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Path of Exile Currency Farming with the Trial of the Ancestors League Mechanic

The upcoming league in Path of Exile, known as the Trial of the Ancestors, brings with it a new mechanic that promises exciting rewards. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of this mechanic, discuss its potential for Currency-making, and provide insights into how to make the most of it.


Path of Exile Currency Farming with the Trial of the Ancestors League Mechanic


Understanding the Trial of the Ancestors Mechanic

To access the Trial of the Ancestors mechanic, you'll need a silver coin. These coins are expected to be relatively common, ensuring engagement with the mechanic even during the levelling process. Once you have a silver coin, you can access the Trial of the Ancestors in a manner similar to visiting the Rogue Harbor.


When participating in a tournament, you'll face a roster of 10 enemies, each offering a unique reward. You get to choose which enemy to battle based on the reward you desire. The ultimate goal is to progress through the tournament, defeating opponents and earning rewards along the way. Upon completing the tournament, you'll receive a special reward from Hinakora, which can include unique items, tattoos, omens, and more.


Strategy for Engaging with the Mechanic

In the early stages of the league, utilizing the diverse array of units and equipment at your disposal will likely be crucial for success. As your character grows stronger, you'll rely less on these support elements and more on your character's power. This progression may mirror past mechanics like the Blight League, where tower reliance decreased as character power increased.


Examining the Rewards

The Trial of the Ancestors offers four main categories of rewards:

  • Tattoos: These unique effects replace attribute nodes on your skill tree. There are various types of tattoos, ranging from generic ones to special ones that replace powerful attribute nodes. Tattoos are expected to be in demand for most builds.
  • Omens: These offer unique effects, with the Omen of Fortune standing out due to its ability to guarantee a unique outcome when using a Transmutation Orb. The potential for crafting unique or valuable items makes this omen a valuable reward.
  • Hinakora's Lock: This currency item allows you to preview the outcome of Poe currency on items, making it potentially valuable for endgame crafting strategies.
  • Generic Rewards: These include respec points, skill gems, uniques, currencies, and possibly divination cards. While not as unique as the other categories, they can still contribute to your overall profits.


Crafting a Profitable Strategy

When engaging with the Trial of the Ancestors, consider these steps to maximize your profits:

  • Use Silver Coins: Accumulate and trade silver coins to access the mechanic efficiently.
  • Scout for High-Value Rewards: Identify the highest-value rewards on the board, such as valuable divination cards and tattoos.
  • Prioritize Currency and Valuable Divination Cards: In the initial stages, focus on gathering Poe currency, valuable divination cards, and worthwhile tattoos.
  • Complete the Tournament: Progress through the tournament to access exclusive rewards from Hinakora. Look out for special tattoos, omens, and unique items.


Is the Trial of the Ancestors Worth It?

Based on what's been revealed so far, the Trial of the Ancestors mechanic shows promising potential for profit. Silver coins are likely to be abundant, making it accessible to all players. The variety of rewards, including tattoos, omens, and unique items, suggests a good balance of potential profit sources. With the right balance and rarity, this mechanic could be a lucrative endeavor for players seeking to maximize their profits in the new league.

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