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PoE 3.22 Frost Blades Trickster League Starter Versatile Build

Welcome, Exiles, to LOLTANK Frost Blades trickster build guide for Path of Exile 3.22! In this guide, we'll be delving into the intricacies of this powerful and versatile build that utilizes the Frostblades skill along with the Trickster ascendancy. We'll cover the skill tree, gear choices, defensive mechanics, and more to help you create a successful and enjoyable character.



PoE 3.22 Frost Blades Trickster League Starter Versatile Build



The Frost Blades trickster build is designed to take advantage of the Trickster ascendancy's unique mechanics and synergize them with the Frostblades skill. This combination provides excellent damage output, survivability, and sustain, making it a solid choice for mapping Poe Currency Farming and boss encounters.


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Skill Tree and Masteries

The skill tree for this build focuses on maximizing damage, survivability, and sustain. With a heavy emphasis on masteries, the build capitalizes on the Polymath notable for incredible value.

Polymath: With numerous masteries picked up throughout the tree, the Polymath notable becomes a cornerstone for this build. The masteries provide substantial damage increases, as well as energy shield, life, and mana recovery on kill.


Defensive Mechanics

The Frost Blades Trickster build shines in its defensive capabilities, allowing you to survive tough encounters even without top-tier gear.

  • Evasion and Ghost Dance: The Ghost Dance passive, combined with good evasion gear, provides excellent dodge chance and damage mitigation.
  • Over Leech and Instant Leech: The Soul Drinker passive provides over leech for both life and energy shield, ensuring consistent sustain during fights.
  • Fortify: Surprisingly, the build manages to maintain a good uptime of Fortify through an Elder implicit and fortify support gem, enhancing its survivability even further.
  • Grace and Evasion: By utilizing Grace, you can significantly increase your evasion rating, enhancing your overall survivability against attacks.


Gear and Gem Setup

  • Main Skill: Frostblades - Supported by Nightblade and Increased Critical Strikes for additional damage and crit chance.
  • Defensive Auras: Purity of Elements and potentially Tempest Shield for shock immunity and more defensive layers.
  • Offensive Auras: Hatred or Wrath, depending on gear availability and preferences.
  • Flasks: Prioritize life and mana recovery flasks, along with utility flasks like Jade Flask for additional evasion.
Gem Purpose
Frost Blades Main Attack
Nightblade Support Damage Avoidance
Trinity Support Additional Damage
Increased Critical Strikes Support Enhance Critical Chance
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support Increase Elemental Damage
Multistrike Support Rapidly Repeat Attacks


Gameplay and Mapping

When playing the Frost Blades Trickster, you'll find that your character excels in clearing maps swiftly and efficiently. Due to the build's sustain mechanics, you'll rarely face issues with survival while mapping. Keep an eye out for high-threat enemies and bosses that can potentially burst you down.


Potential Upgrades and Adjustments

As you progress through the game and gather better gear, consider the following upgrades and adjustments to your build:

  • Transitioning to a six-link setup for your main skill.
  • Exploring different sources of elemental damage and crit chance for better scaling.
  • Experimenting with unique items that complement your build's mechanics.
  • Improving resistances to free up gem slots and allow for more flexible gear choices.



The Frost Blades Trickster build offers an engaging and potent playstyle, combining the versatility of Frostblades with the defensive prowess of the Trickster ascendancy. While maintaining high damage output, the build excels in surviving challenging encounters, making it a well-rounded choice for both experienced and new players.

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