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PoE 3.22 Vaal Ground Slam League Starter Berserker Build

The Ground Slam Berserker is a powerful build that revolves around utilizing slam skills with 2H Maces, offering straightforward scaling and accessible gearing investments. Unlike more complex builds, every upgrade you make to this setup feels impactful and meaningful. The build originally focused on stunning enemies but has evolved into a high-DPS setup with an emphasis on War Cries and the Warbringer ascendancy.

PoE 3.22 Vaal Ground Slam League Starter Berserker Build


Key Features

  • Beginner-Friendly: The build is an excellent choice for league starters, as you can wield Ground Slam right from the beginning, requiring minimal gear. With a 4-link setup, the Berserker Ascendancy, and clever use of the whetstone recipe, you can easily conquer act bosses and areas.
  • Safety First: The Ground Slam Berserker doesn't compromise on defenses. With inherent mechanics like Fortify, Warbringer heals, and the ability to stun enemies, you'll keep foes at bay while delivering devastating blows. By maintaining 6+ Endurance Charges, you achieve 24% physical damage reduction and 24% all resistances, making your character robust and resilient.
  • Versatile Performance: This build excels both in boss killing and mapping, thanks to its remarkable single-target damage output. Whether you're facing a powerful foe like the Awakener 8 or breezing through map packs, the Ground Slam Berserker can handle it all with ease.
  • Linear Gear Progression: The beauty of this build lies in its reliance on Resolute Technique (RT) and pure physical damage. You won't stress over critical attack breakpoints or elemental damage conversion. While high-end gear upgrades like a 6-link chest or top-tier uniques enhance the build, they aren't necessary for entry into maps and Poe currency making activities.


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Pros and Cons



  • Suitable for league start due to easy access to Ground Slam and effective gearing.
  • Offers strong defenses with innate mechanics like Fortify, Warbringer heals, and stunning enemies.
  • Great at both boss killing and mapping, making it versatile for various content.
  • Linear gear progression minimizes the need for complex item interactions.
  • War Cry synergy enhances your character's capabilities.



  • Cannot tackle physical reflect maps due to lack of mitigation.
  • Not optimally suited for hardcore due to glass cannon nature.
  • Melee range combat requires close interaction with enemies.
  • Not the fastest at off-screen clearing or long-range engagements.


In-Depth Gear Explanation

The Ground Slam Berserker build revolves around 2H Maces and underused uniques to deliver massive damage. Gearing up with rares is straightforward: prioritize high life rolls (50-75+), cap resistances (6 Endurance Charges help here), and add Intelligence and Dexterity as needed for skill requirements.



  • Use Vaal Ground Slam for the Vaal version of the skill.
  • You can choose between Pulverize or (Awakened) Increased Area of Effect based on your preferences and needs.
  • Shockwave is an alternative to Pulverize or (Awakened) Increased Area of Effect for additional AoE clear.
  • Multistrike offers increased attack speed for quick hits.
  • Rage Support provides flat physical damage and helps generate rage.
  • Fist of War provides a significant DPS and AoE boost every 1.8 seconds.
  • Enduring Cry, Intimidating Cry, and Seismic Cry are interchangeable for your Warcry setup.
  • Blood Rage is optional; you can skip it if you don't want to deal with the degen combined with the Berserker's Rite of Ruin degen.


Bandit Choice

When you encounter the Bandits in Act 2, you have three options: "Help Alira," "Help Kraityn," or "Kill All." The most commonly recommended choices for the Ground Slam Berserker build are "Kill All" or "Help Oak."

  • Kill All: This option grants you 2 passive skill points, which can be invested into life, damage, or other important nodes to tailor your character's performance.
  • Help Oak: This choice provides you with 20% increased physical damage and 1% of life regenerated per second. This can be valuable for boosting your damage and survivability.

While both choices have merits, "Kill All" is often favored for its flexibility in customization. However, if you're looking for a more straightforward damage and life boost, "Help Oak" can be a solid alternative.


Ascendancy Choices

For the Ground Slam Berserker build, the Ascendancy choices are crucial to maximize your damage output and survivability. 

The recommended Ascendancy path is as follows:

  • Aspect of Carnage: This Ascendancy node grants you a substantial damage boost but also increases the damage you take. The increased damage output significantly outweighs the drawback for this build.
  • War Bringer: War Bringer provides life and mana regeneration when using War Cries, which synergizes well with the build's focus on War Cry usage.
  • Crave the Slaughter: While this node used to provide double damage, it now offers a significant rage generation boost. Rage enhances your damage and attack speed, making this an essential pick.
  • Rite of Ruin: This final Ascendancy node grants you a significant damage boost and immunity to physical damage reduction, at the cost of reduced attack speed. The benefits of Rite of Ruin far outweigh the drawbacks.


