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POE 3.22 Dominating Blow Guardian Builds: Low Budget, High Damage, League Starter

Today we will share the construction of a league-starting player occupying a special status in Path of Exile 3.22: Dominating Blow. This Guardian builds combines the satisfying melee strike mechanics with the scalability of a minion build, all without the need for expensive gear. You'll be able to kickstart your league journey on a budget without compromising effectiveness. Let's dive into the details of how this build works and how to make the most of it.



POE 3.22 Dominating Blow Guardian Builds: Low Budget, High Damage, League Starter


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Build Overview

Dominating Blow is a melee strike skill that allows you to summon powerful minions to fight by your side. By utilizing this skill, we're able to achieve impressive damage output and excellent survivability without the typical limitations of melee builds.


Key Features

  • It scales like a minion build, allowing for excellent damage output.
  • It relies on something other than specific or expensive gear to be effective.
  • Can achieve high durability through strategic skill choices and gear.
  • Effective even on a low budget.


Levelling Guide

Act 1


  • Start by defeating Hillock to acquire the Smite skill gem.
  • Obtain Raise Zombies and clear the Mud Flats to acquire your Quicksilver Flask.
  • Acquire Holy Relic, Ancestral Call, and Frostblink.
  • Progress to the Prison and defeat Brutus.
Act 2
  • Acquire Herald of Purity and Desecrate if possible.
  • Continue your journey, gathering resources and experience.
Act 3
  • Pick up Determination (still need to use it), Vulnerability, and Convocation.
  • When you acquire Dominating Blow, link it with Melee Splash and Ancestral Call for better clear.
  • Replace Herald of Purity with Determination and focus on Holy Relic and Dominating Blow.
Act 4
  • Acquire Carrion Golem and link it with Maim for support.
  • Replace Melee Splash with Multistrike after defeating Kaom and Daresso.
Act 5-10
  • Continue to follow the passive skill tree outlined in the guide.
  • Prioritize life nodes, minion nodes, and damage nodes.
  • As you progress, optimize your gear for increased survivability and damage.


Mapping and Endgame

  • Aim for a +2 Melee Gems 5-link weapon for optimal damage output.
  • Seek out +1 All Minion Gems helmet and potentially Bone Rings.
  • Obtain The Brass Dome for added survivability.
  • Consider using Animate Guardian for additional utility.


Skill Gems

  • Early on, use Smite, Raise Zombies, Holy Relic, Ancestral Call, and Frostblink.
  • Transition to Dominating Blow with Melee Splash and Ancestral Call for clear.
  • Replace Melee Splash with Multistrike for better damage.
  • Replace Holy Relic with Determination for more survivability.


Passive Skill Tree

You'll start with Glacial Hammer and Smite, then progress into Dominating Blow as your main skill. Resolute Technique is a crucial early-game Keystone, guaranteeing your attacks hit and generate Sentinels. Your Sentinels are your summoned minions, and they become stronger as you invest in key passives and gear.

  • Prioritize life nodes, followed by minion nodes and damage nodes.
  • Reach Resolute Technique and the Templar Reservation Efficiency nodes.
  • Acquire Mystic Bulwark and Mana Mastery for better resource management.
  • Optimize your passive tree based on gear and progression.



  • Prioritize a Brass Dome as your first significant unique item. This will greatly boost your Elemental defenses and overall survivability.
  • A +3 or +4 staff is a priority. Crafting a +3 staff with added Minion Damage modifier is optimal for this build.
  • Utilize the Phantasmal Dominating Blow gem for a substantial damage increase, especially with Ashes of the Stars.
  • A +2 All Minion Gems helmet further enhances your minions' strength.
  • Consider using a Herald of Purity and summoning Holy Relic for added minion damage and utility.



  • Customize your flasks based on your needs - consider Quicksilver and Life Flasks.
  • Utilize Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz flasks against specific bosses.
  • Adapt your flask setup as you progress and encounter different challenges.


Experimental Options

  • Vaal Domination can enhance Dominating Blow's damage against certain bosses.
  • Consider using the Faster Attacks support gem for low-level sceptres.
  • Experiment with different gem setups, such as Summon Reaper (requires further testing).


Labyrinth and Beyond

  • With the Resolute Technique Keystone acquired, Dominating Blow becomes a formidable skill even at lower levels.
  • As you progress, pick up key support gems like Melee Physical Damage, Maim, and Ancestral Call.
  • Secure a +3 staff and focus on boosting your Minion Damage through gear and passives.
  • Phantasmal Dominating Blow is a game-changer. It empowers your Sentinels and significantly boosts your damage output.


Mapping and Endgame

  • In Red Maps, focus on acquiring a Brass Dome or a +3 staff.
  • An Elegant Hubris Jewel can further enhance your build with various notables.
  • Keep your Elemental resistances capped and aim for a high Minion Damage craft on your staff.



Dominating Blow offers a unique and satisfying playstyle that melds melee and minion mechanics into a powerful and budget-friendly build. With careful skill choices, gear upgrades, and the right gems, you'll be able to tackle endgame content comfortably and efficiently. So, Exiles, get ready to unleash your dominating power on the Trial of the Ancestors League! 

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