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Poe 3.22 Molten Strike Strong League Starter Rider Claw Build

In Path of Exile 3.22, melee players looking for a strong League starter build can find success with the Molten Strike Rider Claw build. Despite the removal of John's Cascade, this build remains powerful, capable of tackling Uber bosses, rare versions of simulacrum with level 30, and deep delves up to 450 depth. The key to this build's strength lies in the use of Molten Strike, high attack speed, and clever gear choices. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of this build, discussing passive skill points, skill gems, gear choices, and more.

Poe 3.22 Molten Strike Strong League Starter Rider Claw Build


Build Overview and Mechanics

The Molten Strike Rider Claw build leverages the potency of the Molten Strike skill, which can unleash an incredible number of projectile impacts per second. This makes claw weapons, especially Imperial claws, a perfect fit for the build, due to their inherent life gain and mana sustain. The build benefits from the Dual Fan of Blades cluster, which grants extra projectiles and enhances power charge sustain. The Molten Strike skill's strength allows it to cover all content effectively, despite some minor limitations on specific maps like Cemetery.


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League Start Strategy

For League start, players can opt to use any melee weapon and skill they prefer until they obtain the Molten Strike skill gems. To access Molten Strike, players must create a Scion character to reach Lioneye's Watch and obtain the gem. During Act progression, prioritize obtaining key ascendancies and nodes, such as Way of the Poacher for frenzy charges and Ice Bite support for added damage. As you approach late-game, consider transitioning to Molten Strike.


Early Support Gems

Level Skill Gem Mapping Setup Bossing Setup Leveling / Utility
4 Ancestral Call Mapping utility gem - -
8 Added Fire Adds Fire damage to physical weapon - -
8 Added Cold Adds Cold damage to weapon - -
8 Maim Inflicts Maim on hit with physical weapon - -
18 Elemental with Attack Elemental damage and increased attack speed Elemental damage and attack speed Trinity (Leveling only)
18 Faster Attacks - Faster attack speed Increased Critical Damage (Leveling only)
18 Trinity - - -
18 Increased Critical Damage - - -
31 Inspiration - Gain inspiration charges -
31 Ice Bite Adds Cold damage and grants Frenzy charges Adds Cold damage and Frenzy charges -
31 Elemental with Attack - Elemental damage and attack speed -
31 Ancestral Call (map) / Faster Attacks (boss) Mapping utility gem Bossing attack speed -
38 Multistrike - Adds extra attacks and attack speed -
38 Ice Bite - Adds Cold damage and Frenzy charges -
38 Elemental with Attack - Elemental damage and attack speed -
38 Concentrated Effect Increases damage but reduces area of effect Increases damage but reduces area of effect -
38 Ancestral Call (map) / Inspiration (boss) Mapping utility gem Gain inspiration charges -



Ascendancy Effects and Benefits
Way of the Poacher Frenzy Charge generation, increased attack speed.
Avatar of Slaughter Attack Speed and Physical Damage boost.
Quartz Infusions Dodge, Phasing, and Onslaught effects.
Avatar of the Slaughter Additional bonus damage.


Gear and Itemization

Gear Slot Recommended Items and Bonuses
Weapons Imperial Claw: High attack speed and life gain on hit.
Unique Items - Yoke of Suffering (amulet): Various bonuses including Elemental Damage taken.
  - The Taming (ring): Multiple damage types and resistances, increased damage.
  - Darkray Vectors (boots): Dodge, Phasing, Onslaught, and increased damage.
Gloves Warlord or Hunter gloves: Look for mods like +1 Maximum Frenzy Charges, Dunbar Strike.
Helmet Evasion-based helmet with enchant: Added projectiles or increased Mana Reservation efficiency.
Body Armor Melee hit fortify chance, increased aura effect, and other defensive mods.
Shield Focus craft: Gain a chance to deal double damage.
Flasks Life and utility flasks: Examples include Life Flask of Staunching, utility flasks for specific ailments.
Jewels Look for rare jewels: Prioritize life, resistances, and damage modifiers. Unique jewels like "The Perfect Agony" can be beneficial.


Passive Skill Tree

  • Focus on life, evasion, attack speed, and claw nodes.
  • Allocate key ascendancy nodes and build towards Dual Fan of Blades and Perfect Agony.
  • Follow a passive skill tree guide for progression and optimization.


Transition to Lightning Strike

  • In the late game, consider transitioning to Lightning Strike for specific map scenarios.
  • Replace Molten Strike with Lightning Strike and adjust gear, skill gems, and passive tree accordingly.


League Start Tips

  • Prioritize completing the Atlas and engaging with end-game bosses.
  • Focus on encounters, unique item pickups, and fractured items.
  • Gradually accumulate poe currency and items while progressing through the game.



The Molten Strike Rider Claw build offers melee players a strong and versatile League starter option. With proper gear choices, skill gem setups, and skill tree allocation, this build can excel in both map clearing and boss encounters. Remember to adapt your strategy as you progress through the game and explore the rich end-game content Path of Exile has to offer.

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