Ascendancy Alternative

"Crave the Slaughter" no longer provides double damage. Therefore, an alternative path can be taken for your Ascendancy progression:

  • Start with Aspect of Carnage for early story clear.
  • Proceed to War Bringer to enhance your War Cry synergy.
  • After completing the Merciless Lab, acquire Rite of Ruin to gain its benefits.
  • Once you reach the Mapping stage, complete your Ascendancy with Crave the Slaughter for the rage generation boost.

Skipping Aspect of Carnage to prioritize other nodes will cost you some damage but can be viable if you want to emphasize different aspects of the build. Pain Reaver is another alternative if you choose to skip Aspect of Carnage and desire more survivability and leech.


Pantheon Choices

Pantheon gods provide passive bonuses that can aid in both mapping and boss encounters. 

Here are some recommendations:

Pantheon Choice Recommendation Description
Major God Lunaris Reduces physical damage taken from projectiles and grants increased movement speed when not hit recently. Excellent for general mapping.
Major God Solaris Offers additional physical damage reduction and reduces the damage taken from area of effect hits. Strong choice for boss encounters.
Minor God Yugul Highly effective against Elder and Uber Elder fights due to its resistance to cold damage, which can be a major threat in those encounters.
Minor God Gruthkul Provides solid physical damage reduction and slows down enemy attack speed, making it useful in various scenarios.
Minor God Ralakesh Useful for lab farming or Trials, reducing the effects of traps and providing a chance to avoid blind.
Minor God Ryslatha Particularly beneficial for areas with no mobs, such as Trials or the Labyrinth.
Minor God Shakari Helps mitigate poison damage and can be valuable in maps with poison modifiers or against poison bosses.



Equipment Slot Recommended Options Notes
Weapon - The Tidebreaker (Unique 2H Mace) Ideal choice with high physical DPS, 7-link setup, and bonus Intelligence.
  - Kongor's Undying Rage Alternative 2H Mace options: Chaber Cairn, Marohi Erqi, Brain Rattler (without Brutality).
Chest - Kaom's Heart Flexible due to 6-linked 2H Mace. Also consider Carcass Jack, Loreweave.
  - Rares with life and resistances For rares, prioritize life and resistances. Consider Crusader chests with "Enemies Explode" mod.
Helmet - Rare with "Take 9% increased physical damage" and 25% Increased Effect of Fortify Craft with Dense + Jagged fossils.
  - Devoto's Devotion (Unique Helmet) Provides Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Dexterity, and Chaos Resistance.
  - Deidbellow (Budget-friendly Unique Helmet) Offers Warbringer synergy, flat physical damage, and stats.
Gloves - Tombfists with Murderous Eye Jewel (Intimidate) Tombfists offer great value with Max HP rolls and intimidate.
  - Rares with good Max HP rolls, and possible corruptions (attack speed, curses on hit) Consider attack speed or curses on hit corruptions.
Boots - Redblade Tramplers or Kaom's Roots Solid options with life, movement speed, and resistances.
  - Rares with life, resistances, and movement speed Look for dodge on Temple of Atzoatl boots.
Belt - Ryslatha's Coil Offers DPS, life, stun bonuses, and a bonus when stunning.
  - Soul Tether (Unique Belt) Provides over leech as a defensive mechanic.
  - Rares with life and resistances, or Stygian belts with life and resistances, rustic/leather belts Prioritize life and resistances.
Rings/Amulet - Prioritize life, resistances, and physical damage to attacks Include at least one piece with x% of damage leeched as mana. Consider adding Abyss jewels.
Jewels - Rapid Expansion Enhances Ground Slam's AoE by expanding its cone.
  - Cluster Jewel with Overlord Offers Fortify bonuses without direct linking, freeing up a gem slot.
  - % Increases Maximum Life, Attack Speed, Attack Speed with Maces, Attack Speed with Two-Handed Weapons Prioritize these stats on jewels.
Flasks - Customize for safety and effectiveness during mapping and boss fights Recommended flasks include Consecrated Ground, Lion's Roar, Quicksilver, and Onslaught-boosting options.
  - Consider flask with reduced cold damage and movespeed for Uber Elder Customize your flask setup based on your preferences and needs.



The Ground Slam Berserker build offers both beginners and experienced players a powerful and engaging gameplay experience. With its accessibility, versatility, and impressive damage potential, this build has the capacity to conquer all challenges in Path of Exile. If you're looking for a build that combines straightforward gearing, satisfying mechanics, and the thrill of smashing enemies with monumental slams, the Ground Slam Berserker might just become your next favorite playstyle. 

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