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PoE 3.22 New Support Gem and Atlas Passive Keystone

Today, we're diving into the second day of reveals with a new support gem and an intriguing Atlas passive Keystone. Let's break down the details and discuss their potential impact on your gameplay.

PoE 3.22 New Support Gem and Atlas Passive Keystone


New Support Gem: Devour Support

Let's start by looking at the new support gem, Devour Support. This gem is quite interesting as it offers a unique mechanic tied to corpse consumption. When supported by Devour, your character will consume nearby corpses, providing a rapid life recovery effect. The exact amount of life recovered seems to be around 20%, which is a respectable amount.


However, a couple of questions arise from this mechanic. First, can Devour Support be used with spells, or is it limited only to attacks? This distinction could significantly impact its versatility. Additionally, does the gem eat corpses from enemies killed exclusively by the supported skill, or does it activate regardless of the source of the kill?


Considering the potential synergy with Necromancer ascendancy and the "Corpse Pact" node, Devour Support could offer interesting possibilities for increased attack speed when dealing with numerous enemies in a short timeframe. Nevertheless, it's crucial to note that the gem's reliance on killing enemies for its effect might limit its effectiveness, especially in builds that are already well-equipped in terms of life recovery.


One argument against the widespread use of Devour Support is the fact that life gain on hit support is already quite powerful. In the case of Life Gain on Hit Support, the "Leach on Hit" mechanic provides substantial recovery while attacking. This begs the question: why opt for Devour Support when you can achieve similar results with existing options? Additionally, the reliance on killing enemies to trigger the effect might further limit its application.


Atlas Passive Keystone: Timeless Conflict

Now, let's move on to the new Atlas passive Keystone called Timeless Conflict. This Keystone offers an intriguing twist on Legion Encounters, which traditionally have a timer that players race against to break open monsters and chests. With Timeless Conflict, this timer is replaced by a "Schism" bar. As you progressively break out monsters and chests from stasis, the Schism bar fills up. Once it's full, the Legion Encounter begins.


This Keystone presents a unique dynamic for players. Instead of rushing to break out Legion content quickly, you're now focused on optimizing your damage to maximize the number of enemies and chests released from stasis. This shift could have both positive and negative implications.


Players who prefer fast-paced, efficient clearing might find Timeless Conflict less appealing, as it encourages a more deliberate and controlled approach. However, for those who feel stressed by timers and enjoy taking their time to engage with content, this Keystone could be a welcome change.


The potential benefits of Timeless Conflict are especially notable when considering the rewards from Legion Encounters. The generals, sergeants, and chests are the primary sources of valuable rewards, and this Keystone allows you to strategically target and break out the most rewarding enemies. This can be particularly useful for builds that can't fully clear Legion content quickly.


In scenarios where you're already investing in Legion Encounters, Timeless Conflict could be a valuable addition. This is especially true for builds that excel in Legion Encounters but lack the insane clearing speed seen in zoom zoom strategies. Players focusing on medium-speed or slower gameplay might find this Keystone a beneficial tool to optimize their rewards.



As we explore the new support gem and Atlas passive Keystone, it's clear that both additions bring unique dynamics to Path of Exile's gameplay. Devour Support introduces an interesting concept with corpse consumption and life recovery, though its reliance on kills might limit its widespread adoption. On the other hand, Timeless Conflict offers an alternative approach to Legion Encounters, allowing for more controlled engagement and targeted rewards.

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