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POE 3.22 RF Elementalist League Start Budget Build: 17M DPS, Efficient, Fasta and Massive Explosion

In PoE 3.22 League Starter, we'll explore a powerful Elementalist build that focuses on creating massive explosions for swift clearing and efficient mapping. With significant investment, you can harness the power of 5 different sources of explosions to decimate enemies while maintaining high survivability. Keep in mind that this build does require a substantial currency investment due to the pricey gear, including items like MageBlood and Rights End.  However, the gear is reasonably deterministic to obtain and craft. 



POE 3.22 RF Elementalist League Start Budget Build: 17M DPS, Efficient, Fasta and Massive Explosion


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Build Highlights

Impressive DPS This build offers around 17 million DPS, ensuring rapid and efficient clearing of maps. The option to increase DPS further by using Screen of the Lords and a second dagger is available, although this may impact your defenses.
Swift Movement Speed

With 200% movement speed, thanks in part to Silver and Quicksilver flasks, you'll move swiftly through maps, enhancing your clear speed.

Exceptional Survivability
  • High-Life Regeneration: The Pristine Righteous Fire (RF) setup ensures substantial life regeneration.
  • Max Resistances: Achieve 19% maximum elemental resistances, along with maximum chaos resistance.
  • Ailment Immunity: Immune to ailments such as bleed and poison.
  • Armor: Boasts 50,000 armor, bolstering your physical damage reduction.
  • Phasing: Phasing improves your mobility and evasion.
  • Onslaught: Permanently maintain Onslaught for increased attack and movement speed.
  • Charge Generation: Permanent endurance and frenzy charges further enhance your damage and defenses.
  • Curse Immunity: Be immune to curses, adding an extra layer of survivability.
Explosive Gameplay The core focus of the build lies in its 5 sources of explosions, resulting in huge AoE and proliferation, significantly improving map clear speed. The build revolves around Legacy of Fury, Herald of Ash, Profane Bloom, Arrive of Elements, and the chest explode mod.


Mapping and Content Clearing

This build is tailor-made for mapping and general content clearing. It exhibits impressive clear speed and can handle challenging content such as Simulacrum waves with ease. While the build has yet to be tested extensively in Uber boss fights, its high DPS and survivability suggest that it should be more than capable of handling such encounters.



  • Weapons: A well-crafted RF weapon with fractured dot multi, T1 +2 gem levels, and additional damage mods.
  • Shield: A shield with +2 maximum resistances, +3 maximum fire resistances, and increased fire damage.
  • Amulet: A fractured amulet with dot multi and +2 gem levels, further enhancing your damage.
  • Helmet and Gloves: Standard RF helmet and gloves with high max life, life regeneration, and resistance.
  • Boots: Legacy of Fury boots, which grant an extra level to socketed gems, improving the efficiency of your auras.
  • Chest: A chest with an explode mod and increased effect of non-curse auras, providing the build's core mechanics.


Flask Setup

  • Right's End: This flask contributes to the explosion sources, providing excellent uptime and damage potential.
  • All Elemental Flask: Grants +35% to all elemental resistances, fortifying your elemental defense.
  • Utility Flasks: Include Silver, Amethyst, Granite, and Quicksilver flasks to enhance movement speed, dodge ailments, and amplify defenses.


Jewel Setup

  • Voices and Grand Spectrums: Utilize two Voices jewels and three Grand Spectrums to optimize your build's performance.
  • Forbidden Flesh and Flame: Combine these for Profane Bloom, allowing for explosive proliferation of curse-affected enemies.
  • Watcher's Eye: Choose a Watcher's Eye that complements your build's damage over time and life regeneration.
  • Medium Clusters: Incorporate two Burning Bright and one Flow of Life cluster for additional benefits.
  • Searching Eye Jewel: Equip a Searching Eye Jewel for phasing, corrupting blood immunity, and hindering immunity.


Skill Gem Setup

  • Your primary skill gem setup revolves around Righteous Fire, Elemental Weakness, Frost Blink, Herald of Ash, and more.
  • Utilize Enlighten and Blasphemy to ensure efficient curse application.


Build Summary

This high-budget Ultra Explode RF Elementalist build is optimized for fast and efficient map clearing. With around 17 million DPS, exceptional survivability, and a focus on explosions and AoE, it's a powerful build for experienced players looking to invest significant currency. Keep in mind that this build may require careful crafting and acquisition of unique items, but the resulting playstyle and capabilities are well worth it.

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