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PoE 3.22 Blood Lacerate Gladiator League Starter AoE Build

Welcome, Exiles! In this PoE 3.22 Builds, we'll be exploring a classic throwback to the Bleed Lacerate Gladiator build. Please note that this build is not recommended for a league start due to its slower start and slightly weaker performance compared to some other options. However, if you enjoy bleed mechanics and want to give it a shot, this build can still handle content up to t16 maps.

PoE 3.22 Blood Lacerate Gladiator League Starter AoE Build



  • Use Blood Stance for single-target encounters and swap to Sand Stance for clearing maps.
  • Leap Slam around for mobility and to apply curses through the Curse on Hit setup.
  • Keep up Blood Rage for Frenzy charges and extra attack speed.


Pros and Cons



  • Bleed mechanics provide satisfying pop explosions.
  • Can handle t16 maps and end-game content with proper gear.
  • Good early-game scaling with decent rare axes.
  • Solid single-target and AoE damage.



  • Slower mapping compared to meta builds.
  • Defenses are only mediocre, relying mainly on Fortify and manual gameplay.
  • Not recommended for league starters due to its slower ramp-up and gear requirements.


PoB Link


Skill: Lacerate

Lacerate is a versatile melee skill that deals both physical and bleed damage. The bleed component synergizes well with this build's focus on bleed mechanics.


Passive Skill Tree

For your passive skill tree, prioritize nodes that increase physical damage, attack speed, life, and defenses. 

Here's a general outline of the tree:

  • Start by picking up life nodes in the Marauder and Duelist areas.
  • Focus on damage nodes, including physical damage, attack speed, and bleed damage.
  • Pick up life and resistances as needed while progressing through the story.



  • Arena Challenger: Grants bonuses to Challenger Charges and Adrenaline, improving your offensive capabilities.
  • Gratuitous Violence: Causes enemies to explode on death, dealing AoE physical damage. Provides great clear speed.
  • Outmatch and Outlast: Grants Frenzy and Endurance charges on kill, improving both offense and defense.
  • Blood in the Eyes: Adds bleed to your hits against maimed enemies, boosting bleed damage.




- Weapons

Look for a high-physical-damage axe or sword as your main weapon. Prioritize increased physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance if possible.


- Armor

  • Focus on gear with high life, resistances, and any additional physical damage modifiers.
  • Prioritize items that help cap your resistances, as uncapped resistances can be dangerous.


- Jewels

Look for jewels with physical damage, life, and any relevant damage or attack speed modifiers.


Gem Links:

Gem Links Skills Description
Lacerate (6-Link) Lacerate - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Fortify - Multistrike - Damage on Full Life Primary attack setup for high single-target and AoE physical damage.
Auras/Utility (4-Link) Blood and Sand - Maim - Precision - Enlighten (for reduced mana reservation) Enhances your utility and buffs with a focus on resource management.
Mobility/Utility Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Mobility skill combined with buffs and resource management.
Cast When Damage Taken Setup Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Blood Rage Automatic skill usage when taking damage, providing defensive and offensive bonuses.
Utility/Defense (4-Link) Herald of Purity - Herald of Ash - Ancestral Protector - Blood Magic Utilizes utility skills and minions for both damage and defense.
Curse on Hit Setup (4-Link) Vulnerability - Curse On Hit - Leap Slam - Blood Magic Applies curses automatically while also providing mobility and resource management.


Endgame Goals

  • Obtain a high-physical-damage axe or sword with useful modifiers.
  • Upgrade your gear with more life, resistances, and additional physical damage.
  • Consider investing in better jewels for increased damage and survivability.
  • If you choose to pursue end-game content, focus on improving your defenses and damage output.


Closing Thoughts

While this build might not be the most optimal choice for a league starter or for pushing the absolute limits of end-game content, it offers a satisfying playstyle with its bleed explosions and can handle t16 maps and other mid-tier content comfortably. If you're a fan of bleed mechanics and enjoy the Gladiator ascendancy, this build can provide an enjoyable experience. Just remember that it might require more investment to truly shine compared to other more meta builds.

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