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Poe 3.22 Legion Farming Currency: Exciting and Profitable League Start Strategy Guides

In Path of Exile, mastering different league mechanics can be the key to accumulating wealth and advancing your character. One of the most profitable mechanics is the Legion, offering valuable rewards and PoE currency drops. This guide will delve into an effective strategy for optimizing Legion encounters within the game, helping you reap substantial profits and achieve success.


Poe 3.22 Legion Farming Currency: Exciting and Profitable League Start Strategy Guides


Strategy: Maximizing Profits with Legion Encounters

The Legion mechanic in Path of Exile provides players with a chance to unlock valuable rewards, including currency items, divination cards, and unique items. By following a well-structured strategy, you can efficiently farm Legion encounters, accumulate significant currency, and enhance your character's progression.


Atlas Tree


Selecting the Right Map

  • Choose a map layout that allows for easy and efficient Legion encounters.
  • Dunes map is recommended due to its open layout, making it conducive for activating multiple Legion encounters.
  • Open layouts maximize the potential of the Legion mechanic, ensuring that you can access all the spawned enemies quickly.


Preparing the Map

  • Use Chisels to increase map quality and enhance drops.
  • Use an Alchemy Orb to upgrade the map's rarity, increasing the potential for better loot.
  • Apply Vaal Orbs for a chance to modify the map into a more valuable version.


Sextant Usage

  • Apply a Sextant to the map with the mod Your Maps contain an additional Legion Encounter.
  • This Sextant mod increases the number of Legion encounters in the map, significantly boosting the chance of valuable drops.


Scarabs and Scarab Crafting

  • Consider using Polished Legion Scarabs for early returns, as Gilded Legion Scarabs are more expensive.
  • Use the Map Crafting Device with a Legion Scarab to add a Legion encounter to the map.
  • Polished Legion Scarabs provide additional monsters and loot templates, enhancing your returns.


Atlas Passive Tree Allocation

  • Allocate passive points that enhance your Legion encounters.
  • Prioritize nodes that increase the chance of rewards from chests and generals.
  • Utilize nodes that boost the number of Legion encounters, increasing the number of potential rewards.


Legion Encounter Execution

  • Upon entering the map, search for the area with the highest concentration of monsters and generals.
  • Activate the Legion encounter and quickly defeat as many enemies as possible.
  • Target and defeat generals to access loot templates, generating valuable drops.


Loot Management

  • Pick up valuable currency items, such as Chaos Orbs and Divination Cards.
  • Consider using loot filters to streamline the process and focus on high-value items.
  • Identify items for potential sales on trade platforms, maximizing your profits.


Utilizing Incubators

  • Collect Incubators that drop from Legion encounters.
  • Prioritize Ornate and Skittering Incubators, as they can yield valuable rewards, such as currency items and scarabs.


Map Crafting Options

  • Use the Atlas passive node "Legion League Map Crafting Options" to allocate Legion crafting options.
  • Allocate a random notable associated with Legion to improve your map drops.
  • Select three random notable Atlas passive skills, enhancing your mapping experience.


Modifying Strategy Over Time

  • Be prepared to adjust your strategy as the league progresses and market conditions change.
  • Monitor the value of Timeless Emblems and adapt your focus accordingly.



The Legion mapping strategy in Path of Exile offers a powerful method to accumulate wealth through efficient encounters and valuable drops. By selecting the right map layout, utilizing Sextants, enhancing your Atlas passive tree, and effectively executing Legion encounters, you can consistently generate profits and fund your character's growth. Through diligent farming, loot management, and adaptation to market trends, you'll be on your way to mastering the Legion mechanic and achieving success in the world of Wraeclast.

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