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POE 3.22 Fire Trap Elementalist Build: Strong Defense, Low Budget and Friendly Start

Welcome to the guide for the POE 3.22 Fire Trap Elementalist Build. We'll explore the transition from a two-hander to a one-hander and shield, the adoption of Lightning Coil for defense, and the switch to Golems for elemental damage mitigation. Additionally, we'll delve into the optional Frostblink - Vortex combo and gear progression through different game stages. This concise guide will equip you with the essential information to embark on a successful journey with this versatile and dynamic build.


POE 3.22 Fire Trap Elementalist Build: Strong Defense, Low Budget and Friendly Start


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What Changed?

In this build, we'll discuss the notable changes that have been made to the build in the current league. There are three main changes that we'll cover:

Shift from Two-Hander to One-Hander and Shield:

  • The build has sacrificed some damage by using a one-hander and shield instead of a two-hander.
  • Despite the damage sacrifice, the build still retains comfortable damage output.
  • Using a shield, particularly Shield Charge, offers more comfort and movement compared to Leap Slam.
  • Shield Charge scales with movement speed and Quicksilver flasks.


Adoption of Lightning Coil for Increased Defense:

  • The build now uses a Lightning Coil on the body armor slot.
  • Lightning Coil converts 50% of physical damage from hits to lightning damage, providing 37 flat physical damage reduction.
  • This enhances the effectiveness of armor, making it more effective against incoming hits.
  • Lightning Coil is an affordable option for improved defense.


Switch to Golems for Elemental Damage Mitigation:

  • Instead of using Bastion of Elements, the build now employs Golems.
  • While this increases vulnerability to elemental damage, it enhances other defensive aspects.
  • Cast Column skill offers 8% physical damage reduction due to its double effect.
  • Stone Golem provides strong life regeneration, bolstering survivability.


Optional Enhancement: Frostblink and Vortex Combo:

  • To address the Frostblink cooldown management issue, players can integrate Vortex into the rotation.
  • Staggering Frostblink and Vortex skills provide more chances to ignite enemies.
  • This smooths out clearing and optimizes damage output, especially with a six-linked Frostblink.


Gear Progression

Here's a breakdown of the gear progression for the build. We'll provide three different Path of Building (PoB) setups for different stages of the game:


White Maps PoB (Starter Build):

  • This setup is designed for early stages and has minimal gear requirements.
  • Focus on life and elemental resistances to ensure survivability.
  • Prioritize obtaining key skill gems and leveling them up.


Yellow to Red Maps PoB (Mid-Game Build):

  • As you progress to higher-tier maps, start investing more in gear.
  • Aim to acquire better weapons, gear with life and resistances, and possibly a 5-linked Lightning Coil.
  • Upgrade your flasks for better utility and survival.


Fully Invested PoB (End-Game Build):

  • In the end-game phase, target more powerful items and gems.
  • Prioritize getting a well-rolled Lightning Coil, optimize resistances, and consider upgrading to a 6-linked Lightning Coil.
  • Enhance your gear with relevant enchantments and quality gems.
  • Experiment with additional layers of defense, such as Anomalous Golems or unique items.


Gear and Progression

  • Searing Touch (staff), Martyr of Innocence (staff), or Singularity (wand).
  • These weapons offer various damage increases and synergies with your build.
  • Upgrade flasks and aim to get chaos resistance out of the negatives.
  • Prioritize getting enough energy shield (around 250-300) for Eldritch Battery, which will solve mana issues.
  • Reserve all your mana on auras once you have enough energy shield.
  • Acquire a Divine Vessel for freeze immunity.
  • Level up and progress, aiming for about 3,000-3,500 life by the time you reach Yellow Maps.


Yellow - Early Red Maps

  • Allocate an affordable anoint on your amulet using oils.
  • Consider adding simple jewels for better resistance.
  • Look for tier 3 or tier 4 fractured spell suppression on gear to make crafting easier.
  • Aim to get fire exposure on your gloves.
  • Use an Essence of Delirium on gloves to add 30% more damage over time.
  • Equip Eye of Malice to amplify monster resistance.
  • Obtain a Lightning Coil for its damage mitigation.
  • Consider farming the card "The Coming Storm" to obtain a Lightning Coil.
  • You can chance an item called "Desert Brigandine" to get Lightning Coil as well.


Further Progression

  • Continue crafting and upgrading gear with fractured bases and modifiers.
  • Aim for around 4,000 life as you progress into Yellow Maps.
  • Your estimated cost for this phase is around 50 to 100 chaos, based on the current economy.
  • Use these gear upgrades to tackle early Guardians and end-game bossing.


Late Red/End of League Start

At this point in the league, your goal is to improve your gear and reach higher damage output. Here are the steps and recommendations to enhance your character's performance:

  • Eldritch Implicits: Focus on getting better Eldritch implicit on your items. The main priority is fire damage over time multiplier. While you currently have one Eldritch implicit for fire exposure, strive to have a more relevant implicit to enhance your damage potential.
  • Gear Upgrades: Aim for gear with better rolls and more stats. Look for items with higher damage values and improved affixes. Pay special attention to the Searing Exarch implicit for fire damage over time multiplier.
  • Searing Exarch Implicit: Prioritize getting fire damage over time multiplier on the Searing Exarch implicit. This will significantly boost your damage output.
  • Stygian Vise: Obtain a Stygian Vise that provides additional life and stats. This will improve your survivability and overall effectiveness.
  • Jewels: Consider adding a jewel to your Stygian Vise for more life and stats. Look for jewels that complement your build and provide relevant bonuses.
  • 6-Link Lightning Coil: Work towards achieving a 6-link setup for your Lightning Coil. This will optimize your damage potential and survivability.
  • Vortex Integration: Integrate Vortex into your build for added versatility. This skill can be valuable for both damage and crowd control.
  • Boots Upgrades: Focus on acquiring boots with faster ignites and scorch ground. These modifiers will enhance your damage and debuff potential.
  • Amulet Crafting: Craft a tier 3 fractured amulet with the highest chance to hit the level of all fire skill gems. This can be achieved through Scorch fossils or other crafting methods. This will boost your single-target damage.
  • Cluster Jewels: While not mentioned explicitly in the guide, consider exploring cluster jewels to customize further and enhance your build. Look for passives that synergize well with your DoT playstyle.
  • Helmet Enchant: Seek out a helmet enchantment that complements your build. Options like Frost Blink cooldown recovery rate, Fire Trap damage, or Vortex damage can be valuable.
  • Character Progression: At level 92, with a well-geared character, you're in a solid position. Continue allocating passive points and optimizing your tree for maximum efficiency.
  • Weapon Upgrades: As you progress into late red maps, search for fracture bases to upgrade your weapon. Rune daggers, wands, or scepters with relevant modifiers can significantly improve your damage.
  • Shield Choice: Consider using a shield like the one described in the guide. A shield with fractured chaos resistance, life, and spell suppression will enhance your defenses and utility.
  • Divine Blessing Malevolence: Acquire Divine Blessing Malevolence for additional energy shield scaling. Opt for quality 20 and manage energy shield cost for maximum effectiveness.



POE 3.22 Fire Trap Elementalist Build presents a balanced blend of damage and defense. While sacrifices in damage output were made for enhanced survivability, the build's versatility, Elementalist synergies, and gear progression make it accessible and effective for a wide range of players. Careful cooldown management and gear optimization are key to maximizing its potential. Whether you're seeking a league starter or a new challenge, this build offers a rewarding and engaging experience in Path of Exile's 3.22 league.

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