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PoE 3.22 Excellent League Starter Rain of Arrows Champion Build

Welcome to our Rain of Arrows Champion build guide for Path of Exile 3.22! In this guide, we'll cover a powerful and beginner-friendly build that utilizes the Champion ascendancy to make Rain of Arrows shine. Rain of Arrows is an excellent league starter skill that doesn't rely on extra projectiles or chain mechanics, making it versatile for various ascendancy choices. Our build offers a balanced mix of defenses and attack power, allowing you to comfortably navigate the game content.



PoE 3.22 Excellent League Starter Rain of Arrows Champion Build


Pros and Coins



  • Works well with minimal gear investment, suitable for both SSF and trade environments.
  • Beginner-friendly and efficient for leveling.
  • Provides a strong balance of defenses and attack power.
  • Can comfortably clear Atlas content, including Red maps, with relatively budget gear.
  • Adaptable playstyle for both mapping and boss encounters.



  • Single-target damage might not be sufficient for the highest-tier bosses.
  • Requires some investment to tackle Uber Elder and Maven encounters.
  • Not optimized for extremely high-end content like Uber Boss Wave 30 Simulacrums.


PoB Link

Build Budget

For those aiming to efficiently clear their atlas, a cost-effective unique setup is available. This setup, even on a 5-link, is sufficiently capable of achieving atlas clearing goals. While expect some occasional deaths due to the use of two offensive auras, the setup's combined DPS and defenses are adequate for obtaining the first 2 Voidstones and effectively clearing the atlas. Subsequently, this same setup can be utilized for farming additional gear. This particular configuration is highly recommended if you intend to adopt a wandering path strategy for swift atlas navigation and clearance.


It's worth noting that during the previous league, all of the unique items required for this setup were priced at 1-5 chaos orbs or less. If the costs of these items have surged significantly, it is advisable to refrain from pursuing this version. These particular items are primarily intended for leveling purposes, and it's recommended not to invest a substantial amount of Poe currency in them.


Leveling and Early Mapping

  • Rain of Arrows is your primary skill. Aim for a Vaal Rain of Arrows gem for additional DPS on bosses.
  • Focus on getting gear with life and resistances. Prioritize Strength and Intelligence to meet attribute requirements.
  • Utilize the Precise Technique keystone to boost early-game damage.


Maping Setting with Bow

Map Tier Bow DPS Guidelines Additional Notes
White Aim for 250 - 350 Elemental DPS by end of campaign. Suitable for T1-T5 maps. A 5-link setup extends its viability into early to mid yellow maps.
Yellow Upgrade your bow; even a screaming essence and crafted prefix will surpass current DPS. Optimal bow: 500+ ele DPS, 1.4+ APS.
Red Minimum 500 Ele DPS. If focusing on crit, aim for 7.5%+ crit chance. Consider Spine Bow or Ivory Bow for ideal crit chance/attack speed synergy during transition.


Leveling Guide


Act 1:

Prior to reaching level 12, your skill links should be set as follows:

  • Galvanic Arrow - Faster Attacks - Mirage Archer
  • Shrapnel Ballista - Pierce - Faster Attacks
  • Dash/Blink Arrow
  • Precision (If accuracy is required)
  • Snipers Mark

At level 12, you have the option to switch Galvanic Arrow with Rain of Arrows. Nevertheless, you can continue with Galvanic Arrow if you prefer slightly better single target DPS.


Act 2:

During Act 2, your gem links should look like this:

  • Rain of Arrows - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer
  • Add Herald of Ice, Herald of Ash, or Herald of Thunder based on available sockets.
  • Optionally, you can include Blood Rage, although its uptime might be short and cause inconvenience with constant life flask usage.
  • After defeating Weaver, replace Pierce with Ele Damage with Attacks in your ballista setup. This prepares you for obtaining Artillery Ballista in Act 3.


Act 3:

In Act 3, follow these steps:

  • Add Anger to your setup alongside Herald of Ice.
  • After defeating Gravicious, acquire Artillery Ballista and replace Shrapnel Ballista with it.


Act 3 / Act 6:

As you progress, consider the following gem links and actions:

  • Begin seeking 4-link items.
  • Set up your gem links as: Rain of Arrows - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Trinity - Mirage Archer.
  • Artillery Ballista - Faster Attacks - Ele Damage with Attacks - Inspiration (You can delay this until finding a 4-link item, as a 4-link for the ballista is unnecessary at this stage).
  • After completing the first Labyrinth and gaining access to Adrenaline, create a 2-link setup with Corrupting Fever and Lifetap.


Upon reaching Act 6, add Second Wind support to the Corrupting Fever - Lifetap links. If this increases your life cost significantly, consider purchasing a level 1 gem from Act 6 to alleviate the issue.


When you can access all your desired gems in Act 6, aim for the following gem link setup:

  • Vaal Rain of Arrows - Elemental Damage with Attacks/Inspiration - Mirage Archer - Trinity.
  • Artillery Ballista - Inspiration - Ele dmg with Attacks - Added Cold (Purchase in Act 6 and level it immediately).
  • Snipers Mark - Mark on Hit - Lifetap.
  • Flame Dash.
  • Start using Blood Rage.
  • Anger - Determination - Precision. Include Determination/Grace after acquiring the necessary mana reservation nodes.
  • Corrupting Fever - Lifetap - Second Wind.

By following this leveling guide, you can effectively progress through Path of Exile's acts and optimize your gem links for efficient gameplay.


Ascendancy and Key Mechanics

  • Champion ascendancy is chosen for its Fortify, Adrenaline, and aura improvements.
  • Utilize corrupting fever to trigger Adrenaline by consuming a portion of your life. Keep your life above 50% to maintain Adrenaline's buffs.
  • Ancestral Vision unique Jewel grants ailment immunity when combined with gear and passive nodes.


End-Game Gear and Gems

  • Prioritize gear with hybrid Armor and Evasion, stacking life, and resistances.
  • Weapons should offer crit multi, flat damage, attack speed, and crit chance.
  • Use Catalysts to augment attributes on jewelry.
  • The unique belt Perseverance offers Onslaught when fortified.
  • Enchant your helmet for Rain of Arrows bonuses.
  • Cluster Jewels can enhance your damage and defenses.
  • Configure your gem setup to optimize DPS, crit chance, and utility skills.


Auras and Buffs

  • Run Grace for added evasion and armor if needed, or go for Anger for extra DPS.
  • Haste is an option for quicker map clear, while Anger is preferable for boss encounters.
  • Determination enhances your armor and defenses.


Adapting to Aliments and Ailments

  • Ancestral Vision unique Jewel offers ailment immunity, but it can be replaced by utilizing specific flask mods.
  • Craft boots with Movement Speed, Life, and the "100% chance to avoid being Chilled" veiled mod.
  • Use Pantheon powers to counter shock effects and provide immunity to freeze.


Mapping Strategy and Progression

  • The build excels at mapping due to its speed and defenses.
  • Utilize your map strategy to generate currency and improve your gear.
  • Focus on pushing your character towards high-tier content like Red maps and Elder encounters.
  • Adapt your gear and build for more challenging bosses and end-game content.



The Rain of Arrows Champion build is an excellent choice for Path of Exile 3.22 league start, offering a balanced mix of defenses, speed, and damage. With adaptable strategies for both mapping and boss encounters, this build is beginner-friendly and capable of tackling various game content. With the detailed guides provided, you'll be able to progress smoothly and effectively while enjoying the rewarding gameplay of this powerful Champion build.

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