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10 Best League Starter Builds For POE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors

Welcome to the guide for the PoE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors league start builds! Here we'll explore the top 10 recommended builds for a successful league start, taking into account various playstyles, strengths, and considerations. From looking for tank options to looking for efficient cleanup builds, Each build's unique mechanics and potential for tackling the Trial of the Ancestors content will be discussed, helping you make an informed decision for a rewarding.



10 Best League Starter Builds For POE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors


1. RF Juggernaut/Inquisitor

Overview: Righteous Fire (RF) Juggernaut is a reliable and tanky league starter choice that utilizes passive burning damage and Juggernaut's defensive capabilities. It's capable of handling various content, including end-game bosses and maps.


Notes: RF Juggernaut offers passive burning damage, high defenses, and respectable damage output. You can choose between Juggernaut and Inquisitor ascendancies for different playstyles and focus. Loltank website offers more information on starting a righteous fire character.


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2. Boneshatter Juggernaut/Slayer

Overview:Boneshatter Juggernaut or Slayer is a melee build that scales damage and damage taken. It's popular due to its potential for stunlocking bosses and its presence in the upcoming Trial of the Ancestors content.


Notes: The build utilizes stacked damage to enemies, requiring solid defenses to counteract self-damage. Boneshatter builds are expected to perform well in Trial of the Ancestors. Maxwell guide provides more details on the build.


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3. Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Overview: Toxic Rain Pathfinder offers a great balance of defenses and damage output, making it ideal for newer players. The build relies on Mirage Archer or Ballista to deal most of the damage, allowing for a relaxed playstyle.


Notes: Toxic Rain Pathfinder is similar to RF Juggernaut in terms of ease of play. It's versatile and recommended for both newer and experienced players.


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4. Lightning Arrow Deadeye/Raider

Overview: Lightning Arrow Deadeye or Raider is a fast-clearing build that excels at clearing Legion content. While there are better choices for inexperienced players, it offers high damage output and potential for end-game scaling.


Notes: Lightning Arrow Deadeye provides a fast playstyle and good damage output. Consider starting as a Deadeye or Raider and then swapping ascendancies later.


PoB Links:


5. Hexblast Miner Saboteur

Overview: Hexblast Miner offers burst damage and is effective for boss killing. The build can be tricky due to the requirement for valid targets to detonate the mines. While not the best choice for fast map clearing, it excels in single-target damage.


Notes: Hexblast Miner is a niche build focused on boss killing. There might be better choices for some due to its unique playstyle. Players experienced with mine builds might find this appealing.


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6. Cold DoT Elementalist

Overview: Vortex Elementalist is a cold damage-over-time build that focuses on chill and freeze effects to control enemies. The build is forgiving and well-suited for solo, self-found and hardcore playstyles.


Notes: Vortex Elementalist offers a comfortable playstyle and is recommended for players interested in damage over time builds. The build benefits from chill and freeze mechanics, making it an efficient and relatively tanky choice.


PoB Links:

7. Poison SRS Necromancer

Overview: Poison Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) is a unique minion build that deals high damage over time. It's effective for both solo self-found and regular gameplay.


Notes: Poison SRS is known for its aggressive minions that target enemies with high damage. It's a well-rounded build that can handle various content. 


PoB Links:


8. CF Champion 

Overview: Corrupting Fever Champion offers both speed and tankiness, making it a great choice for players who enjoy a fast-paced playstyle with strong defenses.


Notes: Corrupting Fever Champion focuses on burst damage and fast-paced gameplay. The build's main drawback is the feeling of being on a timer due to the nature of its mechanics. It can be a solid choice for experienced players who appreciate its unique style.


PoB Links:


9. Spark Inquisitor

Overview: Spark Inquisitor provides good elemental damage scaling and screen-clearing capabilities. While the gameplay footage is from a different version, the build's essence remains the same: covering the screen with explosions.


Notes: Spark Inquisitor offers a satisfying playstyle with screen-clearing mechanics. It's versatile and suitable for players who enjoy elemental damage and fast-paced gameplay.


PoB Links:


10. EA Ignite Elementalist/Champion 

Overview: EA (Explosive Arrow) Elementalist or Champion utilizes stacked Frenzy Charges to create powerful ignites and explosions. The build's unique mechanics make it a distinctive choice for players who enjoy delayed explosive damage.


Notes: Explosive Arrow builds are unique and rely on stacking charges for explosive damage. The build can be played either as an Elementalist or a Champion, each with its own advantages. Palestron's guide on Maxwell GG provides insights into the Elementalist version.


PoB Links:


PoE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors league starts offers a diverse array of top-tier builds to choose from. Whether you're drawn to the reliable tankiness of RF Juggernaut, the explosive power of Boneshatter, or the strategic gameplay of Toxic Rain, there's a build that suits your playstyle. From Lightning Arrow's speed to the calculated approach of Hexblast Miner, each build offers its own unique strengths. Cold DoT Elementalist's chill and freeze mechanics, Poison SRS's minion mayhem, and the burst damage of CF Champion provide even more options. Spark Inquisitor's screen-clearing prowess and the explosive allure of EA Ignite Elementalist/Champion round out the selection. Consider your preferences and goals to make the perfect choice for a successful league start in Path of Exile 3.22.

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