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FFXIV Patch 6.48 Tier List: Tanks, Caster, Ranged, Melee and Healers

In the ever-changing landscape of FFXIV, our guide presents a comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs in patch 6.48. From battle-hardened Tanks to mystical Healers, nimble Ranged to formidable Casters, we dissect the meta. In this guide, we will analyze Tanks, Caster, Ranged, Mell and Healers Class Tier List through this Tier list and ranking to help you navigate the ever-evolving meta.



FFXIV Patch 6.48 Tier List: Tanks, Caster, Ranged, Melee and Healers



Tanks have seen significant balancing changes. While Paladin and Gunbreaker were initially strong, they falter in actual fights due to design limitations and damage placement issues. Warrior and Dark Knight stand out on the defensive side, with Dark Knight regaining its mitigation advantage after losing it briefly. Warrior and Paladin shine in ultimate content due to their self-sustain and mitigation. Paladin excels as an off-tank but needs more flexibility. Overall, Dark Knight's damage output is remarkable, making it a solid choice, while Gunbreaker remains consistent thanks to Heart of Corundum.

  • Dark Knight: High damage output, strong mitigation, and avoidance capabilities.
  • Gunbreaker: Consistent performance due to Heart of Corundum, solid choice.
  • Warrior: Excellent for dungeons, but slightly less advantageous in Savage and ultimate due to potion and self-healing dynamics.
  • Paladin: Phenomenal off-tank, lacking flexibility, notable improvements in 6.3, viable for certain strategies.


Caster Jobs

Caster jobs have experienced varying changes. Black Mage stands out with substantial buffs, making it a top pick for most charts, especially in Savage. Red Mage needs to catch up due to damage output disparities, yet its resurrection ability remains invaluable. Summoner has better flexibility than Red Mage but may require positional adjustments due to resource gain changes. All caster jobs are strong contenders, but Black Mage shines particularly for high damage potential.

  • Black Mage: Top performer with significant buffs, excels in Savage.
  • Red Mage: Slightly lower damage output, valuable for its resurrection abilities.
  • Summoner: Flexible, good damage output, useful for proc-based strategies.


Ranged Physicals

Ranged physical jobs have seen improvements, although Machinist's scaling is less pronounced. Dancer and Bard are closely matched, with Dancer's performance varying based on dance partners. All three jobs offer flexibility and support, making them strong choices for proc-based strategies and adaptability.

  • Bard: Flexible and supportive, strong in various situations.
  • Dancer: Offers both flexibility and support, performance dependent on a dance partner.
  • Machinist: Decent performance, slightly less scalable compared to others.


Melee DPS

Melee DPS jobs have their distinctions based on encounter design. Dragoon, Samurai, and Ninja are top choices due to their clear times in certain encounters. Reaper and Monk offer utilities beneficial to the group, and Samurai excels in adps-focused scenarios. Choose based on personal preference and encounter design.

  • Dragoon: Excellent performance, especially in certain encounter phases.
  • Samurai: Top performer for adps-focused scenarios, high damage output.
  • Ninja: Solid choice, versatile utility.
  • Monk: Offers utilities, viable for group support.



Healers have shown balance improvements, with Shield and HoT healers becoming more distinct. Sage stands out due to buffs and non-linear scaling payout, while White Mage's simplicity and redesigned Lily system have led to its popularity. Scholar and Astrologian offer unique utilities, making the choice ultimately about your preferred playstyle.

  • Sage: Top performer due to buffs and scaling, offers Shields.
  • White Mage: Popularity due to simplicity and redesigned Lily system.
  • Scholar: Unique utility, strong healing capabilities.
  • Astrologian: Versatile utility, adaptable healing style.


FFXIV Patch 6.48 Tier List Screenshot



As the realms of FFXIV continue to evolve, our Tier List guide for patch 6.48 aims to be your compass in this dynamic landscape. The insights into Tanks, Casters, Ranged, Mell, and Healers offer a strategic advantage, ensuring you're well-equipped to thrive in the challenges that Endwalker presents. Remember, while this analysis provides valuable guidance, personal playstyle and encounter dynamics also play a crucial role in job selection. May your adventures in Eorzea be filled with success and excitement as you embrace the ever-shifting meta.

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