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PoE 3.22 Trauma Support Guide: Frost Breath and Pillar of the Caged God Builds

In the wake of the Trial of the Ancestors patch and the anticipated release of the Trauma Support gem in Path of Exile, the potential for unleashing devastating power upon your enemies has reached new heights. In this guide, we will delve into two unique weapons, Frost Breath and Pillar of the Caged God, and explore how they can synergize magnificently with the Trauma Support gem's flat added physical damage mechanic. By examining their capabilities and the speculative power of Trauma Support, we aim to equip you with insights to craft powerful builds that command the battlefield.

PoE 3.22 Trauma Support Guide: Frost Breath and Pillar of the Caged God Builds


Frost Breath: The Chilling Mace

Frost Breath, a unique mace, is set to redefine the battlefield with its unparalleled synergy with the Trauma Support gem. Currently favored for specific Glacial Hammer builds, Frost Breath's innate property of dealing double damage to chilled enemies already sets it apart. But when coupled with Trauma Support's potential flat physical damage bonuses, this mace transforms into a formidable weapon of choice.


Unleashing Frost Breath's Potential

The mechanics of Trauma Support align harmoniously with Frost Breath's double damage to chilled enemies. Even in non-cold damage builds utilizing modifiers like Brutality or Avatar of Fire, Frost Breath's Mace Mastery ensures consistent chilling.

Let's dive into some projected numbers:

  • With 20 Trauma Stacks: Frost Breath's base DPS reaches an impressive 385 physical damage and an overall DPS of 435, accounting for the cold damage bonus.
  • With 40 Trauma Stacks: Frost Breath's power escalates to a staggering 535 physical DPS, with an overall DPS of 585.


It's clear that Frost Breath's unique mechanics and potential Trauma Support enhancements will make it a compelling choice for both early and mid-game progression. Even in the late game, Frost Breath remains a contender, possibly necessitating a highly potent weapon to rival its capabilities.


Pillar of the Caged God: The Titan's Staff

For the connoisseurs of strength-based builds, Pillar of the Caged God beckons as a harbinger of devastation. This unique staff thrives on strength stacking and flat added physical damage, making it an ideal candidate for the Trauma Support gem.


Harnessing the Power of Pillar

Pillar of the Caged God's synergy with Trauma Support is fueled by its mechanics. The staff's increased physical weapon damage per 10 strength becomes an exponential powerhouse when combined with the flat added damage from Trauma Support.


While Pillar of the Caged God requires a more substantial investment, particularly in strength stacking, the potential payoffs are enormous. At higher levels of commitment, Pillar builds can outshine many well-crafted rare weapons, solidifying its place as a force to be reckoned with in the end-game.


Speculating on Trauma Support's Impact

Although the exact numbers for Trauma Support remain shrouded in mystery until the gem's release, we can extrapolate from other support gems to gauge its potential. Taking cues from the Rage support gem, which grants flat added physical damage, we anticipate Trauma Support to scale similarly, albeit possibly with more substantial benefits due to its unique downside of incurring physical damage based on trauma stacks.


For illustrative purposes, let's assume a level 20 Trauma Support gem grants 4 to 7 physical damage per trauma stack and a baseline of 39 to 72 physical damage. With 20 trauma stacks, the potential for an average of 165 flat physical damage arises. This number escalates to an average of 275 flat physical damage with 40 trauma stacks.



As Path of Exile evolves with the introduction of the Trauma Support gem, the potential for crafting devastating builds grows exponentially. Frost Breath and Pillar of the Caged God stand as prime examples of unique weapons that are poised to take advantage of the Trauma Support's flat added physical damage. While Frost Breath shines as an accessible and competitive option for various game stages, Pillar of the Caged God offers a more specialized yet potent pathway for the most dedicated strength-based enthusiasts.

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