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PoE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Magic Find Ranger League Starter Build

In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, every league brings new challenges and opportunities. As dedicated Exiles, we've explored the latest changes and found our favorite map for magic find - the Crimson Temple. While some cards are missing and the layout might be more confusing, our dedication remains unwavering. In this guide, we'll delve into a strong starter build that not only navigates the revamped terrain but also excels at magic find: the Lightning Arrow Magic Find Ranger.

PoE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Magic Find Ranger League Starter Build


Choosing the Right Class and Build

Starting with a magic find Tornado Shot might be tempting, but the tides have shifted. We need a class that can efficiently seek out magic while maintaining a balance between clear speed and boss damage. After careful consideration, the choice becomes clear: the Ranger. This versatile class offers several strong starter builds, including Caustic Arrow, Tornado Shot, and Ethereal Knives. However, for our purposes, Lightning Arrow emerges as the ideal starting point due to its ease of use and solid boss damage.


Pros and Cons


  • Effective Magic Find: The Lightning Arrow build offers solid magic find capabilities, making it well-suited for hunting valuable items and currency in the challenging Crimson Temple map.
  • Adaptable Starter: The Ranger class's Lightning Arrow build serves as a versatile and beginner-friendly starting point. It allows for gradual development while maintaining efficiency.
  • Balanced Clear Speed: Lightning Arrow's spread shot mechanics combined with Mirage Archer and Lesser Multiple Projectiles ensure swift and efficient map clearing, minimizing downtime and maximizing loot acquisition.
  • Decent Boss Damage: Unlike some other starting builds, Lightning Arrow boasts respectable damage against bosses, ensuring smoother encounters and the ability to tackle Atlas challenges.
  • Efficient Aura Setup: The strategic use of Heralds and Auras, like Anger, optimizes damage output without compromising mana reservations, enabling a smooth progression from the early acts to endgame content.
  • Tailwind Enhancement: Choosing the Dead Eye ascendancy with the "Gathering Winds" node grants Tailwind, boosting movement speed significantly, further enhancing clear speed and efficiency.
  • Consistent Onslaught: The Graceful Assault keystone provides Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill, further augmenting your character's speed and agility, especially during intense encounters.
  • Strong Mapping: Despite the Vengeant Cascade change, the Lightning Arrow build retains excellent map clearing capabilities, ensuring swift traversal and efficient loot gathering.



  • Slightly Complex Playstyle: While Lightning Arrow is relatively straightforward, newcomers might need some practice to fully grasp the mechanics and effectively maximize damage potential.
  • Ramp-Up Time: To unleash the Lightning Arrow's true potential, obtaining essential gear, like a high Elemental DPS bow and The Taming rings, is necessary. This might require some farming or trading.
  • Limited Single-Target Damage: While Lightning Arrow fares well against bosses, it might not match the single-target damage output of specialized boss-killing builds.
  • Late-Game Gear Considerations: As you progress towards endgame and MF optimization, transitioning to the Magic Find version of the build might require some investment in gear and itemization adjustments.
  • Dependency on Gear: As with many builds, the Lightning Arrow Ranger's performance scales with equipment quality. Depending on drop luck and trading opportunities, acquiring suitable gear can vary.
  • Not Ideal for Hardcore: The playstyle prioritizes clear speed and damage, potentially exposing characters to higher risks in Hardcore leagues where survival is paramount.


Early Acts: Lightning Strikes Swiftly

As we embark on our journey, the first act unfolds with surprising speed and comfort. After facing Hillock, we swiftly switch to Galvanic Arrow with Mirage Archer support until level 12. For tougher opponents, Shrapnel Ballista steps in, providing additional damage. At level 12, Lightning Arrow takes center stage, supported by Mirage Archer and Lesser Multiple Projectiles, ensuring a devastating impact.


Mid-Game: Harnessing Elemental Forces

In Act 2, the true power of our Lightning Arrow build begins to shine. We introduce two Heralds of our choice, bolstering flat Elemental damage. Frenzy with Mana Forged Arrow enters the fray, granting much-needed frenzy charges. By Act 3, our prowess grows as we replace one Herald with the Anger Aura, fueling our arsenal with significant flat fire damage. This strategic aura setup reserves mana efficiently while optimizing damage output.


Ascendancy and Skill Tree

After slaying Piety, we make our way to the first Labyrinth and ascend as a Deadeye. Choosing Gathering Winds, we embrace Tailwind, propelling our character to new heights of speed. Our skill tree focuses on increased projectile damage, attribute acquisition, movement speed, and damage augmentation. Key milestones include Primal Spirit, Aspect of the Lynx, Quick Step, Point Blank, and Piercing Shots.


Building Towards Endgame

Our journey continues, incorporating Mana Leech and investing in an Elemental damage cluster. The notable "Mastery" enhances our hits by treating enemy Elemental resistances inversely. Precision is essential, with accuracy consistently surpassing life. The ascendancy path leads us to Far Shot, providing a substantial damage boost to distant foes. "Endless Munitions" further refines our clearing capabilities.


Transitioning to the Magic Find Build

With the foundation laid, we transition to the Magic Find (MF) version of our Lightning Arrow Ranger. This phase involves collecting crit chance and multiplier, ensuring a comfortable Atlas completion. Notable equipment includes a high Elemental DPS bow and The Taming rings, which cover resistances and grant significant increased Elemental damage.


Conquering the Atlas

As we venture into the Atlas, strategic node selection becomes paramount. Prioritizing nodes that elevate map tier drops establishes a solid foundation. Farming Syndicate, Legion, and Expedition ensures Poe currency acquisition. Shrine and Spirits notes, with the new changes, enhance map traversal, mimicking the effects of powerful items like Headhunter.


Embracing the Future

The impending league changes beckon, offering fresh challenges and opportunities. The new league mechanics, particularly the elegant hubris with Kaspiro, promise to reshape build dynamics. The tantalizing prospect of replacing dexterity with movement speed adds a layer of excitement to our endeavors. As the league dawns, we look forward to documenting our journey through a captivating build diary.



In the realm of Path of Exile, adaptability is key. Our Lightning Arrow Magic Find Ranger build seamlessly navigates the challenges of the Crimson Temple, harnessing the power of Lightning Arrow and cleverly chosen support gems. As we embark on this new league, let's embrace the evolving landscape, honing our skills, and striving for mastery. Together, we'll carve a path through the darkness, emerging victorious as seasoned exiles.

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