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Path of Exile Mausoleum Map: Farming Currency Strategy Guides

In this guide, we're going to introduce an innovative farming Poe Currency strategy that combines elements from previous strategies to maximize profits. This strategy utilizes Expedition Harvest and Ultra farming techniques to efficiently generate currency and loot. The key highlight of this strategy is its compactness and simplicity, making it suitable for immediate implementation from day one of a new league. Let's delve into the details of this strategy step by step.


Path of Exile Mausoleum Map: Farming Currency Strategy Guides



We've devised a strategy that synergizes Expedition Harvest and Ultra farming Poe Currency to create a highly profitable approach. The strategy focuses on Mausoleum maps, taking advantage of its unique boss mechanics and layout to optimize currency generation. The beauty of this strategy lies in its efficiency and versatility – it requires no Sextants, Scarabs, or any specific items to be effective.


Mausoleum Map

Mausoleum is a special map due to its boss, which is technically not counted as existing. This fact opens up opportunities for strategies centered around alters that don't rely on boss-specific alter modifiers. The goal is to capitalize on the Ultra points and Eldritch minion points that the Mausoleum modifier offers, enhancing the overall farming strategy. To ensure its success, you should aim to progress through the league to acquire Mausoleum maps and watchstones.


Tree Progression

To effectively progress through the strategy, we've devised a skill tree progression that optimizes your chances of obtaining connected maps. By utilizing adjacent map drop chance nodes, you'll consistently obtain new maps that you haven't completed yet. Additionally, taking advantage of the 80% chance to receive maps one tier higher can help ensure steady map progression.


The tree progression starts with focusing on connected map chance nodes and Kirac missions. The goal is to guarantee a consistent stream of new maps while leveraging these opportunities for faster progression. The path towards nodes like "Wandering Path" and "Seventh Gate" to lay the foundation for your strategy.


PoE 3.22 Atlas Rushing Tree


Strategy Implementation

  • Map Setup: Chisel your Mausoleum maps to 100% quality and Alch them. Optionally, roll for more pack size for improved efficiency.
  • Activate Ambush: Utilize the Seventh Gate Keystone to enable the Ambush option on your map, granting you additional rewards.
  • Mapping Process: Clear your Mausoleum map while interacting with all the Alterations and picking up quantity bonuses. This strategy emphasizes quantity for maximum profit, so always choose the quantity option on each Alter.
  • Yellow Plants in Harvest: Once your map is cleared, proceed to Harvest. Prioritize picking yellow plants, as they tend to yield the most profitable results. Be mindful of potential changes in league mechanics that might influence the value of different types of plants.
  • Expedition Efficiency: Approach your Expedition with efficiency in mind. Utilize "Extreme Archeology" to maximize explosion coverage and benefit from remnants across all chests and monsters. Focus on Remnants that offer additional chances for Logbooks and other valuable rewards.
  • Master Missions: Leverage the "All Hands" Keystone to significantly increase your chances of encountering Master Missions. This Keystone boosts the likelihood of encountering Nico missions in particular, which can lead to additional profit through Delve content.
  • Currency and Loot: Collect and organize your loot as you progress through the map, Expedition, and Harvest. Accumulate currency, items, and valuable rewards that will contribute to your overall profit.
  • Execution and Continuation: Rinse and repeat the process by preparing and running more Mausoleum maps. Ensure you've fully maximized the potential of each map by interacting with Alters, clearing the map, and executing the Expedition and Harvest steps.


Profit and Optimization

Expect this strategy to yield substantial profits. The combination of quantity-focused strategies, specific mechanics, and leveraging various currencies and rewards will contribute to consistent returns. You can further optimize this strategy by customizing your approach based on the specific economy and league mechanics of the current Path of Exile league.


Keep in mind that market conditions and mechanics can evolve from league to league. It's essential to stay informed about the latest changes, trends, and opportunities in Path of Exile to adapt and fine-tune your strategy accordingly.

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