target's armour.
  • Rune Guard of Freedom: A versatile ability that provides minor resolve, minor protection, burst healing, armour, and crowd control immunity. Use it as a panic button to heal and gain temporary invulnerability.
  • Resolving Vigor: This heal-over-time ability ensures your survivability in combat. While it may have a low tooltip, it becomes more potent with the increased weapon and spell damage.
  • Spiteward of the Loose Mind: This ability provides a shield based on your max Health, making you tankier. Use it strategically to consume Cruxes and gain increased critical damage and healing.
  • Ultimate - Sanctum of the Abyssal Sea: This ultimate ability provides a massive shield, ensuring your survival in intense battles. Additionally, when the shield collapses, it deals damage to nearby enemies.



To maximize the effectiveness of this build, we'll be utilizing specific gear sets. Here's a breakdown of the recommended gear:

Dual Wield (Front Bar):

  • Masters Dual Wield: Perfected Stinging Slashes (you can obtain a lesser version by soloing normal mode).

This set increases your damage output with Twin Slashes, making it extremely powerful.


Frost Staff (Back Bar):

  • Perfected Wrath of Elements: Coming from Veteran Batahshram Hollows, this staff synergizes well with Elemental Susceptibility and deals substantial damage to locked-on targets.


Body Set:

  • Mara's Bond: This set provides healing and cleanses negative effects, despite the recent nerf to its proc rate.

Alternatively, you can consider other sets like Daedric Trickery or Trial by Fire for additional defensive buffs.

Mark of the Pariah is another excellent heavy armour set that pairs well with Vampire stage three, providing high physical and spell resistance.


Monster Set:

  • Roska's Swift: This provides fantastic resource sustain, perfect for extended combat engagements.

If you're a Vampire stage three, you can also consider using the Molag Kena's Arms Pack for burst damage or the Engine Guardian for recovery.



  • Two Swift: These traits will help with mobility and positioning.



The mix of three heavy, one light, and three medium pieces.

Choose weapon damage enchantments for your mace and axe, and use the Infused trait for your remaining pieces.


Gear Chart

If you don't have access to Arena weapons, you can consider the following alternative gear setup:

  • Phoenix Moth: Rallying Cry
  • Sea Serpent's Coil
  • Roska's Swift

Additionally, during Mid-Year Mayhem, you can use the Phoenix Moth and Plague Break sets with the Balorgh monster set for intense bombing potential.


Rotation and Burst

To effectively use this build, here's a breakdown of the rotation and burst damage combo:

  • Pre-Buff: Before engaging in combat, activate your armour buff, Rune Guard, and Resolving Vigor for healing. Pre-cast your damage abilities to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Light Attack: Begin by closing the distance and performing a light attack to trigger the weapon and spell damage buff.
  • Lethal Laser Beam: Use your back bar ability, Lethal Laser Beam (LMB), with Vateshran Master's Frost Staff. Lock onto your target and unleash a powerful beam of damage.
  • Rending Slash: Switch to your front bar and apply Rending Slash to inflict status effects on the target.
  • Flail or Abyssal Infusion: Follow up with Flail for additional damage or Abyssal Infusion to debuff the target.
  • Execute: When the target reaches low Health (around 60-40%), stun them with Rune Cage to immobilize them. Then, use Flail repeatedly or Tidal King's Gaze to deliver devastating damage.
  • Consuming Crux: Keep an eye on the Crux icon on your back bar. When you have three Cruxes, consume them to activate the critical damage passive.


Gear Setup

For this build, the ideal gear setup is two pieces of Swift (Arena weapons), Phoenix (Moth), Rallying Cry, Sea Serpent's Coil, and Roscas. However, if you don't have access to Arena weapons, you can use the second option: Phoenix (Moth), Plague Break, The Markings, and Balorgh. During the Mid-Year Mayhem event, you can opt for Phoenix (Moth), Plague Break, and run Whirling Blades instead of Rending Slash for an AoE 360 execution. This setup allows you to unleash devastating damage on your opponents.


Champion Points

In the Champion Points allocation, focus on critical damage and critical healing, aligning with your passive and racial choices. Here's a suggested distribution:

ESO Stamina Arcanist PVP Builds Champion Points Screenshot

Blue Tree:

  • Fighting Finesse: Maximize critical damage and healing.
  • Duelist's Rebuff: Damage reduction against single targets.
  • Ironclad: Damage reduction against direct damage.
  • Force of Nature: Offensive penetration based on status effects.
  • Flex Spot: Choose Coastal Overload for the bombing, Biting Aura or Untamed Aggression for more damage, or Focus Mending for increased healing.


Red Tree:

  • Fortified: Increased armour for better protection.
  • Slippery: Break-free ability for 21 seconds.
  • Juggernaut: Damage reduction while under the effects of a break free.
  • Flex Spot: Experiment with Sustain by Suffering, Boundless Vitality, or Bracing Anchor based on your needs.


Racial Choice:

Khajiit is recommended for its critical damage and critical healing bonuses, which synergize well with your class kit and Fighting Finesse. Dunmer and Imperial are also viable alternatives.


Attribute Distribution:

Allocate most of your attribute points to Health, aiming for around 34,000 to 36,000 unbuffed Health. This helps boost your healing potential with your shield. You can invest all 64 points into Health if desired.


Mundus Stone:

The Thief Mundus Stone (Thunderstone) is recommended for a higher critical damage chance.



Use B Wood Sugar Skulls for the added benefits to Health, Magicka, Stamina, and recovery.



You have different options for potions. If you need resource sustain, use Tripods. If not, consider using Essence of Weapon Critical to gain major savagery and increase your critical rating.



Congratulations! You now have the knowledge to become an unstoppable force in PvP as a Stam Arcanist. Practice your rotation and burst damage, utilize your champion points wisely, and master your gear setup. Remember to check out the website for updates and other PvP build options, including healers and tanks. Whether you prefer a magicka-based or bow-wielding class, keep refining your skills and dominating the battlegrounds. 

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