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PoE 3.22 Explosive Arrow League Start Friendly Hierophant Build

We focused on introducing the concept of levelling a Hierophant with the Explosive Arrow setup. However, since many of you showed interest in progressing, I'm here to cover the essential items and strategies to elevate your character. Before delving into the item section, let's quickly recap the skills.

PoE 3.22 Explosive Arrow League Start Friendly Hierophant Build


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Skill Set Refinement

In our ongoing quest to refine our character, I've introduced a new skill set specifically designed for mapping. This includes the sixth support gem, Ignite Proliferation. This gem not only amplifies our Ignite damage but also spreads it, significantly enhancing our clear speed. The satisfaction of watching clusters of enemies succumb to our Ignite is simply incredible. Additionally, for added defense, we're incorporating Cast when Damage Taken in tandem with Molten Shell. Molten Shell provides a protective shield based on our armor, while Cast when Damage Taken triggers it after taking a specific amount of damage. Note that gem levels matter here; keep Cast when Damage Taken at an equal or higher level than Molten Shell to ensure reliable activation.


Skill Details
Ignite Proliferation - Sixth support gem added to our skill set
- Increases Ignite damage and causes it to spread
- Drastically improves clear speed by annihilating clusters of enemies with our enhanced Ignite effect
Cast when Damage Taken - Provides additional defense
- Linked with Molten Shell
- Activates Molten Shell after sustaining a set amount of damage
Molten Shell - Offers defensive capabilities
- Generates a protective shield proportional to our armor
- Cast when Damage Taken triggers its activation
- Gem level hierarchy is crucial; ensure Cast when Damage Taken is equal or higher than Molten Shell


Navigating the Item Section

Now, let's delve into the heart of our guide: the itemization. I've divided this section into three parts: Early Mapping, Mid Mapping, and Future Endeavors. The goal is to equip you with the knowledge to adapt as you progress through the game.


Early Mapping Items

  • Short Bow: A Short Bow provides a solid attack speed base. You can easily obtain one using Power and Frenzy divination cards, bolstering your leveling experience.
  • Modifiers to Seek: Aim for +2 levels of socketed bow gems and a 12% increase in attack speed. Use Essences of Dread for guaranteed results.
  • Defensive Crafting: Minions have increased attack and cast speed, a craft acquired via Syndicate activities. Ensure Cast when Damage Taken's level remains equal to or higher than Molten Shell's for optimal synergy.
  • Quiver: A Broadhead Arrow Quiver will serve you well, featuring a 9% increase in attack speed.
  • Filling the Gaps: Prioritize life and resistances across your helmet, body armor, gloves, and boots. Movement speed is also crucial.
  • Amulet: An Onyx Amulet with attributes and life is essential. Craft accuracy rating to maintain a 100% chance to hit.


Mid Mapping Upgrades

  • Building Momentum: We retain the Short Bow but introduce the "+1 level of socketed gems" modifier for increased power.
  • Quiver Enhancements: Upgrade to an Amethyst-Set Broadhead Arrow Quiver, boosting damage over time multiplier and bow skill damage.
  • Sustaining Defense: Maintain the trend of life and resistances on your helmet, body armor, gloves, and boots. Achieve 100% spell suppression chance, especially for red maps.
  • Amulet Continuation: An Onyx Amulet with attributes, life, and damage over time multiplier remains a solid choice.


Future Endeavors

In this section, we lay the foundation for potential end-game improvements.

  • Cluster Jewels: Experiment with cluster jewels to customize your build further. Look into options that enhance bow passives and ignite damage.
  • Bow and Quiver Improvements: Consider bows that grant damage over time multiplier or Elemental damage with attack skills. For quivers, a Hunter-influenced version with similar modifiers can greatly enhance your output.
  • Upgraded Gems: Seek out gems with fire damage, damage over time multiplier, and increased maximum life. Ailment-related modifiers can also significantly elevate your damage output.


Conclusion and Beyond

As you venture into your Path of Exile journey, remember that this guide serves as a roadmap to optimize your Explosive Arrow Hierophant. From humble beginnings to conquering the Atlas, Poe 3.22 build versatility and potential for growth are immense. 

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