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How to Farming PoE Currency Early in Delve Mechanics?

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on making early PoE currency and dominating the Delve league in Path of Exile. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide will provide you with essential tips and strategies to maximize your currency gains and delve efficiently. Delve is a unique game mechanic that offers consistent currency-making opportunities and can be a rewarding aspect of your PoE experience.

How to Farming PoE Currency Early in Delve Mechanics?


Understand Delve Mechanics and Basics

Delve is all about exploring the Azurite Mines and collecting valuable resources while facing challenging enemies and bosses. Access the mines from Act 4 and beyond, talk to Nico, and start your delve journey from the mine encampment. Familiarize yourself with biomes, nodes, and boss encounters.



Know Your Currency Streams

There are several ways to make currency in Delve:

  • Farming Fossils: Different biomes drop specific fossils that can sell for good prices.
  • Selling Resonators: Buy resonators from Nico and sell them in bulk for profit.
  • Farming Crystal Kings: Hunt down Crystal Kings for unique amulets and valuable rings.
  • Farming Cities: Explore cities for valuable map drops and sextants.
  • Selling Delve-Specific Items: Items like +1 Spectre chests, cursed rings, and other unique delve items can fetch good prices.
  • Selling Boss Drops: Collect valuable drops from bosses like Doriani's Machinarium, Abyssal boss items, and more.


Sustain Sulfite Efficiently

Sulfite is essential for delving. Maximize your sulfite generation through Atlas passives like Mad Devotion and sulfite scarabs. Upgrade your Voltaxic Generator to boost your sulfite capacity, darkness resistance, and light radius. Maintain a good balance of these upgrades.


Optimize Delve Depth

For optimal currency farming, consider delving at depths between 300 and 350. This range provides access to valuable fossil drops, boss encounters, and valuable delve-specific items without excessively challenging content.


Focus on Survival and Tankiness

Delve can become increasingly challenging as you go deeper. Build a tanky character with high armor, life, and resistances. Prioritize damage mitigation, regeneration, and block to ensure your survival in tough encounters.


Upgrade Delve-Specific Items

Farm specific biomes and nodes to upgrade your gear. Items like +1 Spectre chests, +2 Spectre helmets, and more can greatly enhance your build's capabilities and fetch high prices on the market.


Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

Regularly check your character's performance and adjust your delve strategy as needed. If you're dying too often, consider pulling back a bit on the delve depth to maintain efficiency and currency gains.



Delve in Path of Exile offers a unique and rewarding experience for currency-making, especially when approached strategically. By understanding delve mechanics, optimizing your character's tankiness, and focusing on valuable drops, you can master the mines and accumulate significant currency. Remember that consistency and adaptability are key, and with the right approach, you'll become a successful Delve champion in no time.

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