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Poe 3.22 Hexblast Mine Saboteur Chaotic League Starter Build

Are you ready to dive into a league with explosive power and chaotic destruction PoE 3.22 Builds? The Hexblast Mine Saboteur build is here to make your Path of Exile experience a blast-filled adventure. Whether you're a seasoned Exile or a newcomer to the game. In this article, we'll take you through the journey of creating a powerful mine-based character that specializes in unleashing devastating hexes upon your enemies. If you're a fan of high damage, explosive gameplay, and chaotic spellcasting, this build is perfect for you. We'll cover everything from the leveling process to end-game optimizations.

Poe 3.22 Hexblast Mine Saboteur Chaotic League Starter Build


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Leveling Phase

Before we jump into the specifics of the build, let's start with the leveling process. As you embark on your journey as a Hexblast Mine Saboteur, keep in mind that this build starts to shine once you reach higher levels and acquire certain key items. Patience and strategic progression are key to unleashing the full potential of this build.


Act 1-4: The Foundation

As you begin your adventure, focus on leveling with Storm Blast Mines, Swift Assembly, and added Lightning or Cold Damage support gems. Equip Clarity for Mana sustain and Vitality for extra life regeneration. Once you reach level 12, transition to Icicle Mines for smoother clear and more damage.


Act 5-10: Building Momentum

In these acts, your main goal is to reach level 28 and unlock Hexblast. As you progress, switch from Icicle Mines to Hexblast supported by Void Manipulation, Minefield, and High-Impact Mine support gems. Maintain your Mana sustain with Clarity and consider running a Skitterbot setup for applying curses. Acquire a Profane Proxy Ring and Wrathpith Globe for added damage and survivability.


End-Game Phase

Now that you've reached end-game content, it's time to refine your Hexblast Mine Saboteur into a force to be reckoned with. Let's explore the gear, skill gems, and passive tree optimizations that will take your build to new heights.


Gearing Up

At this stage, your gear plays a crucial role in enhancing your character's power. Aim for items that grant +2 to Chaos Skill Gems or other valuable modifiers. Prioritize resistances, critical strike chance, spell damage, and increased life on your gear. Consider using unique items like Kintsugi, Kiloava's Lantern, and Kikazaru rings for additional benefits.


Skill Gems Setup

Your skill gem setup is the heart of your build's damage output. Maintain your Hexblast Mine setup with Void Manipulation, High-Impact Mine, and Minefield support gems. Use a 6-link setup if possible, focusing on increasing your damage and chaos damage multiplier. Skitterbot and Profane Proxy Ring can help apply curses and amplify your hexes' effects.


Passive Skill Tree

Your passive skill tree should focus on maximizing damage, survivability, and utility. Prioritize nodes that increase life, critical strike chance, mine damage, and curse effectiveness. As you progress, consider adding Cluster Jewels with nodes like Gorilla Tactics, Sabotage, and more to further boost your damage and utility.


Ascendancy and Enchantments

Choose the Saboteur ascendancy for explosive damage and utility. Prioritize Ascendancy nodes like Demolitions Specialist, Explosive Experts, and Born in the Shadows for enhanced survivability and mine damage. Look for helm enchantments that benefit your Hexblast Mine setup, such as increased damage or curse effectiveness.


Map Progression and Optimization

As you venture into higher-tier maps and face tougher challenges, focus on optimizing your gear and fine-tuning your passive tree. Experiment with different flasks, jewels, and enchantments to further enhance your build's performance. Aim for the maximum of 7400 HP for a balance between survivability and damage output.



Congratulations, you've successfully built a Hexblast Mine Saboteur ready to dominate Path of Exile's challenging content. From leveling through the campaign to conquering end-game maps, your explosive hexes and devastating mines will leave a trail of destruction in your wake. Remember that this build's power continues to grow as you acquire better gear and delve into deeper content. 

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